A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 29

29 Peck On My Fingers

Mark Pov: When I reached my room, I went to the steam bath.. I need to relax... I am thinking about the car conversation between Anna and me..

Then I remember about John on the bike..

So I immediately take my phone and call to Tom.

(He breathes heavily)..

Mark: hey Tom, are you ok?

Tom: yeah.. Why did you call?

Mark: note the bike number I need details and the travelling history of the bike..

Tom: ok, I will give you by tomorrow..


(Meanwhile, I hear "Hey Mark" I can hear that Mona voice she also breathing heavily.)

Is that Mona?

Tom: Hmm. and express his grin..

Mark: Is she ok?

Tom: she is safe Mark.. Don't worry..

I am personally taking care of her..

and he cut the call..

Mark: (I think they are in intimidate scene)..

then I am done with my bath and went to my room to dress I wear short..

Meanwhile, the door was knocked.. I checked who it is..

It's Anna..

I just want to grab her to my room and I want to make her breathless with my kiss..

Then she turns around and said Jen has visited..

I said ok, she went in a hurry..

Then I wear t-shirts and took my laptop and went to the hallway..

She is sitting on the couch..

she bought some files to check..I am checking the files..

Genie: Hey Mark.. I think you got an invitation to our school buddy?

Mark: yeah..

Genie: the party theme is coupled..

Mark: I know.. and I am looking into the laptop..

(Genie is junior to me in our school.. she dated many boys in our school days.. I think she lost her virginity at school itself..

Because most of the boys will break up only after enjoying the girl.. After they satisfied in full they break up..)

Genie: will you be my partner for the tomorrow Evening event?

Mark: sorry genie I found one..

Genie: who's that..

Mark: you can see her at the party..

(I don't want her to know about its Anna.. she may humiliate her..)

Meanwhile, Mona entered the hallway..

Hey Mona..

(Her face was red maybe because of the make-out session she had with Tom..)

Mona: Hi Mark..

Hi Gen..

I forget to give Anna's shopping covers..

Here you go.. (I placed them on the couch..)

Gen: Anna?

Mona: yes, she is the partner for our handsome.. (she winked at mark)


(Shit.. Shit.. Why should she tell Anna's name I just kept my hand on my forehead..

I didn't respond..)

Gen: Great.. I guess she didn't have party wear?

Maybe she will come with her loose t-shirt and come to the party to insult mark status..

(Mark looks at Mona with a grin.. That's how much damage she did.. Mona observes mark and understand him and turn to Gen and said..)

Mona: Hey, we bought one.. It's stunning on her, I will show you..

(I take out of the bag.. Gen didn't take her eyes off..)

Its 22 lakhs..

Mark: Mona we are in a business meeting..

You can discuss later about the price tags...

( I stressed her don't extend the topic)

Mona: I understand mark is not a show-off type so I kept the dress on the cover and I went in..

I saw Anna at the dining table having her dinner..

Hi Anna..

(I wish her)

Mark: Anna? Does she in the dining hall..? I stand and say to Gen that I will have some water.. and went to the dining room to see Anna..

Gen: (what the hell is going on..?

22lakhs?.. Does she grab Mark and his entire wealth..

No, I don't make it happen..

Mark is mine..

That's the reason I convinced my dad and took his position to get close to Mark..

Does Mark choose Anna instead of me?

I will see how their date will go in tomorrow's party I smirk..

I saw the dress which is out of the cover a bit..

I just take a pocket knife from my bag and want to spoil it..

I tried to cut the strip.. It's about to cut..

Meanwhile, I hear Mark voice..

What's that Gen?

I suddenly turned and smile and pretend nothing happened and fold my knife and keep it in my pocket and said am leaving Mark..

I will meet you at the party then..

Mark: ok.. Bye


(When I went to the dining table Anna is having dinner and talking to Mona..

I went and drink some water..

Then I saw strawberry in Anna's hand, she is about to keep it in her mouth..)

Hey, strawberry..

I am looking at Nany and move towards Anna and said..

" Nanny, you made strawberry dessert for me?"

Nanny: yes beta..

You can have it in your dinner..

Mark: I can't wait till then nany..

I bite half strawberry on Anna's hand.. Which she is about to byte..

It's near her lips..

I didn't touch her lips.. I was very close..

I sense her breathing when I am biting strawberry..

I don't want to embarrass her in front of Nany and Mona so I left her lips..

She just paused and statue in the same position and thinking about what just happened..

she then saw me with little embarrassments and smile and raise her hand for the other half strawberry..

Offer me to eat..

I don't even think for a second and bend and grab the second half strawberry..

(I peck Anna's finger intentionally and act like accidentally,

And then I smile to myself and came back to the hallway..

After Gen went I took my laptop and went to my room and came back for dinner..

Anna: nanny called me to have dinner..

I came down while I am having.. Mona came and she wished me hi..

and she said that she bought shopping covers and she stares at the strawberry in my hand and shout..

"Hey its strawberry desert.. I love that much.."

and she came to me and eat the entire strawberry in my hand..

I laugh and said let's have some Mona..

Mona: Mark will definitely kill me if I eat his strawberry dessert.

you know Anna in our childhood days, Mark will do whatever we say just because of strawberries..

(And both Mona and Anna laugh to each other)

Anna: I take another strawberry and thinking that how childish his behaviour is..

meanwhile, Mark entered..

he is speaking to nany about desert

in the fraction of second, he came near to me and I feel like he byte my lips..

I stare at him..

he is chewing..

I look at the hand near my mouth its half strawberry..

my blood pressure increased suddenly..

I make it normal and

I think of childish behaviour that Mona just told before..

and smile to me and offered the remaining strawberry to him..

he didn't think for a second and grab it from my hand with his mouth and he pecks me on my fingers..

I was shocked..

is this accidental or intentional?

But mark acts normally and went to the hallway

Mona interrupted me and she is speaking.. and she left..

and meanwhile, Mark joined for dinner..

we both are eating silently..

I break the silence and ask him

Anna: Mark..?

Where is my mom? (little tears in my eyes)

Mark: (I thought for a second that if mona told anything to her about her mother is in coma.. no Mona don't ruin)

she is dead Anna..

Anna: I know that.. is she still at the mortuary?

(tears rolled from her eyes)

Mark: (I saw her drops are rolling down.. I don't want to hide anything I want to tell her about that but again I think about ria and I control to myself)

No, we are done with her rituals..

Anna: Can you please take me to her grave once.. (with a shivering tone)

Mark: definitely.. after you settle your mind..

Anna nods her head as yes and break her dinner and wash her heads and went to her room with tears trying to control before me..

after my dinner I don't want to interrupt her because she needs time to get out of her mother emotion.. so I directly went to my room and slept...

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