A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 181

181 Who Tried To Kill You?

Anna's POV:

I can't control my laugh when Mark asked me directly why I kissed the kid, his face is filled with jealously and angry at the same time. I laughed, but I feel happy in deep down of my heart because he loved me more than anything else.

I can sense his genuine feelings on me.

But why he hides the password from me?

He may think that I may open this treasure box here itself; his guess is right, if I know the password, I will definitely open and check what's inside. But why that older man cautioned me not to open the box in the public place, maybe that is one of the reasons Mark hides the password.

And in-flight Mona and Tom are accompanied with us; they are couple too, so it's ok to share the kit with them.

In between my thoughts, we reached the cafeteria and Mona looked a bit off; I don't know why; maybe it's couple problems, I try to convince her to take the food.

But Mark never stops his teasing towards me, particularly when he says about ripened strawberry, I can still sense how intensely he licked and kissed me, It makes me embarrassed before Mona and Tom...

After a little chitchat, we have done with our food and on the way to resort, while Mark is driving, and Mona pulled me to sit beside her, so Mona and I take the back seat, and Tom sits in the passenger seat.

After a few minutes, Tom breaks the silence by playing the soundtrack...

It's the song "Toxic" by Britney Spears, Tom and Mark started to hum the song parallely...

Mark: With the taste of your lips, I am on the ride...

Tom: I am addicted to you...

Mark \u0026 Tom: Don't you know that you are toxiiiiicccc

And I love what you do, don't you know that you are toxic

(It's my first time when I am listening to Mark's singing. He is in a cheerful mood, and particularly when he is humming those lyrics, I remember how he kissed me passionately this morning on the celebrations of our first day of relationship...

I am happy anyway because Mark is coming out of his loneliness and living his life...

Actually, I first heard this song when I am watching "The X factor" auditions USA 2013 by the cutest real couple, Alex and Sierra...

Tom is singing the song by stressing some words, particularly targeting on Mona to tease her.)

Mona: "it's disgusting, Tom, can you please change the music..?"

Tom: "Sure, my dear, your favorite song...

Here you go..."

(He immediately played Ed Sheeran's "Shape of you."

Even I love this song and perfect in lyrics...)

Mark \u0026 Tom:

"Girl, you know I want your love.

Your love was handmade for somebody like me

Come on now, follow my lead...

I may be crazy, don't mind me..."

(Mona and I immediately joined the next lyrics...)

Mona \u0026 Anna:

"Say, boy, let's not talk too much...

Grab on my waist \u0026 put your body on me...

Come on now, follow my lead...

Come, come on now, follow my lead (hmmmmm)

(We all the four started humming at the same time and I can see Mark is smiling for the lyrics I sing.)

"I am in love with the shape of you..."

but Tom immediately turns off the music,)

Tom: "Sorry guys, I need to take this call; it's from the station..."

(And he responded the call, and we all looking at him...

His face is a little serious and asking the details...)

Tom: when..?



Ok, we will be there in a few minutes...

Thank you,


Mark: "Who's that..?"

Tom: "The room boy got his consciousness, and he wants to talk to you, Mark..."

Mark: "Ok, we will drop them at the resort and lead to the hospital."

Anna: "No, Mark, please let me come with you; I want to know what he wants to say and who tries to attack him, please..."

Mona: "Yes, Mark, I feel better if I monitor his health condition...

Please take us to the hospital..."

(He looked at Tom, and Tom nods his head as yes, and Mark diverted the car towards the hospital, and in a few minutes, we reached the hospital in a hurry, and we reached the incentive care unit...

And we all entered and went near to his bed..,

Mona holds his wrist to check his pulse...

He waked up, looked at us, and tried to get up from the bed when he looked at Mark...

Mark immediately went to him and made him lay on the bed...)

Mona: "Don't get up from the bed; your wound didn't heal yet..."

(He nodded his head as yes and looked at Mark in a pleasing way...)

Mark: "I am sorry, it's all happened because of me, I should have untied you in the morning..."

(He smiled a little)

Room boy: "You are the one who saved my life, sir. If you untie me in the morning, I may be dead by now..."

Mark: "What..?"

Room boy: "Yes sir, he might target me in some other place, maybe after a few days my parents may or may not find my dead body..."

(While saying those words, his eyes become wet and hold Mark's hand pleasingly...)

Room boy: "Thank you soo much for your help, sir, you saved my family and me. I don't know my health condition, so I want to thank you before I die..."

Mona: "Hey, you are out of danger, and your condition is fine now, Don't worry..."

Room boy: "Maybe this is the punishment for my evil acts, I am so sorry madam...

My circumstances make me to do such things..."

Mark: "Tell me, who tried to kill you..?"

Room boy: "It's your room boy, Sir."

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