A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 292

292 You Are Excited For Our Honeymoon?

Anna's POV:

When we first met, Mark made the first move, but it is in a harsh way and no one knows about it except for me and Mark and I always say everything to Mona, not intentionally, but she will interrogate me in such a way to know about our relationship status. So I agree that Mark is better in keeping secrets than me.

And when it coming to surprises, Mark will always win to surprise me and at every moment he tries to give surprise to me and I still remember his surprise by revealing Alex to me...

Mona: Ok, fourth question, who is first to apologize after an argument?

(Without a second thought I raised my shoe...)

Mona: So, it's, Anna who always tells her apologies to Mark...

(I understand Mark also raised my shoe, maybe he may get the flash of my apologies to him when I saw a man with my dad's features.)

Mona: Who is more quick at anger?

(I raised Mark's shoe.)

Mona: it's Mark again, and most of the people here know its Mark

(I can hear the whispers of the guests that they are agreeing with Mona.)

Mona: Who is the first one to fall asleep?

(I raised my shoe with my smiling face and I got a flash of our night over plan and how me and Mona failed and sleep by 11 p.m.)

Mona: It's Anna...

(Suddenly, Tom bro interrupted Mona.)

Tom: Mona, it's better to stop your kiddo's questions, and if you leave the mic to me, I will ask some interesting questions..!

(Mona immediately handover the mic to Tom...

Now I am scared more, because Tom will definitely ask the questions which make me feel embarrassed before everyone but it's ok, I will try my best...

Tom: Who said I love you first?

(Tom bro asked very sharply and quickly, I immediately raised my shoe because I am the one who confessed my love to Mark in the Grindelwald trip, but I remember Mark told me I love you when he is drugged, even though it is his genuine feeling I don't consider it, so I raised my shoe...

Mona: it's a tie, but how it possible to be a tie..?

Both of you are playing tricky, Do you think we can't find what's happened between you?

(I smiled at Mona and I understand Mark considers the drug party night.)

Tom: Who is the better kisser?



I know it's definitely Mark but I feel a little shy to raise the shoe and finally, I raised Mark's shoe with my blushed face...)

Mona: It's Mark, keep it up Mark, maybe your girl likes your kiss..!

(Everyone laughed at Mona's statement.)

Tom: Who's more romantic?

(I immediately raised Mark's shoe.)

Mona: It's Mark again...

Tom: Who wants the more kids?

(Undoubtedly I raised Mark's Shoe, because just a few minutes back we had a discussion about our kids near the pond, and Mark always interested in the twins.)

Mona: Mark..!

It's you again...

Tom: Who is looking forward to the honeymoon the most?

(I raised my shoe, and everyone screams by looking at my answer...

Actually, I am looking forward to our honeymoon, to break my virginity, and to calm down his sexual desires, Actually, I asked him directly that I am ok with sex before marriage because I trust him and I don't want to make him suffer from his desires, but he is giving priority to my dream rather to do sex with me before marriage so I am waiting for our honeymoon...)

Mona: It's a tie, so both of you are eager to go to honeymoon and your answers make us want to send both of you to the honeymoon..!

(The guests laughed at us in a teasing way by listening to Mona's statement.)

Tom: Who flirts the most?

(I raised Mark's shoe.)

Mona: it's Mark, and there is no surprise in it...

Tom: And lastly, who loves the other more?

(I quickly raised Mark's shoe and everyone cherished with happiness.)

Mona: Awwweeee!

It's a tie..!

(The moment I listened to Mona I get up from the chair because they already announced it's the last question...

Mona immediately came to me and hugged me. She feels very happy by listening to our answers because she is the one from the starting wants me and Mark to get engaged.

After Mona's hug, I turned around to check Mark, and he is just behind me and observing our girls hug...

I smiled at him and take a step to go close to him; he pulled me more close to him very intensely by holding my waist...)

Mark: You are excited about our honeymoon..!

(I smiled at him and nodded my head as Yes,

he made a step by holding my waist and kissed me gently for a few seconds on my lips and lean his head near to my ear and started murmuring to say something.)

Mark: I will definitely make it as your sweetest memory in your life, but you should take a little pain first..!

(I am shocked and looked around and the guests are still staring at us but they didn't hear us, I immediately looked at Mark again with my blushed face and nodded my head as Yes as an acceptance for the little sweet pain come out of our love in our first session.

He loses his grip on my waist and we turned towards the guests' side and Mark's hand is still wrapping around my waist and a few of the higher official guests came to us and wished us...

I looked around, and I saw Mona and Tom are busy in speaking to some guests and I checked Rubeus uncle, and he busy in speaking to some officials...

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