A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 187

187 I Will Stay With You..

Anna's POV:

What just happened..?

I didn't understand what happened in these few seconds

Another attack on us?

What if Mark didn't hold the iron rod?

Luckily, Tom, he didn't think for another second and twisted his head towards another side to escape from the attack and gave a punch on the person's face who is attacking, at the same time Mark hold the iron rod. A tragic accident may happen on Tom, but both Tom and Mark take a very spontaneous decision on the spot, so the person can't attack further with the rod...

I immediately looked at Mona, she is collapsed with tears and got scared that something bad may happen to Tom.

I sense we are safe now and immediately went to Mona to console her. She stabilizes after a few seconds, and we both take a few more steps to look at the person.

The person falls on the ground with his bleeding nose and some bruises on his face, and he is pleading Tom and Mark to save him. Maybe he is the old room boy in our resort.

Why is he pleading with us to save him?

Is he in danger?

Does it mean the spy room boy threatens him to take his cadre to spy on us?

Tom immediately introduced him that he is a cop, and Mark helped him to sit on the chair.

I offered him a glass of water to make him calm. After a few minutes, he became normal, and Tom holds Mona's hand and console her. We all are shocked by the sudden attack, but I understand this attack is not the planned one to harm us; this attack is made to save his life from the spy room boy.

After a few seconds, Tom started his interrogation.

Tom: "So, you are the old room boy of the resort."

Old Room boy: "Yes, sir..."

Tom: "Why did you take a sudden leave?"

Old Room boy: "I didn't take any leave, sir. The management appointed an assistant to me and he tied my hands and stuffed my mouth with the cloth from the past four days. Take me to another place, I will tell you everything."

(He is very confused and nervous, but Tom is trying to make him calm.)

Tom: "Listen, we stayed at your resort for the past three days, and there is a robbery takes place. So, we came here to interrogate you about him. I mean your assistant. So please answer to my questions."

(I understand Tom started his own way of interrogation and not letting him to know about the attacks made by the spy on the poor room boy and actually, we didn't know what is the object he robbed, so I am silently listening to them without interfering.)

Old Room boy: "Sure , sir...

I will help you all the way I can. Please save me from him. He may kill me if I stayed here, so please take me to some other place other than this place."

Tom: "Don't worry, I am the cop, and we will take care of your security."

Old Room boy: "No, sir, he is very ruthless, and you can't imagine how cruel he is. He may attack us anytime through anyway to get his work done, so please, we will go to the safest place, and then we can discuss about this."

Tom: "Yeah, we will change you to some other secured place, but you should answer to my questions with true facts..."

Old Room boy: "Sure sir, I will tell you everything what I know, but it's better to all of us to go to some other secured place; it's not safe to stay here; he will definitely come again to torture me."

(Tom immediately looked at Mark for his decision whether the interrogation can complete here itself or another place.)

Mark: "We don't have time to go to some secured place, that spy may escape again and this is the right chance to catch him if he comes here again..."

(I understand Mark is very furious, but after listening to the old room boy that he can attack from any side I feel sick, I don't want to take any risk. It's better to interrogate him in some other place. So I tried to convince Mark about this.)

Anna: "Mark, let's move to another place."

Mark: "No, Anna, I don't want to lose a single chance to catch him."

Anna: "Mark, listen to me, we will definitely catch him. But as of now, our lives are threatened, and we don't know who is attacking us and from which side they are attacking...

So better we should go to some other place..."

(And I hold his hand and pointed him secretly towards Mona.

Mona is worried and still holds Tom and her eyes are filled with tears, maybe she is worried about the incident just happened before with an iron rod attack on Tom...

Mark looked at her and remain silent for a few seconds and said, "Ok, Tom, take him to the interrogation room along with Anna and Mona at your police station. I will stay here, and I don't want to miss a single chance to catch the spy."

Tom: "ok Mark, but I don't allow you to stay here and most importantly I will appoint police officers to spy on this room and this area. And I will arrange 2 more efficient cops to stay in this room to catch the spy."

Mark: "I am ok with your plan, but I will stay here with the cops because I don't want to miss a chance, please, Tom, don't argue with me."

(I am scared when I listened to Mark's decision. I don't want him to stay in this risk zone. But it's very tough to argue with him to change his decision. I don't know why I feel some negative vibes, and my senses are cautioning me to leave this place as early as possible. But how I will leave Mark here? So I decided to stay here with him, and I went close to Mark and held his hand; Mark looked at me in confusion.)

Anna: "I will stay with you; Tom and Mona will go to the interrogation room along with this old Room boy."

(Mark looked at me in shock.)

Mark: "No, Anna, it's not safe to stay here."

(I know it's useless to argue with him; he doesn't listen to me once he takes the decision. So I looked at him emphatically and didn't lose my hope.)

Anna: "I will stay with you Mark, and that's final."

(Mark thinks for a few seconds and holds my hand caressingly, but I didn't change my facial expression. I know if I change my facial expressions, he will convince me to leave him alone.

So I stay more strong. He then turned to Tom to say something.)

Tom: "ok Tom, arrange your cops soon, and we are leaving this place and going to the interrogation room."

(I am surprised for his decision, what..?

Did he change his decision?

Just because by thinking about my security, he changed his decision?

I immediately hugged him for his decision, and he is tapping on my back.)

Tom: "ok, guys, let's go to the interrogation room."

(Tom handcuffed the old room boy, maybe Tom suspect that he may try to escape. Tom holds the old room boy cuffed hand and with the other hand he holds Mona's wrist and leads to downstairs while Mark and I hold each other hands and following them, the penthouse is on the second floor, so it takes a few minutes for us to get on the road...

The minute we reached the road I heard a massive sound of the blast and I am scared and scream loudly in shock, "Markkkkkkkkkkkk..."

Mark immediately hugged me by lifting me up a little and wrapped me in his jacket and take a few steps. I don't know what happened. I hold him tightly.

My heartbeat stabilizes after a few seconds, and I opened my eyes to look at Mark. And Mark is looking at the 2nd floor of the building, and I realized the place we just came was blasted with a bomb. My mind was blank by looking at the area, and I looked at Mark his forehead is bleeding a little, I immediately loosen my hug and get down from his hug and take a hand key from my pocket and wipe his blood on his forehead, I feel relieved when I saw its a minor cut.

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