A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 21

21 Fantasy About Anna

(This chapter contains 18+ content)

Mark POV:

After I kiss her on her forehead... And I make a promise..

She saw me into my eyes and say thank you..

I felt relief when she accepts my kiss..

She is like a puppy in my hand..

One of my tear roll down from my eye and fall on her lip..

They are pink in color.. They are like strawberries.. I want to bite them passionately..

Her body is touching mine...

I just want to rip her clothes and make her nude and want to cum in her pussy directly...

Stop Stop MARK...

How dirty my mind...

I loosen my hands and leave her

She is rubbing her right arm.. It's become reddish where I catch her..

I don't know that I gripped her hard with my hand.. Maybe because of my thoughts, my body reacted that way..

I just want to maintain a distance to her or else I may harm her and take her virginity..

When I hear Nany voice I just stand and went to Ria's room..

I just wash my face..

My dick is still hard.. I want to cum..

This girl is always making me hard..

I need to cum immediately...

I will fantasize a story about her and I will cum my thick load..

I am visualizing that she is a slave to me..

(I take out my hard.. And started stroking)

Mark: strip yourself..

Anna: Why should I?

Mark: Because you are my slave...

Anna: Just because I am staying in your house I will not be a slave to you Mark..

Mark: I cut her words with my mouth kissing her passionately.. And bite her lips with my teeth hardly that blood is coming from the corner of her lips..

She is trying to push me..

She is unable to breathe..

I lift her by catching her waist with one hand and hit to the wall and with the other hand, I catch her face to not move.. I didn't stop kissing..

She still struggling for breathing...

Am kissing her deeply and eating her mouth passionately, then I suddenly leave her..

She falls down..

She is coughing and try to breathe..

There is little blood on her lip..

I just bend down and lick her lip.. And tell her if you cooperate it will be easy if not it will become your worst nightmare..

And I shouted her to strip yourself..

She takes off her top and her bra.. Her boobs pop out like balloons.. Then she removes her shorts and panties..

She raised her head and looking at me..

I came close to her..

I ask her to stand on knees...And ask her to eat your lollipop until it gives juice..

She silently opens my zip..

My bulge was hard she stares at that.. It was 6 inches and for the virgin girl, it was hard to put inside..

I ask her " let's start"

She immediately opens her mouth and starts licking.. Few strokes she feels shy after that she is enjoying..

I let her stop after 2 minutes..

She saw me in a question mark..

Then I sat on the chair..

If you want lollipop you should come to me..

She immediately comes to me and grabs my dick and moving in and out of her mouth..

With one hand I grab her pony hair and with the other hand, I am pressing her boobs..

She is moaning between the strokes...




And she increased the speed..

My dick is as hard as a rod..

I Stop her by her hair and threw her on my bed..

I opened her legs.. Her Virginia was small..

I directly put my hard to that tight hole..

She shouted with pain..

I started giving strokes pushing in and out..

After a few strokes she started moaning again with pleasure..


You are showing me heaven...

I increase the speed and biting her nipples with my lips..

She is moving her hips accordingly..

I am digging her hole..




cumm into my hole..

Please mark...

She is begging for more...

I stopped... To tease her..

She stares at me.. She started moving herself to dig at me...

I immediately give a big stroke, she is pleased to don't stop..

"Do you understand how it feels when you hug me tightly?" I said

And I started again giving a big stroke to her increasing the speed.. In and out..

The room is filled with both of our noise...

She is shouting loudly for more...


cum in Mark am cumming am cumming she released.. I still continue to stroke..

After a few deep hits I released my cum..

But my dick is still hard..

She was shocked to see my dick still arouse..

I turn her immediately into a doggy style again, I put into her and started slowly..

She is moving her hips accordingly..

I drag her with hair..

She is moving speedily..

That's it my girl..

cum again for your master...

She cum..

After her cum, I immediately grab her hair more tightly.. And with some hard strokes, I cum..

I still am craving for her..

Craving on her makes me harder.

I grab her with hair and make her stand near the wall..I raise one of her legs and I again dig into her..

She hugged me her hands were around my neck.. I am trusting her every stroke..

She is still enjoying and didn't Stop moaning..

In a few strokes we both cum...

I carried her in bridal style and let her sleep...

During the masturbation, I released 3 times and I smile to myself..

how dirty mind I have..

Mona is right, I am dominant.. If my submission didn't obey my order I will show hell..

But I can't control myself with anger when I think about that hostel warden.. I will pay his death as repayment for Anna's tears..

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