A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 189

189 Interogating The Old Room Boy

Anna's POV:

I am happy that we are all safe, but looking at the cry of the old room boy makes me sad.

I understand he is worried because he lost his home and he is not worried for loss of his house., Yes there is a lot of difference between a house and home...

A house is made up of with bricks and walls, but a home is made of hopes and dreams, and it also filled with lots of memories.

In my life, my home is my hostel life with Ria, me and Ria gathered many memories, and build many hopes and dreams together at the hostel, so it is my home...

As far as I know, we should fill the house with love, and then it becomes a sweet home.

I am sure I will definitely make a sweet home for Mark after our marriage, which is filled with lots of love, hopes, and sweet memories...

In between my thoughts, we reached the interrogation room; we visited this room last night for interrogating those three bastards who are culprits for Ria's case.

Now we are here to interrogate this old Room boy...

Tom sits opposite to the old room boy and looking at him straight and clear; maybe he doesn't want to miss a single expression while he is interrogating him...

And we all sit backside to Tom and ready to listen to their discussions.

And the interrogation begins...

Tom: "Please answer to all my questions, I know this is a very hard time for you to get out from the thoughts of the blast but we need to take speed decisions to catch him, so please cooperate with me..."

Old room boy: "Sure, sir, I will answer you everything I know..."

Tom: "Ok, Do you know why he behaved with you like this, like attacking you and tied your hands and legs and stuffed your mouth, Do both of you have any personal issues between you?"

Old Room boy: "No sir, I don't know him before his appointment to our resort, and he is not the localite as far as I know. He joined in our resort for some of his personal work to be done."

Tom: "personal work?"

Old Room boy: "yes sir, I don't know what exactly it is that's the reason he targeted my cadre to get his work done easily."

Tom: "By any chance, did you saw him in this town before his appointment in your resort?"

Old Room boy: "I first saw him when my manager appointed him as an assistant, and I need to give him training for the work.

I have little argument with him the day before of your arrival at our resort, sir.

Tom: "Argument?

Can you explain to me in detail?"

Old Room boy: "Yes sir, from the day one he joined, he always asked me when he will get the room boy post, and I always replied to him patiently that it takes time to get promotion as room boy.

And the day before of your arrival he asked me to take my position for the next 3-4 days. I scolded him that he is not eligible as of now and warned him that if he repeated the same, I would inform this matter to the management...

He remained quiet for the rest of the day..."

Tom: "Ok, what happened next?"

Old Room boy: "I arranged your rooms with decoration and returned to my penthouse at the late hour. When I am having my food in my room, suddenly the door was knocked, I don't have any visitors in this town; I was actually scared who might knock my door in this late hour.

After a few minutes, I opened the door, and I am shocked by looking at my assistant, he came into my room with a bag without my permission, and his face is red in colour with furious.

I am asking him what happened and why he visited me; he didn't respond and searching for something in his bag, and suddenly he punched on my mouth and said it's the punishment for my arrogant behavior towards him on that day. And before I react to him, he immediately put a cloth of chloroform on my nose, and I lost my consciousness.

When I opened my eyes, I was sit in the chair and tied my hands and legs to the chair, and my mouth is filled with the cloth. I can't scream, and I can't untie my hands.

I don't know the time, and I don't know how many days passed.

Tom: "You didn't see him from then?"

Old Room boy: "He visited me after a few hours I wake up, and I understand he locked the door from outside. He took the food parcel and asked me to don't scream after he takes the cloth from my mouth. I nodded my head as ok, and he opened my mouth, but I shouted loudly for the help, maybe my scream can listen to any person nearby, and at least one person may come to save me. He immediately slapped me again and kept the chloroform cloth on my nose. I shouted until I lost my consciousness.

Tom: ok, what happened next?

Old room boy: "I got consciousness after some time, but this time I feel starving. I looked around, he sits near the room corner and stalking me with his smirk face.

He asked me that I was starving or not.

I immediately nodded my head as Yes, I can't speak because my mouth is stuffed again with clothes.

He came close to me and pinched on my blending nose, I can't even scream, he then came close to my ear and said, "the management appointed me as a room boy, and my work started..."

And he laughed loudly and looked at me with his evil eyes.

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