A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 176

176 Love Dignity..

Marks POV:

When we entered the chest room, the older man came to me and complimented me...

Older man: "You will enjoy the Couples Emergency kit and don't be harsh when you are using them on my daughter..."

(I smiled at him and I understand that he meant Anna as his daughter...

I looked at Anna; she is busy in opening the chest box in all her possible way...

So there may be another clue to open the chest box.)

Mark: "So, can you give me the clue to open the chest box..?"

Older man: "You are brilliant, how did you find it can be open with a clue..?"

Mark: "look at my girl; she is dying to open that box..."

(We both laughed to each other by looking at her...)

Older man: "What do you think about the couple's emergency kit..?"

Mark: "Maybe some sex toys..."

(And I smile a little...)

Older man: "I understand you are dominant, and you will enjoy these sex toys...

But not only toys, there are also some couple games which make both of you fall for each other."

(I looked at Anna and imagine how she feels when I used the toys in her ass and pussy.)

Older man: "But you should find the code to open it, it's an eight alpha bit code made of 2 words..."


Eight alphabets form of 2 words..?

What can it be..?

There may be so many random words to find the code...

It's impossible to open it without a clue...

So I asked him again...)

Mark: "Can you help me with the clue..?"

Older man: "I already told the clue..."


When did he say about the clue...

I try to visualize everything that he speaks to me. All I can find is sex toys, games, harsh, etc.

What can be the code?

Meanwhile, Anna came to us with the chest box, and when she is holding the box, I can literally imagine her nude body with some toys in her pussy, and she pleases me to fuck...

I came out of my thoughts, and we both came out of the stall and walking towards the cafeteria...

There is a little argument between Anna and me...

I tease her about the punishment because now I can use sex toys as a punishment, but she thinks in another way and went to Mona to play another game...

When I am following her, a woman stopped me and looking at me weirdly...

I try to move another way, but she obstructed my way, and looking at me seductively.

She tried to attract me with her transparent clothes...

"Do you Wanna fuck me..?"

She asked me in a seductive tone, and I am not interested in this kind of girls...

I hate them when they lose their character for money...

There are so many women who came into my life for free sex, but I don't like to do sex with them, who sell their bodies for money

And now I am in deep love with Anna, and I can't cheat her...

Mark: "Sorry, I am not interested, and there's my girl..."

(I try to get away from her...)

"We can keep it as secret, and you can Fuck me hard as you wish..."

Mark: "Sorry, I won't cheat, my girl..."

Woman: "Are you sure, or else keep my number, you can call me in the future..."

Mark: "Nope, keep it with you, and can you please find another guy and leave me alone with my girl..."

Woman: "You know, she is lucky..."

Mark: "What..?"

(She laughed loudly...)

Woman: "Yeah, she is lucky to find you as her partner..."

Mark: "Why all of a sudden, you are showing sympathy towards her..?"

Women: "Hey, listen, you played the treasure hunt game, right..?"

Mark: "Yeah, and we won the treasure too..."

Women: "Yeah, that I know, I am the one who qualified your 3rd round..."

Mark: "What..?"

Women: "Yes, how do you think we can confirm without monitoring you..?

I am secretly lurking both of you from the ceiling..."

Mark: "Ceiling..?"

She laughed again...

Women: "Yeah, there is a hidden door to the ceiling, and I monitor both of you from there..."

(What she said is exactly right.., We may use our hands secretly, thinking no one is watching us but there should be a monitor to judge us at the 3rd round...

I didn't think about it.)

Women: "OK, I followed you because it's a small kind of test for your love dignity...

If you pass, I will tell you the password for the treasure..."

(I understand why she seduced me...

It's a trap...

If I fall for her, I may lose the passcode...)

Mark: "So tell me the code"

Women: "Yeah, definitely, but your girl should pass the test too..."

Mark: "What..?"

Women: "Yeah, and as per my opinion, In love, there should not be possessive towards each other...

Possessiveness kills the relationship...

Mark: possessive is a kind of jealousy to express their love, right...

Women: Yeah, it might be, but too much of it may spoil the relation

Let's see if she speaks casually to any guy, how she feel if you directly ask her, "Is he your ex?"

It's a wild possessiveness, and it may cause damage to your relationship

There may be different opinions, but in my opinion, if she truly loves you and trusts you, she doesn't feel possessiveness...

Mark: "But I don't care if she comes and punched your nose for moving close towards her man..."

Women: "Yeah, if she really punched me, think about it.., she is scared that I may grab you as my man; it means she is not trusting you...

As simple as it is..."

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