A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 180

180 Your Lips Are My Property

Marks POV:

I don't want to leave her soft lips, particularly now her mouth is filled with the essence of sweet candy, and our kiss turned from wild to sweet, and I am trying to explore her entire mouth with candy sweetness...

But it doesn't last long, I hate Anna, particularly when she tries to break my kiss.

I find the reason why she breaks my kiss, it's just because of the kid, and I am annoyed when he cried by looking at me, when I followed Anna's instructions, he just waived at me with his hand in a cheerful mood...

When she explained about the reason behind why kid got scared and cried at me, I finally conclude that she knows everything about kids just because of her little brother Alex. I made another attempt to ask her indirectly that how she knows about the kids and expecting her to answer about Alex but she remained silent and her facial expressions changed...

I am still confused about why she is hesitating to introduce her little brother to me..?

Whatever she thinks I don't care, after we reach our home, I will tell her about Alex and he is under my supervision. Because now we are in a relationship and there should be no secrets between us, and I will ask her directly the reason behind why she is hiding Alex from me...

In between our thoughts, Mona breaks our silence...

Mona: Anna, Mark, let's have some food, and we need to return back to our resort, we are running out of time...

(We both are following Mona and Tom...

My mind was still visualizing when Anna kissed the kid, maybe I feel jealous when Anna kissed him on his cheek like a goodbye kiss, I don't care if he is a kid or not, I don't want her to kiss anyone other than me, and I don't care if she may think it is a possessive or whatever, so I asked her directly.

Mark: "Why you kissed him..?"

(she looked at me in confusion.)

Anna: "What..?"

Mark: "Why you kissed the kid..?"

(She immediately laughed at me.)

Anna: "Are you jealous, just because I kissed the kid..?"

(She again laughed at me. I can't resist when she is laughing at me teasingly.

I immediately twisted her hand to her back and pulled her close to me.)

Mark: "Your lips are my property, don't dare to waste it by your stupid goodbye kisses to others..."

Anna: "Only lips..?"

(she asked me in a seductive tone)

Mark: "Nope, Your entire body is my property and soon i will enjoy my teasures."

Anna: "Really?"

(I pulled her more close to me now her entire body is touching to me.)

Mark: "Yes..."

Anna: "Ok, I will agree only when you don't let any girl to touch you because you are my property."

(I understand she is talking about the woman, she touched my cheek seductively.

I smiled at her counter-question and leave her hand and started walking further...

She ran after me with curiosity and asked me, "Tell Mark, deal ok?"

Mark: "Yeah, ok..."

(But I wonder why she didn't ask about the woman details. So I again asked her about the same)

Mark: "Don't you want to know who is she?"

Anna: "I am very curious to know but I dont want to interogate you and I feel happy if you say who is she."

(She chuckle a bit)

Mark: "She is the wife of that older man and came to me to say the password for the couples kit..."

Anna: "Hoo.., What's the password?"


That woman said she would say the password, but I forgot her to ask about it...

Shit Shit...

She should have told me the password before she leaves...

What can be the password..?)

Anna: "Mark... What is the password..?"

Mark: "I will tell you on the flight..."

(I should find the password by then...

I need to remember all the efficient words said by that older man and the woman...

Harsh, Sex toys, Games,

"Harsh Sex" 8 letters with 2 words maybe not because the older man particularly caution me that please be gentle to my daughter, so it can't be harsh sex.

"Sex toys" 7 words, so it's ruled out...

"Sex Games" 8 letters, with 2 words, Yes, it can be the answer because the older man stressed that the kit not only contains sex toys it also includes sex games...

And the woman when she is leaving, she said, "Have fun with Sex Games."

So the alpha bit code is definitely "sex games"

In between my thoughts, we reached the cafeteria, and we are about to order...

Mona: I am not hungry, and I don't eat any food...

Anna: eat a little food, Mona,

Tom: No worries, Anna, she drank so much in our game, maybe that's the reason she doesn't want to eat anything...

Anna: yeah, but it's just a drink, she should take some solid food...

Tom: "yeah, that's right, I will order for both of us and

Mona.., I am excluding drink for you because you drink a lot in our game..."

(Tom winked with one of his eyes towards Mona, and Mona is looking at him with a severe grin with little blush face...

I understand what Mona drank in their sex game, and I still remember the theme of their stall is sausages, so she definitely drinks what I am imagining...)

Anna: "Yeah, maybe Mark can't eat anything, because he eat lots of strawberries..."

Mark: "No Anna, I am starving..."

Anna: "ok then, what you want to eat..?"

Mark: "Ripen strawberries..."

(Anna immediately looked at me with her widened eyes...)

Mark: "Yeah, my craving and starving is increasing, particularly when I imagine how I eat the ripen strawberry in our game..."

Waiter: "Sorry, sir, we are out of stock of strawberries..."

Mark: "ok, I will order other food but Anna, you should arrange those ripen strawberry after we reach our home, Ok?"

(She nods her head as yes in confusion...)

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