A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 185

185 Investigating The Manager

Anna's POV:

My mind was blank when I heard from Tom that our rooms and luggage were disturbed.

What they are looking for?

And they attempted to murder this poor room boy just because to not to reveal any clue to us for what they are looking for.

Where it started actually...

The first incidence is attacking on Mona...

Is there any chance that my brother's friends may leave something accidentally while attacking Mona?

And Mona said they tried to video shoot her when they rip her top....

Is there any chance they may leave their phone or something shooting device?

But we find only one hand glove.

What else can it be?

It's better to check our rooms once again; we may find any clue...

But why Mona's room got disturbed, as far as I know, my brother's friends didn't go to Mona's room, So it might be another thing they are searching for, whatever it's better to check our rooms once again is the best option we have.

In between my thoughts, we reached our old resorts; the moment we entered, I feel negative vibes, maybe because of the continuous threats we face from yesterday makes me think in such a way.

We directly went to the management room, and there is one person in the management room, and he is the manager of this branch.

The manager looks worried and shows a polite attitude towards us; maybe he understands the criticality of the situation and worries about the resort's reputation.

Tom immediately started his interrogation with some direct questions.

Tom: "Do you know some robbery takes place in both of our rooms?"

Manager: I just got to know about it sir, and our workers didn't think it's a robbery when they are packing your luggage, and they think it might be disturbed by you, that's the reason we didn't inform you this morning. Are you suspecting anyone in particular?

Tom: "Yeah, we suspect Mark's resort room boy and we have a few doubts regarding his appointment."

Manager: "I will definitely help you, sir."

Tom: "Where is the room boy who is in charge to Mark's resort?"

Manager: "Sir, he didn't come to the duty, and I didn't see him from the night."

Tom: "Do you know where he stayed?"

Manager: "I don't know where he stays, sir, but I am sure he stayed in the resort for three days at the time of his joining and said to other workers he didn't have shelter, maybe he takes a private room later. He often leaves from work and goes to his room."

Tom: "What..? He stayed in your resort?"

Manager: "Generally, we provide facilities to our room boy's in the resort, particularly when our customers are staying in the resort. But few of them have families, so they go to their home. We didn't resist them to stay here."

Tom: "How long he is working in your resort?"

Manager: "From past 6-7 days, sir."

Tom: "On what basis you usually appoint room boys?"

Manager: "Actually, we don't give a direct post to room boys because they directly interact with our costumers, since our customers are rich kids. So we take proper training and then arrange them for the post."

Tom: "On what basis you directly appoint him as a room boy?"

Manager: "Actually, we don't have scarcity for the room boys. I appointed him as a sweeper, but on the day when you are visiting our resort, our old room boy didn't come to work suddenly. So, we don't have another choice, and the present room boy is assistant to him, so, for the time being, I appointed him as the room boy with proper precautions."

Tom: "Do you have any of his identity cards?"

Manager: "No sir, we ask him to submit his identity cards, he said he would submit in a week, so we consider it as a grace period."

Tom: "You know how many mistakes you did in your protocol?

He tried to kill one of your workers and spies on us; this is how you maintain your management?"

Manager: "Sir, I am extremely sorry for what just happened. I didn't expect all this would have happened. And if this matter goes to my higher authorities, they will definitely fire me.

And the resort reputation may ruin, please sir, I will help you all the way to find him."

Tom: "Ok, our department may take further investigation, and they will search the resort to find any clue."

Manager: "Sure sir, but please don't inform this to our higher officials."

Tom: "I am not sure until we find him."

(By finishing Tom's interrogation, we all came out and involved in our own thoughts. But I wish I want to visit our resort once because there may be a chance we can find any clue...)

Anna: "Mark, I want to see our room once we may find any clue."

Mona: "Yes Mark, even I am thinking the same."

Mark: ok, Tom and Mona search your room, and Anna and I will search ours.

(We all agreed and dispersed in our respective resort,

When I am entering the main door, I still remember how he bows to me with his cunning eyes.

And we reached the bedroom, and it was neat and clean, maybe the sweepers clean the room after packing our luggage.)

Anna: Mark, I have a doubt.

Mark: What?

Anna: "Yesterday morning, when you tied the room boy, no one knows except you and Tom, right?

Mark: "Yes."

Anna: "Then how our room boy directly went to the CCTV footage room to attack him with a knife?"

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