A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 177

177 Love Is Blind

Mark Pov:

A healthy relationship is like to give and take each other feelings while also pursuing a shared life together.

Out of Love towards our partner, naturally, we will have the desire to own our partner.

Out of this Love or more accurately, possessiveness, we will have a fear of losing our partner.

When somebody or something comes in between our relationship, It will be heartbroken and may get angry.

So I don't care if Anna show possessive towards me by punching this girl.

So I convey the same thing to that woman.

Mark: "I don't care, and I know she still loves me and believes in me even though she punched on your nose"

Women: "But I care, and I know you will be the most happiest person if she didn't show her wild possessiveness..."

Mark: "So, you know more about possessiveness, maybe it ruins your love life, am I right..?"

(She looked at me with her shocked expression...

And nod her head as Yes...)

Women: Actually, me and my ex-lover, share everything to each other, but his possessiveness leads to make him suspecting on me...

If I got a call, he asks me who is he instead of who is that...

He declared that I will always speak to men...

Even though I adjusted with him by thinking that

the stronger the Love is, the deeper the hatred will be.

But one day he fucked his colleague in our bedroom,

That's it...

Our relationship broke up just like a stick..."

Mark: "I am sorry for what just happened in your life..."

Women: "Don't worry, present I have a good partner who is taking care of me with lots of Love..."

Mark: "Great.., Happy to hear..."

Women: "He is the older man of the stall you played before; he is my husband..."

(She told me with her blushed face by showing her wedding ring...

But I am shocked...

This woman is around 30s, and that older man is about 55, I guess this pair is the perfect example for Love Is Blind...)

Women: "I know what you are thinking, I don't care with the age gap...

Even though he is very much older than me, he will take good care of me mentally as well as physically every day..."

(I feel shy with her clear statement about sex towards with the older man, I guess these couples are definitely using BDSM to satisfy their desires...

In between I looked at Anna, she just turned around to look at me, and she opened her mouth in shock by looking at me with this woman...

It's funny to look at her shocked face...

I can easily see her from my side looks...

Women: "Your face is blushing; I guess your girl is looking at you..."

(I nod my head as Yes...)

Women: "Let's see what will happen..."

(She placed her finger on my face, seductively to tease Anna...

I felt nothing, but I can see Anna is coming towards me...

I try to control my laugh, and I am damn sure she will qualify under possessiveness because she didn't take it easy when I try to kiss the bikini girl to tease her...

I pretend I ignored her, but I can see her in my side looks...

She just fake cough to make us distract...

But after a few seconds,

She turned to the other side and standstill.

Now I directly looked at her, and she is controlling her emotions...

Women: I think your girl trusts you, that's the reason she didn't disturb us...

But I don't care if she asks you the question after I left, i.e., "who is she"

OK, then, time to leave have fun with Sex Games."

(she tapped on my cheek and turned towards Anna and pinched on her waist seductively...

Anna looked at her in shock and came to me like a lost puppy...

I caress her before the woman...

Woman: "I am jealous of you but lead A Happy Life..."

(By saying those words she left us and I hugged Anna more tightly...

She still remains silent and didn't ask me any questions...

I looked at her, she holds sugar candy, and with the other hand, she holds five rings and two gifts...

Mark: "Wowww... My girl earned two gifts..?

Let me see..."

(She gave the gifts and the five rings too...)

Anna: "I need five more gifts with these rings..."

(She asked me with her puppy face...

I nod my head as Yes, and we went to the stall, and easily grabbed all the five gifts for five rings and looked at her...

Her face lightens up with sparkles...

I gave all the gifts to her, but I have a doubt she came to me worried when I am talking to that woman, but why she didn't ask me about that woman, at least she would have to ask me after she left

So I asked Anna directly, "Don't you feel possessiveness towards me..?"

Anna: "Actually, I am scared when the girl touched your face, but you didn't hold her or touched her...

Why should I worry..?"

Mark: "Then, why you feel Jealous on the night when bikini girl dance over me...?"

Anna: "I don't care if any girl reached you because you look handsome, but I got tempered when you try to kiss the bikini girl, so I came into the scene.."

(She just tell me that I look handsome, it feels crazy when she is praising me.)

Mark: "So you don't care if some girl raped me."

(She immediately laughed...)

Anna: "Don't worry, I will save you if someone tries to rape you..."

(She again laughed, I love to look at her laughing face...)

Mark: "What should I do if you rape me..?"

Anna: "I have all the rights to rape you, and no one dares to save you from me..."

(By finishing her words, she raised her legs on fingertips and wrapped her hands around my neck and give me a peck on my lips...)

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