A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 186

186 Old Room Boy

Mark's POV:

He is very cunning and escaped from every possible way that we can catch him. How can we lead him in advance before he escapes from another loop?

We can get his pictures from the CCTV footage, So I asked the same to Tom, and he said he would take care about it and pass it to all the stations to find him.

Anna really cross-checked with the corner points.

Her observation is very smart, even though she is in a hurry to follow me last night she observed everything about the room boy's expressions, and her analysis particularly when she is explaining about why room boy enters the room and what can be the object, literally she lighten up my mind that the object may relate to Ria's case.

If Anna didn't tell her analysis, I might think that the poor boy got attacked by the spy just because he helped us to catch those bastards...

She really helped me to think out of the box.

Deep down of my heart I feel very happy for Anna's cooperation into the case, and I am sure at the end of the day she will definitely take a stand on Ria's side even though the opponents are her father or her brother, she doesn't care.

I noticed every point in my mind regarding Anna's reasoning and Tom's interrogation with the management.

But as of now I think only John is my target and I need to take care of Anna from him, but by considering the recent incidents not only John, there must be other person involved in this case...

Is that Anna's father, Lucus?

Is he really chasing us for finding something from us?

As far as I know, he doesn't have the influence to chase us and particularly appointing a murderer as our room boy to spy on us and an attack on another room boy who tried to help us, these kinds of acts will be done only by the one who have influence in higher levels.

I suspect the manager too, because he is worried a lot, maybe his job is threatened in real life, or he is scared that he may be caught to the police in further investigation.

But I am satisfied what Tom stated that he is not sure about the involvement of the top management...

By looking at the incidents happening I should suspect everyone, everyone who I can see in my eye surroundings, and I should be more cautious because any attack may cause from any side, and the attacks are more threatening to Anna, so I should be more careful to save my girl.

In-between my thoughts, we reached our room to check once again.

Anna and I started our discussion of reasoning about the incidents...

Anna: "Yesterday morning, when you tied the room boy, no one knows except you and Tom, right?

Mark: "Yes."

Anna: "Then how our room boy directly went to the CCTV footage room to attack him with a knife?"

Mark: Actually, after Mona's attack, I asked our room boy to take me to the CCTV footage room, and he is beside me when I am watching the CCTV coverage, and after Tom came with First Mountain cafeteria CCTV footage, he stayed beside me and monitored everything in the CCTV footage, and I am sure he definitely updated what he has seen in the footage to his monitor, if I am not wrong he doesn't know John's friends, i.e., those three bastards, if he knows them he may immediately inform about this Matter to his monitor, and our plan to catch those bastards may fail, because the monitor may caution those bastards that it's a trap...

So, even though he monitored the CCTV footage, he didn't understand anything. But I asked him to call the Tom room boy to bring water; I guess he understands something fishy. But we didn't involve him when we are interrogating Tom's room boy. Maybe after we left, he may lurk into the room secretly to check that poor room boy...

So he may directly come to this room to attack him.

Anna: "Mark, your analysis is awesome...

I didn't guess that our spy may not know about John's friends. You have really valid points, and I am sure that's true. If he knows them, maybe our plot to catch those bastards may not work..."

Mark: "But you said the most valid points that I didn't imagine, if you don't explain it to me, particularly the spy is after an object which relates to Ria's case."

Anna: "Yes, Mark, I told you what I guess, so that we can easily tie the loose ends of the loops of the case."

(I looked at her, when she is saying, she is nervous and worrying maybe because the case is getting complicated day by day. So I went close to her and hugged her gently from her back to make her normal...)

Anna: "Mark, you remember you hold me the same way on our first day at the balcony..."

Mark: "No, Anna, I hold you more tightly on our first day, like this..."

(By finishing my words I placed one of my hand under her top and reached her boobs under the bra and caressing with my hands and kissing her neck and in-between biting with my lips on her neck and rubbing my dick to her hip...

She is chuckling for my actions and trying to take my hands under the shirt...

But she always fails, the more she tried, the tightly I hold her...

After a few seconds, she stopped her try, but I didn't stop my kiss on her neck and looked at her in-between, she closed her eyes and enjoying my kiss...

Anna: "Mark..."

Mark: "What..?"

Anna: "I never think you will accept my love."

Mark: "Why?"

(I am speaking her in-between my kiss...)

Anna: "I am scared that you may use me for sex and leave me after your desires fulfilled."

Mark: "I know, you cried for the same reason on the first day."

(By visualizing her cry for insecurity with her cute little pout face I can't control my laugh again...

I started laughing in between my kiss...)

Anna: "Mark, don't dare to tease me with your laugh..."

Mark: okk...

(But I can't control my laugh and she pushed me with all her force, I tried to control my laughter and looked at her, her facial expressions changed to questioning, so I directly ask her...)

Mark: "What's your doubt now?"

Anna: "We are sure he is spying on us, then what about old room boy of this resort?

Why he suddenly take a leave on the same day of our arrival..?

Is it coincidence or planned?"

(How I missed this point, the manager said, the old room boy takes leave suddenly, so there may be a chance someone influences him or threatened him. So if we find his address and reach him soon, we may get some clue, and we can ask him about the spy room boy.)

Mark: "I didn't think about the old room boy Anna, I am sure it is a planned plot...

We should reach him as early as possible, maybe he might know anything about the spy room boy...

(And I immediately called to Tom and asked him to take the address of the old room boy from the management...

In the meantime, we searched the room, and we didn't find any clue.

After some time, Tom called me and informed me that they didn't find anything suspicious in their room and said he got the old room boy's address.

We all started immediately by following the address, we reached near to his house, but it's a small lane it's hard to fit our car in that lane, so we parked it nearby on the road and went into the building he stayed.

Tom asked the passing person about the address to confirm once again, and the passing person showed the penthouse of the building.

We immediately lead to the penthouse, and the door was locked from outside...

Tom unlocked the door, and we all entered into the room...

Suddenly we hear a scream...

We turned around to look; I saw a Thick iron rod is going to hit on Tom's head, Mona screams in fear. But, I immediately hold the rod with all my strength, I know something like this may happen, so it helps to be cautious and save Tom this time, and the rod is just a few inches gap between Tom head and iron rod...

The one who holds the rod is behind the door; I can't see his face...

So I take a few steps to look at him, still holding the rod with my hand...

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