A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 184

184 Right Thing At The Right Time

Marks POV:

When I looked at Anna, she is standing like a frozen statue, and her eyes are filled with tears, I know my words may hurt her particularly when I speak out her father's name, so I immediately take her towards the park for some fresh air. But when she is asking me about her father, I really don't have any proof to show her, I am very furious with her question, but looking at her tears stopped me to shout on her, and I immediately hold her shoulder to console her.

Tom explained everything in detail to Anna, and I stay quiet because if I speak, it may lead to an argument between us...

But I am sure she doesn't support her father if she knows the truth. Later, our topic leads to who might be the person who spies on us...

Anna: "I guess that person is chasing us to find some object."

(We all are shocked and looked at Anna for her statement.)

Mark: "What..?"

Anna: "I am not sure about it, Mark, I am just guessing..."

Mark: "Tell me your reasoning, Anna..."

Anna: "Did you saw our room boy when you are on the way to CCTV footage room?

Mark: "No..."

Anna: "I saw him..."

Mark: "When? Are you sure..?"

Anna: "Yes, Mark, when I am in a hurry to follow you, he stopped at the entrance of our hall by looking at me. I guess he just attacked the poor boy and came to our resort without escaping from the scene..."

Mona: "Maybe he wants to attack you, Anna..."

Anna: "No, Mona, if he wants to attack me, that's the perfect time to attack me."

Tom: "Maybe he thinks he might be caught with your scream, that's the reason he didn't attack you."

Anna: "Yeah, he can easily stab me by holding my mouth, but he didn't; instead, he casually bows to me with his greetings."

(The thought itself he stabs Anna makes me sick, luckily nothing wrong happened to her, what should I do if something terrible happened to her?

I will regret my whole life...)

Mark: "Why you think he is after some object?"

Anna: "He is in a hurry to enter into the hallway, but he stopped by looking at me, I can sense he wants to enter into our room. Maybe he may lead to our bedroom after I left...

And most importantly, he knew Mark is leading to CCTV footage room, he should try to escape immediately, but he doesn't. Instead, he came to our room...

Maybe he searched for something precious object..."

Mark: "I did't carry any precious object."

Anna: "Think about it Mark, maybe it will help for us to solve Ria's case, that's the reason they take this dare step...

Mark: "Might be"

(Anna had a valid point, and we didn't return to our room again, and we don't know if the room may be disturbed for his searching...

And I looked at Tom; he is the one who organized to bring our luggage.)

Mark: "Tom, did the management informed you about our room condition? I mean, all the objects are at the right place?"

Tom: "I will call them immediately and be prepared, we will meet the management soon to enquire about that room boy who spies on you..."

(I nod my head as yes,

I can still remember, my sixth sense cautioned me when I am on the way to the CCTV footage room, that's the reason I feel insecure about Anna and want to return back to the room, but the lucky part is she followed me...

I hold her more tightly and pulled her close to me...)

Anna: "It's ok, Mark, don't worry, we are safe now, and we did the right thing at the right time, and it's good that we reached the new resort last night..."

Mona: "yeah, that's true, but Mark if the spy is after you for some object, he has the whole day to check into your Resort from the morning because we didn't stay there, what might be the reason..."

Mark: "As far as I know, he will only follow the instructions through the phone, I think he didn't get instruction by then..."

Anna: "yes, we can think in this way, they speed up their plan because those bastards got caught and they are under custody."

Mark: "I guess it's not personal revenge on me; it relates to Ria's case because they targeted that poor room boy just because he helped us."

Anna: "No, Mark, I guess they attack the poor room boy because he may know their secrets, and the spy and his team got scared that the poor boy will tell about this to us"

Mark: "So you think that poor boy knows something about the spy is looking for,

Maybe you are right, Anna, that's the reason they attacked him; the poor boy knew something about it...

Mona: maybe the poor boy is hiding something, I guess...

Mark: No, he is not hiding; he says everything he knows, but the point is the poor boy doesn't know what precisely the spy is looking for, and the spy is scared that this poor boy can give us a hint about what he is searching for."

(In between our discussion, Tom came to us in a worried expression...)

Mark: "What happened, Tom?"

Tom: "Both of our bedrooms were disturbed like a robbery it seems, the management thought we searched for something important because we left hurriedly and they packed everything and sent it to us...

Mona: Yes, all my clothes in my suitcase were disturbed..."

Anna: "Yes, mine too, the order is disturbed totally..."

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