A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 179

179 I Love Twins..

Anna's POV:

I don't know why I feel happy when I looked at the gifts, particularly after Mark gave me all the five gifts caressingly, but I can't control my laughter when he started the discussion about rapping him...

Yeah, I should take it seriously because he is wealthy and handsome, so there may be a chance that many girls can fall for him and take him to bed. I should save him from them...

When I pecked him on his lips out of my love, he leads my peck into a caressing kiss but in between our kiss, someone tapped on my knees...

I lose my grip on Mark's shoulder to check, and Mark forcefully stopped his kiss...

It's a boy kid of around four years of age...

He is looking at the sugar candy in my hand; I sat on my knees and offered him the candy...

He opened his mouth instead to catch the candy...

I smile for his innocence and take him close to me and place the candy piece into his mouth...

He eats them very eagerly; maybe he is hungry...

He eats all the candy, and his mouth is turned to pink in color because of the candy...

Mark came beside me and asked the kid very arrogantly, "Hey, where are your parents..?"

The kid looked at Mark by raising his head with full strength to look at Mark's face...

Mark: Tell me, where are your parents..?

The kid suddenly started crying by rubbing his eyes; I immediately take him close to me as a hug and consoling him...

Anna: "Don't worry, you will be fine.

He won't harm you, OK?"

Mark: "What..?

Do I look like I harm children..?"

(I looked at Mark, he seems very annoyed, why he is competing with this kid, So I try to calm him down...)

Anna: "Mark, he is just a kid..."

Mark: "What wrong I did..?

Why is he crying by looking at me..?"

Anna: "Mark... Mark...

Listen to me, Kneel down..."

Mark: What..?

I should sit on this ground..?

Anna: "Mark.., Just kneel down, please..."

(He kneeled down beside me and looked at the kid very annoying way...)

Anna: "Mark, change your facial expression; I may get scared by looking at you.

There is no wonder this kid got scared..."

(He immediately turned to normal, but I can sense he is a little annoyed...

I slowly raise the boy's chin towards Mark...)

Anna: "look at him, he is also a good friend to you..."

(Mark waives his hand as hi to this kid...

The kid immediately changed his expression and pleasantly looked at Mark, and he also waives his hand towards Mark with his cheerful face...)

Anna: "look at him; he is OK with you now and you should learn how to handle kids..."

Mark: "Yeah, I may get practice with our kids..."

(I looked at him in shock...)

Mark: "Tell me how many kids you want..."

I feel very shy about his direct question; actually, I love to satisfy his wishes and want to know how many kids he is interested in...

So I dare to ask him, "how many kids you want..?"

Mark: "I have the capacity to produce many kids, but you can't bear in your little tummy, I think..."

(He winked at me with his teasing statement...)

Anna: "I know about it, I want to know how many kids you like to have..."

Mark: "You know..? How you know about my capacity, you didn't taste it yet..."

Anna: "Mark, watch your words before the kid..."

(I immediately get up from the floor and hold the kid...)

Mark: "Actually, I love twins..."



1 out of 250 births is twins...

How can I get twins..?

Maybe I may not fulfill his twin children's desires...

In between my thoughts, the child's parents came and collected the kid from my hand; they are the nearby stall owners.

I kissed on his cheek as a goodbye kiss.,

I looked at Mark; he is looking at me with his sharp eyes to ask me something...

I raised my eyebrows as to what...)

Mark: "Why this kid cried at me in the first instance, and in a few seconds, he waved his hand as hi..."

(I smile for his innocent question...)

Anna: "We should always maintain eye contact with the kids. So they don't get scared. To maintain eye contact you may need to get down to their level or sit at the table with them."

Mark: "How do you know how to handle kids?"

(What should I answer to him...

Should I tell him that I have a little brother around five years of age..?

I want to tell him about Alex on the first day, but I don't want him to take the burden of Alex too...

Because he already takes my burden and busy with Ria's case, and I am sure Alex is safe at his hostel.

But now, after these incidents happened in these two days, it's not safe to keep him in the hostel...

Actually, I don't know where exactly Alex's hostel is ...

I don't know why my mom keeps it as a secret with me, but she told me once, his school name, better after I reached the home I will inquire about him and should place him in a proper security place...

But what should I tell to Mark about him, what if Mark didn't accept my little brother?

I am scared to tell him about Alex because he is furious at my stepdad just because he is a biological father to John, and he is the biological father for Alex too...

What should I do if Mark shows the same furious at my little brother,

It's better I should keep it as a secret for the time being...

Alex still doesn't know that we lost our mom...

I should take proper care of him...

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