A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 23

23 Do You Like French Kiss? Then Give Me One French Kiss.

Anna's POV:

I was embarrassed when Dr Mona checked my Bruise..

I tried to cover up.. But why... Why I should feel guilty when I didn't make any mistake..

Why I am hiding that these Bruises are just caused because of Mark..

I feel insecure to share about that because they may misappropriation our relationship..

Our relationship?

What exactly he is to me..

He is Ria's brother..

He is taking care just because I am the only witness for Ria's case..

How can he convince about injection yesterday morning?

But why he kissed me on my forehead..

He kissed just to console me..

But I lost myself when he kissed me..

Why I feel like that.. Why I didn't resist him, instead I saw him in his eyes as Ok..

Does he really with me forever...?

Shhhh.. Anna... You are overthinking ..?

Am I getting attracted to him..

I should control myself..

(Meanwhile, Nany came to my room and told Mark was on call she gives me the phone)

Anna: Hello..

Mark: Anna get ready.. Mona will come to pick you..

Anna: to where?

He cut the call and didn't respond to my question..

I ask nany "Do you know anything nany?"

Nanny: he didn't tell anything to me beta..

So, I look myself in the mirror

My T-shirt is sleeveless so I lose my hair..

My hair is semi curly..

I lose my hair to cover my hands and shoulders..

Instead of a track, I wear jeans pant nanny gave me..

I just wash my face and make it dry..

Meanwhile, nany came to me and said Mona came..

I came to the hall..

She is in a crop top and jeans on..

She looks pretty..

She saw me and ask Are you ready Anna?

Yes, Mona..

Where are we going now?

Mona: Mark didn't tell you?

Anna: No..

Mona: We are going to shop..

She said and she holds my wrist and say bye to Nany.. And took me near her car..

We went to a designer boutique where they hang the designer party wear dresses..

Meanwhile, Mona is speaking to the shop girl for specification..

I just saw a nearby dress .. Its very simple satin cloth with clear coverage on chest..

I just saw the price tag..

It's worth 700000/-...


I was in shock..

Do they make this dress by using platinum?

Meanwhile, Mona asked me to follow..

We both went to the room..

She took a dress and check on me..

Anna: why are you checking on me..?

Mona: because we are buying a dress for you..

Anna: I hold Mona's hand and pulled her aside and ask.. No, Mona, I don't need any dress.. And this much expensive..

I don't have money too..

Please try to understand..

Mona takes a deep breath and a little smile on her face and told me " Don't worry, Anna Mark will take care.."

Anna: Mark?


I don't agree.. Mona..

He is already taking good care of me..

Actually, I am very much burden to him..

Please I don't need dresses right now..

Mona: Hey Anna cooooll....

We have a party tomorrow night we must attend to that..

So Mark asks me to help you to dress up well for the party..

So here you go..

(And she pushed me into the changing room with a dress)

After I showed Mona a few dresses she didn't like any of it..

Am just tired..

Finally, she gave me one more dress and request me to wear.

I wear the dress it looks pretty to me..

It covers my chest till just above my wound..

But when I turn back, I was in shock it was backless..

There has been open back just above my butt..

There is a lace cover in curves from the side and a little back from my sides..

and there is a strip which attached from both sides of the dress just above the chest and it comes back to my neck..

The strip supports the dress to not to show my chest coverage..

I came outside.. Mona satisfied with the dress..

She came close and check everything..

It was peach in colour.

I say to Mona that it's backless and I turn and show her by pulling my hair in front..

Mona: How sexy you are..

All men in the party will fall for you.. (And she winked).

Anna: I don't like the dress if men fall for my dress than my character Mona (I make a pout on my face)..

Mona: You will definitely find the one who gives value to your character...But as of now, it's suite's you perfect Anna..

This is final..

(By saying that Mona said to the shop girl to pack the dress.. We came to the bill counter.

The bill was 22 lakhs.. I dropped my mouth and saw Mona..)

Mona: don't worry.. Mark will take care..

she smiled and pay the bill..

and after we buy some cosmetics most of them were chosen by Mona for me and high heels which suits the dress..

She said I should match to Mark height, i.e., 6feet 2inches....

I am 5 feet 6 inches..

So she prefers high heels for me..

And after a little more shopping, we went to a restaurant for food..

I think nany will prepare the food..

Mona cut my words and said..

It's ok if we eat once in a while...

Then we went to a restaurant we ordered cheese pizza.. French fries.. Chicken nuggets and coke..

We are having pizza.. Mona and I sit opposite to each other..

Suddenly a giant body sat just beside me.. I got scared and saw who's that..


It's Mark..

But how...

I just got relief it is Mark, who sits beside me..

He sits on the right side of me, am still seeing his face in shock.. But he sees Mona's face instead and wishes her good afternoon.. Meanwhile, he ordered some food..

I just turn to pizza and having one more slice..

Both Mona and Mark are speaking to one another..

In between, his left hand suddenly hit my right hand for one second I didn't understand what happened..

Then I sense the cheese on the pizza slice touch above my lip and nose..

I kept the slice aside..

Mona laughs by looking at my face..

I turn to Mark with a serious note..

Mark just hand over me a tissue to clean and said..

"Do you like French kiss"..

I took the tissue and stare at him.. what he just said..

I turn to Mona she is busy in taking chicken nuggets..

I saw him again cleaning my nose with tissue " What?"

Do you like french fries.. he said loudly this time..

Meanwhile, Mona interrupt and said "We ordered it just because we like it" and Mona turns to me for Yes...

I nod my head as Yes in shocking and saw his face again..

Then Mark said..

"Then Give me one French Kiss"

Sudden shrill pass from my stomach.. I widened my eyes and saw him..

He said.. Give.. I want to taste it (he said loudly).. and he winked one of his eyes at me..

Mona passes the plate of french fries to me I passed them to Mark...

I feel thirsty

so I take coke.. and take a sip..

then he said.. " Please don't bite my tongue"..

I suddenly cough and coke spill before me.. Both Mona and Mark starring at me..

Mona: Anna are you ok..

I just nod my face.. as ok..

he turned to Mona and said " please don't byte my fries"

Mona: No one is taking that french fries from you.. you can have all...

if you want more you can order..

Mark: Am satisfied (with a grin on his face)..

I love it.. Do you?

(he turned to Anna and ask)

Anna with confusion look at him and nod as yes..

Anna: (what happened to me..

am I Duff... why can't I hear properly.. or I hallucinating him.. that he is asking for a kiss)

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