A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 199

199 Can I Come With You?

Marks POV:

We finally find the phone, and the cop handover the phone to Tom and Tom immediately looked at it...

Tom: "I think it's not the usual phone, Mark..."

Mark: "What do you mean?"

Tom: "I guess it's a satellite phone...

He can only receive peculiar satellite calls who want to speak to him, but the other person also should use the same kind of phone..."

Mark: "Then, if we find which satellite they are using, we can trace everyone who is using those satellite, and it's easy to track the one who is behind all these..."

Tom: "Yes, but do you think they will use a particular satellite for all their illegal activities?"

Mark: "What do you mean?"

Tom: "They will hack some space in the satellite of all possible satellites, and they will change it frequently, so it's tough to identify who is behind this..."

Mark: "So, it's no use with this phone?"

Tom: "let's see Mark, I will handover this to the technical department, they may find anything..."

(By finishing his words he handover the phone to other cop and instructed him to check the dead body to find any clue and then handover to postmortem department.

In-between Tom got the message from the department about the details of the car...)

Tom: "We got the address and pictures of the car, Mark."

Mark: "let's go there..."

Tom: "I think it's better to go to that girl to confirm the car..."

Mark: "Why?"

Tom: "There may be a chance that they use other car number plate..."

Mark: "Yeah, there may be a chance...

It's better to confirm that girl, so it's easy to take the next step..."

(Tom and I get into the car and lead to the grocery shop again to confirm about the car pictures with the girl...

The moment we entered the shop again, both father and daughter came to us...)

Shopkeeper: "What happened, sir?"

Tom: "We got the pictures and address of the car. If you confirm the car, we will lead to further proceedings."

Shopkeeper: "Sure, sir,"

(By finishing his words he confirmed the car pictures...

I feel relieved that we got a positive confirmation if he said it's not the same car we are at the blank space to solve the mystery...

Luckily the car pictures match. )

Girl: "Can I see it..?"

(The brave Girl stood behind her dad and asked to check...

Tom immediately nodded his head as yes and showed the pictures again to that girl...

Her face lightens up when she looked at the pictures...)

Girl: "You really did speed work, sir...

And this is the car stopped before our shop..."

Tom: "Soon we will catch him, and you will take your revenge, ok?"

(She nods her head as Yes in a playful way and we both are about to leave the shop...)

Girl: "Can I come with you..?"

(Tom and I shocked for her words and looked at her, she looks very confident...

Immediately her dad came to her to stop her...)

Mark: "No dear, it's not safe, and you helped us a lot...

Now it's our turn to catch him...

Let us handle it alone."

Girl: "I want to come with you, and sure I can defend myself this time if he attacks me..."

Tom: "No, we can't take you to there, and we will definitely catch him and take you to him for your revenge as a complementary as a brave Girl, ok?"

(She is in blank expression and didn't convince for our words...

Her father holds her hand to stop her decision...)

Girl: "I can recognise him..."

Mark: "What..?"

Tom: "You said you didn't see his face..."

Girl: "Yes, I didn't see his face, but I still remember his evil eyes...

So I will help you to find him..."

(Now we are in a dilemma...

Taking the girl into the danger zone is not at a good Idea, and there is no time to take the blueprints of the description of the eyes...)

Mark: I appreciate your memory, but we don't allow you to the danger zone..."

Tom: "Yes, we will catch all the suspects and send their photos to you to confirm..."

Girl: "Yeah, that would be the best Idea, but meanwhile, the actual murderer may escape..."

(We all remain silent, it will be the best option if we take the girl with us because our proceedings will speed up but not at the cost of keeping her life in danger...

I agree with Tom's plan to identify with the photographs of the suspects...)

Girl: "Sir, please take me with you and sure I can identify the murderer, and I know you are concerning my safety and I am sure you both are there to secure me, so please take me with you..."

And she immediately looked at her dad...

Girl: "Dad, please tell them to take me, you will feel proud of your daughter if they catch the murderer with my help."

(By listening to her daughter, her father came forward.)

Shopkeeper: "Sir, take her with you, and I trust you that you will shield her..."

Mark: "Yes, we will protect her, but we can't estimate how thickens the plot of the murderer...

Going to their place is entering into the danger zone by ourselves, soo...

Shopkeeper: "I can understand what you say, but I don't want to break her self-confidence...

If she really helped you to catch him, she never scared or fear in the future from such incidents, and it's like boosting her self-confidence...

Please take her with you..."

Tom: ok, we will take her...

(I looked at Tom in shock for his sudden decision...

He knows more than me about how risky to go there with this girl...)

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