A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 2

2 Meeting Mr. Mark

Anna's Pov:

I took the cab immediately after the phone call from Mark...

Tears fall from my eyes thinking about Ria.

My thoughts were racing between phone conversation with Mark

"You need to pay for this"

and about the letter...

The cab stopped in front of Ria's house.

After the payment to the cab, I literally run to her house, which exactly looks like a palace.

I came into the midway of the hall.

I collapsed again after seeing her photo with flowers.

There are few guests in the house and the maidens are serving juices.

One of the maids, me and Ria call her Nanny (in native language grandma) as she approached me and said "Sir is waiting in Ria's room."

I tried to ask her what happened.

She just goes away, ignoring my question and reminds me that sir is waiting for you.

I stand on my feet...

Clear my tears and try to control my emotions.

I went to upstairs towards Ria's room...

I entered Ria's room...

I walked to the middle of the room; I was near the bed, there is a photograph of Ria and mine beside the bed.

I take a step forward to touch the Ria's picture on the photograph.

Suddenly someone has grabbed me behind with my hair.

I shouted with pain,

"who are you? Leave me."

I can't move my face, but I can sense it is a man of 6'2" height with muscular bodies.

He grabs me to the wall without leaving my hair.

He came to face me.

There is a sound of Tud where my back hit to the wall, but he still holding my hair with a tight grip.

My eyes full of tears and my face become red.

I am taking deep sobbing.

And try to clear my eyes with one of my hands.

His other hand grips the wrist of my hand and pinned to the wall.

The pearl on my bracelet cut deep into my skin between his hand and my wrist.

My head is near to his heart, I can hear his speed heart rate.

And my chest is about to touch his abbs.

All this happens in just a fraction of a second.

I raised my face to see him...

It's Mark...

His eyes are Red with fire that he can make me into ash on the spot.

He huffs.

He said with glacier his teeth

"Don't dare to touch my sister picture, I will make you to death if you dare".

I take one deep sobbing and said "she is my friend."

Mark: "Friend! Who takes my sister to Grave.

You need to pay for this."

Me: "You are mistaken, why I will let her die, I ever don't know why she committed suicide."

He immediately leaves my hair and hand, I just fall on the ground.

He threw me the reports of postmortem on me.

I am shocked to see the statement that she was Raped.

I check the name of the report it's Ria.

I raise my head to see Mark in shock.

And ask who did this to her.

He threw the letter envelope to me, I can see on the Top "Dear Anna..."

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