A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 24

24 Dont Call Me Uncle. Call Me Mark.

Mark's POV:

I got a message of that hostel warden.

It's been 15 years he abuses Anna..

Even though my blood boil when I think about it..

What if he still continues the same thing with little kids..

I was driving my car and I parallelly called the cop who is one of my friends..

He is the one who is helping me in Ria's case personally..

and he is the one who went to Anna's house for her mother in time..

And helped off the record and we shifted her to Mona's hospital for personal care..

Yesterday night I discussed with him about child abuse..

And I told him that "I have doubts on one person.. I will send the address by tomorrow we Both are going to their"...

and he accepted..

He doesn't know that it relates to Anna

I am on the way to his office..

Now the Cader of hostel warden is in charge of the administrative department in the same school..

The school is run by a charity for poor..

I think Anna's mother thought if she joins Anna in that school her education will continue as well her daughter can have meals at least 3 times a day..

I don't know why.. My eyes filled with tears.. Thinking about Anna how she overcomes the situation..

That bastard may use so many little girls for his desire..

I don't know how to catch him red-handed.

But I think I should at least visit that bastard place...

I reached the school..

The cop friend of mine is waiting there..

We smile and hug each other.. (he came with a civil dress)

Cop: Are you sure about this Mark?

Mark: yes.. I will show you.. If we are in the right time..

(He is in big cader now.. So he doesn't have fear to abuse children.. He may do in the morning too)

I closed my eyes, thinking the first place to visit is his office or the Hostel?

Immediately I saw Anna's face in my vision..

And she says to go to the office.)

Cop: What are you thinking Mark?

Mark: we will visit him in his office?

Cop: will he do those things in his office?

Mark: let's see..

We both started towards his office..

An office boy is asking us who we are.. and what we want?

Mark.. We want to visit the administrator.. We are interested to raise funds for your school..

Office boy: ok sir.. Wait for 5 minutes..

"Sir is in the meeting, " he said he went to the other room..

We both said ok..

And he went to another room by carrying files..

Mark: I saw my cop friend and signal him to " let's enter suddenly"

He signed ok..

We both suddenly enter into the room..

There is no one in the room..

There is another door, we opened slowly..

I widened my eyes..

I was shocked..

My blood flow increased with anger to what I saw..

That basted with his open zip..

He is pulling his dick in the mouth of a little girl who sat on the chair..

He is shaking into the little girl mouth in and out..

The little girl face is full of tears... With one of his hands, he has the needle pinching on the neck of the girl...

I entered the room immediately..

That basted was shocked and ask who are you..

Meanwhile, I punched him on his nose 5-6 times..

Strong kick on his dick..

He fell down by catching his dick with pain..

I punched in his stomach..

I punched in his face..

I am getting the vision of Anna's sobbing face..

I can't control my anger and I beat him continuously..

My hand is full of blood..

My friend stops me.. And he says he may die.. and he arrested that bastard with handcuffs..

and I went to the little girl..

she is crying with fear..

I lift her and saw her eyes.. I can visualize Anna's eyes...

I sit her on the table and cupped her face with my hand and say "he won't come again..."

Ok? she is sobbing like Anna..

"Stay strong.. I know you are a strong girl ok?"

She's just nodding her head as Yes..

Meanwhile, my friend took him to his car..

I ask the girl you like ice-cream?

She nodded yes with a little smile..

I feel happy when I see her face smile.. I lifted her and came out

Meanwhile, Mona called me..

Mark: Hello..

Mona: hey mark.. Tomorrow evening we have a

Couples party invitation which was organized by our school buddy..

We should attend there with couples..

Mark: sorry Mona I don't have time for this..

Mona: you idiot.. Did you forget about Anna..

If we show Anna to paparazzi they definitely highlight your couple because you are the most eligible bachelor..

It helps us to deal with Ria's case..

Mark: I think this is too fast..

Mona: we should be fast because her brother may escape..

Mark: ok..

I will transfer you 50 lakhs, take Anna with you and buy the necessaries for party tomorrow..

Mona: 50 lakhs for a single party? For your Juliet..?

Mark: shut up Mona I already told you..

And about 50 lakhs.. Its just minimum status of the girl should maintain beside me..

Then everyone believes that we are partners..

(It's not about the status of the Anna.. she may be bullied in the party if she's not dressed well.. They may hurt her..)

Mona: o.k. I understand I will take her..

(Meanwhile, I called to the landline of my house I asked Nany to connect with Anna and I informed her to get ready..)

Then we go to the police station to file a complaint..

That little girl is playing with my collar..

I imagine Anna again when she catches my shirt and cried..

The little girl asks me "uncle, where is ice cream.."

A stab in my heart when I hear a word of uncle..

My friend laughs when he hears that..

I said to her..

My name is not uncle you can call me Mark.. Ok?

Lille' girl: ok Mark uncle..

Where is ice cream..

My friend laughs loudly..

MARK: I will give you 2 ice creams if you call me just Mark.. Ok?

Cop: you should not blackmail her.. (And he is laughing..)

Lil' girl: ok Mark.. Where is my 2 ice creams..

Mark: that's a good girl.

Meanwhile, I call to Mona about their update she said they are done with shopping she's about to drop Anna at home..

Then I told her a restaurant name and ask them to come for lunch and don't tell to Anna that I am coming..


Mona: ok..

We started for the restaurant I asked my friend for lunch, he also comes with me we all are started..

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