A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 183

183 Consoling Anna

Anna's POV:


Our room boy tried to kill him?


Our room boy monitored every moment of ours.

When did I last seen him?

Yes, I looked at him last night, after our make-out session at the old resort Mark went with a cheque book, I followed him quickly, when I came out of my room and passing from the hallway to the main door I saw the room boy.

He was coming hurriedly and stopped at the main door by looking at me and bend forward to greet me; I smiled at him and ran after Mark...

Maybe that's the time he just came out of the CCTV footage room, and luckily we reached there on-time and saved this poor boy...

I can still remember his cruel eyes when I am passing hurriedly, and I am sure he hides when Mark is passing through the way, or he wishes Mark casually as he wished me...

But why he came towards my resort after he attempted murder..?

He must have run to escape, but he didn't, and he is ready to enter the hallway but stopped by looking at me...

Means he wants to enter into the hallway and may reach the room..?


I am 100% sure that he knew Mark is going towards the CCTV footage room, so he takes a chance to attack me or for something else...

My thoughts were interrupted when Mark is asking him about John...

Maybe John takes his revenge on him because he revealed the truth about his friends...

But the room boy says no...

Who can be the other person..?

Mark: "Are you sure...?"

Room boy: "Yes sir..,"

Mark: "Is it Lucus..?"

Room boy: "No sir..,"

(My heartbeat skip for a second when I hear the name Lucus from Mark's mouth.

Lucus is my father's name and why he is taunting my father. Why he thinks that he will plan to murder this poor boy, I stand like a lifeless human being, and I don't have strength for Mark's attitude towards my dad.

I immediately take the wall support by taking a step back by hearing at their discussion...

Mark: "if not John, it must be Lucus, think again"


What he means if not John, it must be Lucus?

Does he think my father is saving my brother?

Why he thinks in such a way, my father saved me from John's attack and helped me to escape from him.

Why my father will support John?

If he didn't come outside to society, it doesn't mean he is helping John.

How I should convince Mark regarding this, he is always getting furious when it comes to my dad's topic.

In between my thoughts, Mark came to me and held my hand caressingly...

I spoke nothing and followed him silently, and he makes me sit on the bench in the park, which is attached to the hospital.

Tom and Mona are looking at me helplessly.

I am trying to control my tears, actually; I am confused about how to react to him...

How should I deal with this situation?

Mark is my beloved one, and he is suspecting my dad...

I can't look into his eyes, because I may cry the instance when I looked into his eyes, but I want to ask him about this, and clear the issue, so I break the silence.

Anna: "Mark, do you think my father is helping John?"

Mark: "I don't have any proofs, Anna."

(What he mean proof? He believes my father is helping John, but he waited just because he doesn't have proof?)

Anna: "I know about my father, he won't help John to hide from crime, maybe he is in the critical position to get into the society, or John may threatening him..."

(By finishing my words, I started crying...

After a few seconds, Mark wrapped on my shoulder with his hand and pulled close to him to console me.)

Tom: "Anna, please don't think in another way...

We are investigating Ria's case secretly, so it is very complicated to solve than the regular case.

We didn't tell anyone that the gang raped her, only a few people know about that.

So at this moment we should not leave any loop of the case and coming to your father, what you said may be right...

He may be under the custody of John, or John may be using him to cover his crime.

So we are equally targeting your father to know where he is, because he may help to solve Ria's case...

But he will be prisoned for a few years if we have proofs that he helped John...

That's final...

So you should understand how critical the situation is..."

(I understand what Tom says, Even I don't agree if he helped John to cover his crime even though he tortured him to death he should not help John. After listening to his words, I feel better than before...

But I still have a little pain in my heart by thinking about how Mark reacted every time when it comes to my dad's topic...)

Mona: "Guys, we should think about who appointed your room boy to spy on you."

Tom: "Maybe it's a second plan made by John spy on them with another name..."

Mark: "No, Tom, I can sense this is someone who planned to take revenge on me, I guess it's not John, because as of now now he might get information about his friends. So he will be alert and hide for a few more days and he doesn't dare to attack the room boy."

Tom: "Yeah, but who can do this other than John?"

Mark: "No Idea..."

Anna: "I guess that person is chasing us to find some object."

(All the three looked at me in shock.)

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