A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 201

201 Its A Real Gun..

Anna's POV:

When Mark is kissing me, I feel awkward because it's an interrogation room, so I tried to stop the kiss, but he didn't listen and started to explore my mouth...

He is giving a caring sweet kiss, how I can stop his kiss now...

The way he kissed every time gives me a new experience, with more pleasure and sweetness of love and, most importantly, his kiss refreshes my mood...

I am enjoying his kiss, but my mind is still thinking about the attacks; I am scared for the thought that what if Mark stays at the penthouse, luckily he didn't stay there

My emotions outburst suddenly, and I can't control my tears, Mark immediately hugged me tightly and consoling me, I feel relieved in his warm hug...

I would feel an emptiness in my life if Mark didn't enter into my life; maybe I may dead by now

I am blessed that he is loving me, and I am sure I can't live without him and without his love...

But after a few seconds, Tom and Mark went to the accident location, leaving Mona and me at the police station...

I am scared now; I want to be with Mark, but he left me here...

Mona: "Anna, don't worry...

They will be fine because the accident location is under the control of the cops, and I am sure they will find some clue and will be back to us as early as possible..."

Anna: "I will go to that location..?"

Mona: "No, Anna, they warned us to stay here, and if we go there, they will be concentrated to protect us than the case details, let's leave them alone this time...

(I nod my head as Yes)

Mona: "And it's better to have some private time from Tom's teasing."

(I smile at her statement, Tom always teases her in his possible way.)

Anna: "Do you really scared of the sounds of firecrackers?"

Mona: "To be frank, yes, I am scared for a sudden balloon pop-up sound..."

(We both laugh loudly... )

Mona: "Tom always makes me scared with his gunshot sound. Sometimes he pranks me that he is going to shoot the gun, I immediately close my eyes and ears with fear, but actually, he didn't have the gun many times..."

(by finishing her words, Mona immediately got up from her chair and came back to me...)

Mona: "Don't turn back, Anna..."

Anna: "ok..."

(She pointed something on my head.)

Mona: "I pointed a gun on your head

Are you scared..?"

(I immediately laughed for her actions.)

Mona: "It's a real gun, Anna...

Why are you not scared?"

(She still pointed the gun on my head.)

Anna: "Why I will be scared,

Mona: "What?"

Anna: "Because the one who holds the gun is scared for the gunshot's sound."

(Mona immediately came in front of me with a pout face...)

Mona: "You also started teasing me..."

Anna: "No, not at all...

I just said the fact...

By the way, where is the gun..?

And how did you get it?"

Mona: "It's in my pocket, and Tom gave it to me for some security purpose..."

(After a little chitchat we got bored and went to the cop desk to know about the progress of the case...

I am shocked when he said that the dead body is the spy room boy's and Tom ordered them to find the details of the sports car...

Maybe they suspect this sports car is the reason for the death of the spy room boy...

They gathered all the information and get ready to send them to Tom. Meanwhile, Mona and I looked at the details, and Mona captured the car's address and the number of the vehicle, and we handed over to them...

Mona: "What do you think, Anna..?"

Anna: "To find the boss of the spy, we should identify how he is monitoring us...

Till now, we think the spy room boy is the only source for the boss to get the information...

But the spy room boy was dead now in an accident, or it may be the murder...

It means the boss of the spy room boy has different sources to get the information; if we find any of the sources, we can easily track him..."

Mona: "How can we find the source?"

Anna: "Let's go to this place; we may find a clue..."

Mona: "Tom and Mark will be worried if we step outside of the police station..."

Anna: "Don't worry, Mona...

We can find both Tom and Mark at this location...

Let's go to this location and inspect the car, we can find any clue..."

Mona: "ok..."

(Mona and I went to that place, and we understand it's a car renting business, and we went to the management like ordinary customers and asked the features of the vehicle we looked at the pictures at the police station...

The manager ordered one of his workers to show us the two specific cars...

When we reach the first car, Mona and I confirm in the first instance that this is not the car by looking at the number plate, and we immediately convinced the worker that the colour is shaded and requested him to take the 2nd car...

He immediately takes us to the 2nd car, and here it is...

Mona immediately requested him to tell the features of the car, and in a few minutes, he finished speaking all the information...

Mona: "we want to check the comfortability of the seats..."

Worker: "Sure, mam..."

(He opened the back seat door, Mona and I immediately sit in the car...)

Mona: it's very comfortable than the other cars, right, Anna..?

(I nod my head as Yes and searching every possible way in the car with my eyes to find the clue...)

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