A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 25

25 It Was Soft As A Jelly

Mark's POV:

We reached the restaurant in my car..

My friend lifts the little girl..

We both are walking to the restaurant..

In between, there is a toy store..

The Lille' girl shows us the toy store..

Her face is happy by seeing the toy..

But she didn't ask for a toy..

I initiated her do you want a toy?

Lille girl: yes Mark..

I want only one toy..

I don't ask for more...

Cop: how cute you are.. Let me buy you a toy you like..

And he saw a mark to continue to the restaurant... He will join with this kid after purchase the toy and they both disperse..

(Mark: I was hurrying to see Anna..

I am happy that I get rid of that bastard..

But I don't want to say to her because..

she may upset or she may think that am falling for her..)

I entered the restaurant I saw them in the corner table..

I can see Anna's back.. With her semi curly hair..

she is laughing and speaking to Mona..

I went to the table and sit directly beside Anna..

and I say to Mona Good afternoon..

I can observe from my side look that Anna is staring at me..

I didn't see her..

I pretend like I don't care her..

I waited for Anna to say at least Hi to me..

But she didn't..

She turned her face and she takes the pizza slice and start eating..

She hurts my ego..

I just want to make her attention towards me..

I am speaking to Mona about my batch mate who organized a couples party tomorrow..

Meanwhile, I am concentrating on Anna that she didn't care about me..

So to get my attention I hit her right hand, intentionally with my left hand..

and I pretend like it was an accident..

Meanwhile, Mona laugh and she turned towards me..

Without seeing her face I know what happens to her face I smile to myself and I took the tissue and give it to her..

The cheese was exactly on her upper lip and little above and on her nose..

She makes a pout and looking at me angrily..

I love to see her expression like that..

I love to tease her..

I love her innocent expression when I tease her..

When I saw her with cheese..

I wish..

I instantly grab her and I want to eat that cheese.. I want to lick that her reddish-pink lips with cheese.. Like a french kiss.

I just want to eat that lips very passionately..

Anna took the tissue paper she started to clean then I said..

"Do you like the French kiss?"..

I pronounced kiss in a low voice that Anna can listen clearly..

She stares at me... she is thinking about what she just listened...

I just turn to Mona she has been busy in having chicken nuggets..

Now again, I ask loudly..

"Do you like French fries"..

Anna is in a confused state..

she may think that she listened wrongly..

I love her innocence.. she looks pretty..

Then Mona replied that she ordered french fries because they like it and Mona and me look at Anna..

Anna is in dilemma..

And move her head as Yes and she looks at me..

I smile at myself..

Then I said again

"Then give me one French Kiss"..

Again, I said kiss in a low voice that Anna can hear properly..

Anna widened her eyes and looking at me..

That's what she heard is right or not..

Then I act normally and ask her

"Give.. I want to taste it, " I said loudly..

and winked with one of my eyes..

Her cheeks turn to red..

Her nose turns to pink..

Mona passed the plate to Anna..

My poor Anna gave the plate to me..

she is totally in confusion..

I can sense her feeling..

I want to tease her more..

and pretend like not to tease her..

Anna takes coke and started drinking..

Then I said..

"Please don't bite my tongue.."

By listening to me Anna spills the cock In front of the table..

I smile at myself..

I was confirmed that she is responding to my teasing..

Meanwhile, Mona asked her that she is ok..?

she nodded yes..

Then I turn to Mona casual and said

"Please don't byte my fries..."

Then Mona said nobody will take your fries you can have them..

Mona said, "if you want, you can order more.."

I said

"I am satisfied..

I love it..

Do you?"

I turn to Anna and ask her..

She is still in dilemma state whether she is answering for a kiss or fries..

And in confusion, she nods as Yes..

I smile at myself..

I feel very happy to tease her..

Meanwhile, My friend with lill'girl with a small soft teddy bear came..

When Mona saw the girl she looks at me and said..

Another child?

I don't.. I am dying to maintain one chi...

I cut off her words by saying

"Mona.. she is staying at her school"..

Mona becomes quite and Anna is staring at Mona and me..

While I changed the topic by turning my face towards my friend and I introduced to Anna..

He is my friend.. Tom.. He is a cop..

He has personally dealt Ria's case.. " I said..

Both of them say hi...

Meanwhile, Tom sits beside Mona..

And Tom says to Mona..

"Don't worry, I will manage children well in the future.." he winked at her..

Mona's face turned to red..

(Mona and Tom get closer with Anna's mom case.. I think there is a love track between them)

(The authors note: there love story is my second part of this series )

I take Lil' girl from his hands along with the toy..

Then I place her on the table that she faces both Anna and me..)

and I saw Anna..

she is very blessed by seeing this baby..

Anna: What's your name?

Lill'girl: Mama calls me Angel ..

Anna: woww very cute..

Why your eyes were swollen.

Did you cry?

Anna put her hands and cupped her cheeks...

like I did before..

Angel: Yes..

she is looking downward..

Anna raised her head look into angles eyes and told..

"Stay strong dear...

your mama likes you if you stay strong right?"..

(the same words I told her in school I was staring at Anna how she cares children..")

Anna: (I found that this girl mood swings to dull when I asked her about why she cried so I didn't force her instead I told her to stay strong..

then to change her topic I ask her..)

Will you eat something..

Angel turns to Mark and said 2 ice creams..

Anna: woww you like ice-creams even I love..

but before the ice cream, you should have some food..

angel again turn to Mark..

Mark: Yes angel.. have some food and then you can have 2 ice creams..

Anna: tell me angel what you want to eat..

Angel: fleanchhh Friess..

(both Anna and Mark look each other..

Mark act fake cough..

Anna smiled to herself)

Anna: so you like french fries...

Angel: yes I love..

Mark: yes I love too..

( Anna again saw mark with widen eyes)

mark: I mean french fries..

(we ordered french fries along with some food for Tom and Mark)..

Anna: I let angel to sit on my lap and help her to eat french fries..( angel didn't leave her toy)

meanwhile, I told her... I like this teddy bear..

Angel: Tom uncle buy this for me..

Anna: (I saw Tom but both Tom and Mona are in deep discussion..)


then take good care of this teddy ok?

Angel: Yes I will keep fleench fries to this..

she told and try to keep it one French fries.

(I and Mark laugh together for her innocence)

see this teddy bear will be with you forever..


Angel: yes this is my best friend and she hugged the bear..

after complete eating..

ok dear.. you can have your ice cream..

we order for ice cream..

Anna: butterscotch

Mark: Strawberry

Tom: chocolate

Mona: Butterscotch (both mona and anna gave high fi)

(we all look at the angel for the reply..

Angel: Butterscotch..

(again Mona and me gave high fi..

that all girls order for the same flavour..)

and chocolate..

Anna: tell me.. why you order 2 ice-creams..

Angel: mark told me.. he will give me two Ice creams..

Anna: but why? (I observed that she called Tom as Tom uncle but mark she is calling him Mark)

Angel: because Mark told her that he gives two ice creams if I caaa...(she is about to tell call him Mark instead of uncle)

but her words were cut by Mark..

Mark: because you are a cute girl...

( and he covered up with that sentence and try to take an angel from Anna's lap to sit on dining table..

one of His hand was touched to Anna's boob unintentionally..

Anna stiffens her back..

and act normally..

while mark smile to himself for a lucky chance that he gets that accidentally he touched her boob..

its just fraction of second..

I sense it's softness..

it was soft as a Jelly...

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