A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 188

188 Her True Love Saved My Life

Marks POV:

When the old room boy is requesting to take another place, I am sure the spy room boy will definitely come here again, so I don't want to miss the chance to catch him.

But Anna didn't agree with my opinion. I tried to convince her, but she takes her decision that she will stay with me.

Staying with me in this room to catch the spy is not safe at all; it threatens Anna's life, but she is not listening to me and hold my hand very tightly, and her hand is cold as ice. I can sense she is worrying about my safety.

I already keep her in the danger zone when I catch those three bastards; luckily she escaped by using her defensive techniques, I still remember the horrible incident when one of the bastards placed the knife on Anna's throat...

No... No... I can't keep Anna in the danger zone again, and it's better to leave this place for Anna's safety.

So I take the decision to go to the interrogation room. Anna feels very happy and doesn't leave my hand and hold more tightly.

When we reached the road, suddenly a bomb blast took place at the penthouse, and the bricks and rocks are falling from the 2nd floor and may hit to Anna, so I immediately wrapped her in my jacket and hid behind a nearby tree to escape from the blast.

It's just a few seconds since we left the penthouse if I take a wrong decision we all are dead by now. Particularly Anna convinced me very smartly, she knows I don't let her to stay with me in this room, so she stays strong and convinced me to leave this room one way or the other way...

I didn't understand what's happening, day by day the attacks are increasing on us.

Now this blast is unexpected, does it mean they know we are arriving at this penthouse and plot a bomb blast to make us die?

The blast should take place when we are in the room, but it doesn't blast, maybe the bomb blast may not plot for us. So it's a plot to kill the old room boy, but why they want to kill him?

Whatever, we luckily reach the road on time; if we didn't reach here in time, the old room boy might be dead by now.

In between my thoughts, Anna loosen her hug and looked at me and worrying for my minor wound on the forehead. So I try to console her...

Mark: "It's ok, Anna, I am safe now..."

(She immediately hugged me tightly, maybe she is scared for the blast and worried about me, it's just because of her I am alive right now, she is very good at convince me, never in my life I didn't change my decision once I take, because I take my decision by considering all the factors. But today I need to change my decision for Anna's statement, that she will be with me, and protecting her is my first priority, so I gave importance to my priority than my decision, so without a second thought I changed the decision. I am blessed that I find her genuine love towards me, and her true love saved my life.

I looked at her, she is looking at me with her worried eyes and one of her hair string is on her face, so I adjusted her hairs beside her ear and kissed her caressingly on her lips and expressed my feelings on her...)

Mark: "You are good at convincing Anna...

I might be dead into pieces by now if I stayed in the penthouse..."

(When she heard the word death from my mouth, she immediately shut my mouth with her little hand and strikes her head as No.

I understand she doesn't want to continue the topic of my death; I can understand her feelings; she is thinking the same way as I am, i.e., I can't imagine my life without her...

So I don't want to make her bother about me, so I stopped the discussion and hugged her more tightly that her chest is squeezing to my body...

After a few seconds, she turned her head from my hug to other side and searching for someone; I understand she is searching for Mona; I didn't feel worried about Mona because I am sure Tom will take care of her, but my girl doesn't hug me back until she saw Mona in a safe condition, so I looked around to find Mona, and there she is...

Tom is kissing Mona deeply to make her calm from the nervousness of the Bomb blast.

So, I hold Anna's chin and turn her face to another side to point at Mona and Tom, both of them are busy in kissing; by looking at them, Anna feels relieved and hides her face in my chest with shyness...

When I am going to continue my hug again, I saw the old room boy; he is still with his handcuffs on his hands and looking at the penthouse with shock and worried expression.

I can understand his pain, that penthouse is his shelter of living, and it was blasted. More importantly, he realized that he just came out of the house luckily or else he would be dead.

After a few seconds, he burst out with a loud cry by looking at his blasted house.

We immediately gathered towards him and made him calm by consoling him. Tom immediately informed about the blast to his superiors, and the cops immediately came and started their inspection.

And we all started to the interrogation room...

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