A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 194

194 My Dream May Not Come True

John's Pov:

I smile to myself that my father knows that I like bitches more than the other girls and he is sure that I am after a bitch, and it's ok if I tell her name.

John: "It's Genie, I know only her name, and I don't know anything about her precise details..."

(I hide her details because she is the personal assistant to Mark, and she wants to take revenge on his beloved daughter, Anna.

If he knows the truth, he will definitely obstruct my passport plan, so I hide her personal details.)

Lucus: "I heard this name somewhere..."

(I don't know if it is the right time or not to implement my passport plan.

Better I should stay close to my father for the next 2-3 days and should plot a perfect plan that he can't escape from my trap.

So after I said about Gen, I turn around towards the door...)

Lucus: "I know you want to say something, John, tell me."

(I turned around casually, and now I am in a dilemma when should I open up with him...

Let's make a try, and I will continue by looking at his facial expressions.)

John: "Dad, we are in a danger zone..."

Lucus: "Not we, it's you, and you are in danger because your friends got caught, and they may tell about your whereabouts for sure..."

John: "Yes, I know, I am in danger...

So I want to escape from this city and go to another country with fake identities and want to live a normal life."

Lucus: "I guess you are planning a very risky plot, and you may get caught like your friends."

John: "I don't care, dad, I am frustrated with Jack's gay activities...

I don't want to live with him anymore under his shelter."

Lucus: "If you are not under his shelter, you would have caught by the cops by now, and it's impossible to escape from him..."

John: "I have my ways, dad, and I will escape with the help of Jack."

Lucus: "What..?"

John: "Yes, dad, with the help of Jack, I will prepare my fake identities and travel to a new city in a new country and lead a new happy life...

And you know one thing Jack didn't trace me with his original fake identities..."

Lucus: "How you will manage him to get the fake identities..?"

(My father trusted my whole story, and now it's time to start my trick...)

John: "I am in love with Jack..."

Lucus: "What..?"

(I am about to tell him that I am cheating Jack to get my fake passports and identities.

But suddenly someone hugged me from my back very hardly...

I can sense it's Jack...

Did he listen to the last sentence that I love him?

Or he listened to the entire conversation?

Shit... Shit...

Maybe he listened to the last sentence, I guess, that's the reason he hugged me.)

Jack: "See Lucus uncle, I told you that one day he will accept my love...

And here is that day..."

(I am looking at my dad, he understands that I am playing with Jack's emotions

What if he revealed the fact that I am not loving him...

My entire plan will be failed...

I am looking at my father in a requesting way...

He looked at me sharply and turned to Jack...

Lucus: "I didn't expect that my son will fall in love with you..."

Jack: "He accepted me last night uncle. Actually, I would be the first person to inform you about this but here goes my dear came to you immediately after he wakes up..."

(He immediately pinched me on my waist, I turned my face into a blush and turned to him...)

John: "You should control yourself before my dad..."

Jack: "You look soo tired, dear...

I guess you did not eat anything yet."

(I strike my head as no, he came close to my lips and kissed me gently and turned to my dad...)

Jack: "Uncle, we will discuss about our marriage later..."



I want to marry this gay?

In between my thoughts and fake emotions, I tried to blush my face for the topic of marriage, and he placed one of his hands on my waist and led me to come out of the room...

I turned my face and looked at my dad that my plan is going to work...

And my dad nodes his head as yes...

Yes... Yes... My plan is working...

In between my thoughts, he leads me to the dining table to have some food...

It's the perfect time to ask him about to create my fake IDs...

Because without my fake IDs, my dad doesn't trust me, and my passport plan may fail, and my revenge on Anna and my father may not be succeed...

So I break the silence when we are having food...)

John: "I think my dream may not come true..."

(He immediately looked at me in shock...)

Jack: "I am there to fulfill your dreams, dear...

Tell me what's your dream..."

John: "No, it's not fair...

I know it troubles you and I may put you in danger..."

(He immediately came close to me and kissed me on my lips, leading to a French Kiss...

He is enjoying, and I am responding to his kiss, in-between our kiss, he asked me again.)

Jack: "Tell me, dear, what's your dream..."

(We both hear a fake cough, and we turned around to look who it is, it's my father, Lucus, and he is looking at us very happily...

I understand he is acting, that he is happy...

Yes, my father came into my trap...)

Lucus: "I am soo sorry young couples, I don't want to disturb you..."

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