A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 20

20 tell Me If You Find Any Bruise

Anna's POV:

After he pulled me towards his chest..

I immediately grab his shirt and hide my face and I started crying..

Am asking him "Why Ria left me alone" between the sobbing..

His right shoulder is around my back and grips my right hand near the shoulder pulling me towards him..

His grip was becoming tight..

With his left hand, he placed under the chin and raise my head little..

I didn't open my eyes..

After a few seconds, he raised little more..

I didn't open my eyes..

After a few more seconds..

I can sense a kiss on my forehead..

(The kiss I feel secure and promising)

I slowly open my eyes..

He is waiting to see my eyes..

His eyes and face were red in colour and his eyes are filled with tears..

Am just looking into his eyes..

I feel like I lost my world in his eyes..

Then he said..

"You will be safe with me.. I will be with you.."

I felt a sudden shrill

Is this a promise?

We both lost our world looking into both of our eyes..

One of his tears is fallen from his cheek and roll down and fall on my lip...

I sense his first teardrop on me..

It's very warm..

I don't let him cry again

Then I said.." Thank you" by seeing his eyes

He gets distracted with my Thank you..

He slowly releases his both of his hands on me..

I get to sit straight..

I feel pain in my right arm.. He doesn't know that he's been pressing me hard..

After he left me I just smoothing it with my left hand..

I think he saw that, but he didn't react even I didn't react..

We both sit straight in silence for a few minutes..

No thoughts in mind..

It's a kind of relief..

The sky is going dark..

We both look backwards after hearing the words..

It's Nany..

She is calling us from the door which is far away from where we sit..

She is asking us to have dinner..

We both get up from the ground..

I follow Mark in the hallway in between, Nany interrupts me and ask about my lunch..

I said I woke up late.. I had coffee..

She asks me to come for dinner..

Meanwhile, Mark went upstairs towards Ria's room..

I told to Nany that I will be there in 10 min..

I went to my room..

I went to the washroom.. I washed my face..

I make my hair high pony..

I can sense little pain on my arm..

I saw there, the skin turns to reddish pink with 4 fingers print..

I smile at myself..

It was clearly visible because my t-shirt is sleeveless..

I just take some talcum powder and cover it so its better than before..

I feel free now.

I don't know why am happy inside..

Is this just because of the kiss or his promise or the moment I share to him..

I saw the clock, it's around 7 pm.

I feel starving..

I went to the downstairs..

Mark sits in the dining room... He sits opposite to the staircase..

He is staring at me..

I feel awkward and just put my face down and I reach the same chair I sat in the breakfast..

Nany placed a Bowl of mushroom soup..

I had that..

He is eating his food..

Nany then serves me pasta.

I take 2 spoons..

He breaks the silence..

Mark: if you don't mind May I know that school name you studied for 2 weeks..

Anna: I was shocked by listening to his question..

I didn't ask why I just tell him the school name and where exactly it located.. By seeing my plate..

He didn't ask any further questions..

I didn't ask him why?

After 2 min he left and went to his room..

I completed my pasta and I reach my room..

I feel tired..

nany came to my room and accompanied with me.. She slept with me...

I wake up at 7 in the morning..

Nany was not there..

I raise my hands to relax.. And get up..

I went to the washroom. I was fresh up..

I went to the wardrobe to take my clothes..

Meanwhile, Nany entered the room and ask me to take a bath..

I lock my room door and Nany and I went to washroom..

She helped me to take a bath without touching the wound..

In between, she asked me..

Nany: Anny beta.. What's this..

She saw on my waist there was a small Bruise on the left side of my waist..

Anna: (I got that yesterday when I am fighting against injection he hold my waist, he pressed it hard to get a grip on my waist..

I smile at myself and act normally)

I don't know Nany.. I said and I checked it casually..

Nany: you don't know?

She touches the Bruise and saw me ..

I made a sound of Ouchhh...

She left the Bruise and told me may, it is the reaction of your medicine..

I smile to myself and told "Maybe"..

And I finished my bath..

I dressed up..

I went for breakfast..

I didn't find Mark there..

I had my breakfast and I reached my room..

I sat on the bed and thinking about him..

My door was knocked..

I opened it..

It's Dr.Mona and Nany..

I wish her Good morning Mona..

Good morning Anna how you feel?

Anna: Better..

Mona smile and she dressed up my wound with hydrogen peroxide..

Nany just beside me she holds me..

I know now they are going to give the injection..

My heart rate increased..

My hands are wet..

My eyes are about to wet..

Meanwhile, Mona gives me the tablet and said take it..

I didn't ask why I had it..

When she is about to leave my room..

Nany asks her about injection..

She turned around and smile..

A small gift from my side to Anna No injection for you.. But make sure you should regular in tablets..

Anna : with a smile on my face Thank you Mona and I get up and hugged her..

Mona: you better thank Mark..

He is the one who convinces me to change to tablets..

Anna: I said okay.. And ask "when he said to you no injections? I ask casually..( I want to know just because he called her, maybe yesterday night or today morning after knowing my past..)

(And I feel happy that he is taking care)

Mona: (smile on her face) yesterday morning..

Anna: what?

Mona: yes baby.. After am done with you, I went to his room to clean up his wound..

There he convinces me..

Anna: (I was shocked.. Did he convince her yesterday morning? But he knows the actual story in the evening.. Why he took this decision..

Whatever it may be.. I am happy No injection..)

Meanwhile, Nany interrupted

Nany: it's good to take off the injection.

Anna beta got allergy for injection..

I stare at Nany that she booked me red-handed..

My heartbeat was raised..

Mona: (in shock) allergy?


Nany tried to raise my t-shirt to show..

Anna: I just pulled my shirt down and turn to Mona and said.." it's just a small Rash..

Not a big issue..

(Mona comes close to me and ask)


Let me check.. ( Mona raised the t-shirt I tried to pretend not, but she convinces me)

She stares on the Bruise.. Mona: I think it is not a medical reaction Anna.. [And she saw my face..]

My face was cherry red am nervous and am biting my lower lip and seeing on the ground..)

After she saw me, she smiles outside a little and turn to Nany and said nothing danger Nany..

It will cure itself.

I got a relief.. That she didn't identify that caused because of Mark..

Mona interrupted now and ask Nany..

"Is there any other Bruise on the body?

I am moving my head horizontally as No..

While Nany said "Yes.."

Mona stares at me.. While I stare at Nany..

(What the hell is going now)

Nany immediately grabs my right hand..

I tried to pretend back..

(How she knows about this.. she didn't even ask me)

Mona comes close and checks my arm..

Nany told " I think it's a small Rash than on waist"

I stare at Nany and thinking ( Why the hell in this world she saw that and why she should tell to Mona.. She will definitely identify its fingerprint..

if she asks me who did this, what should I answer..

Thoughts running in my mind..

While Mona is checking my arm..

My hands become wet..

She smiles on her face little heavy try to hide and hold my hand and saw in my eyes and say..

It's ok Anna nothing to worry..

And turn to nany and told it will heal itself Nany..

And tell me if you find any Bruise further...

And she laughs and narrow her eyes on me.. And then she left..

I take deep breathing..

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