A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 193

193 Meeting Lucus

John's Pov:

My body is soaring, I can't move a bit, and my muscles are not supporting and my whole body is hurting with the muscle cramps...

I tried to take my blanket over me and then I realized I am nude, I slowly get up from the bed and take a trouser near the bed and put it on..,

It's Jack's trouser, but I don't have the strength to go to my room for my clothes. So I wear Jack's trouser and looked around, I didn't find him anywhere in his room.

Yes, I am in his own room, in his own house. And his home is like a mansion, and he is a rich kid and ruling the detective world...

Me, my friends and my father are staying in this mansion...

All my three friends used to stay in one room, and he allotted a separate room for my father and me.

He will get the information he wants very speedily from his sources...

His detective network has around the world, and it's my advantage of getting shelter under his roof with the help of my dad...

Jack is the only reason that I am not get caught by the cops...

He manipulates my identity and now cops cannot identify me easily unless they catch me red-handed as my friends caught.

But I should be careful by covering with my fake emotions with Jack, or else he will plot a plan like I do with my friends.

My body was sore, and I getup hardly and walk towards the washroom, I saw a stick note on the washroom door...

I looked at it, "Hi dear, got some emergency work, will be back around 4 p.m., Miss you..."

I checked the time it's around 3:15 p.m. it's the perfect time to speak to my dad to implement my passport plan before Tom returns back to home...

So I hurriedly fresh up and went to my dad's room and knocked on the door...

It's been 5 to 6 days since I saw him, he didn't respond to my knock, so I slowly opened the door and entered the room without looking for his permission, he sit in the chair and doing some paperwork and I am back to him and he can't guess it's me.

Lucus: "What's your new trap, John?"

(I am shocked for his sudden question, how he exactly spells out my name without looking at me?)

Lucus: "Don't stare at me; I know my son has the least manners that he doesn't even ask for permission while entering into my room like a mannerless brute."

John: "I knocked on the door, you didn't respond to it, that's the reason I came to your room directly."

(I said with my loud and arrogant tone.)

Lucus: "You should wait until I respond to you, John...

That's called manners, and I know you don't have it, that's the reason I found it's you the moment you entered in this room."

(I got very angry for his rude words...)

John: "Yes, you are right; how I will have manners if I am the son of the bastard..."

(By listening to me, he immediately turned around and looked at me seriously.)

Lucus: "You are very shameless to call your father as a bastard..."

John: "And you are shameless to call your son as a mannerless brute..."

Lucus: "I don't want to argue with you..."

John: "I didn't come here to argue with you..."

Lucus: "Tell me, what's your next trap?"

John: "Trap?"

Lucus: "I am your father John, I know it must be you and your stupid trap for the reason that your friends got caught."

John: "What's wrong with you? Why do you think I will trap a plan to my dearest friends to get caught?

Lucus: "You may have your own reasons and I don't want to argue with you, tell me the reason for your sudden visit..."

John: "I just came here to check you..."

Lucus: "No.., that's not true...

You didn't come to me all these days, and suddenly you got love towards your dad?"

(What he said is true, I don't care for him and I didn't visit him in these few days, I should cover it up...)

John: "I don't have time to prove, I just came here to visit you, and I am leaving..."

Lucus: "Where are you the day before last night?"

John: "The day before last night?"

(I know he is asking me the night I spent with Genie, even Jack didn't ask me these many questions, maybe my dad is a detective in his last life.)

Lucus: "Yes, you were not here, and Jack is also worried about you, where did you go?"

John: "Why do you care about me all of a sudden?"

(I ask him the same question he asked me before.)

Lucus: "Because your friends got caught at the same time when we can't reach you."

(It's better to speak to him in a convincing way.)

John: "Well, it's just a coincidence, I went to meet my personal friend..."

Lucus: "Personal friend?

As far as I know, you have only those three stupid friends..."

(It's better to tell him the fact that I met Gen., or else it is a big challenge for me to make him trust in me...)

John: "Yes, I recently got a new friend, she is a very nice person, and I went to meet her on that night."

Lucus: "What..?"


John: "Yes, she is the client of Jack, and we meet casually..."

Lucus: "Meet her casually the whole night?"

John: "Yes, and I don't want to explain to you in detail about the whole night..."

Lucus: "Can you tell me her name?"

John: "Why?"

Lucus: "I just want to know that bitch name you are following after..."

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