A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 17

17 Does She Is My Submissive?

Mark's POV:

I take Mona to my room..

Mark: you are making me embarrassed before Nany and Anna..

Mona: Really.. What I did that makes you embarrassed that much (she's smiling in her face)

Mark: is that necessary to talk about the bracelet before Anna?

Mona: Yes.. Because it's Anna's bracelet.. (She winked)

Mark: just stop it Mona..

Mona: Tell me one thing..

What did you tell to Anna? She immediately came into the room and take an injection like a little child..

Mark: (a smile flash on his face and again, I acted normal) I just tell her to take an injection...

(In my way)..

Mona: that's it? She came inside the room just because you told her to take an injection? (By raising her eyebrows)

Mark: of course..

Mona: I think she became your pet (she smiles on her face)

Mark: What?

Mona: I mean she is obeying your orders like a submissive it means....

Mark: You are thinking too far...

Just come out of your dream world..

Mona: as far I know you're similar to Dominant..

Mark: what?

Mona: yes Mark...

You like submissive very much...

Submissive means they will obey their dominant orders whatever it maybe..

(She's talking about sex life)

Mark: just stop I know what you are talking about...

But I don't have any feeling about her..

And I don't fall for her...

Mona: think about it, Mark..

Both of your sex life will be heaven...

A deadly combination of dominant and submissive..

Mark: (is that the reason I fantasize about her?... Sex with her... I have so many desires for sex.. I imagine a few of them on her..)

Mona: think about it..

Mark: can you please shut your dirty mouth..

The door was knocked..

Who's this?

It's me, Nanny..

I bought juice for you..

Mark: come in Nany..

Nanny's place the Trey of juice on the table near them..

Mona: Is Anna ok?

Nanny: Maybe not.. She worries a lot.

I didn't know she is scared of needles that much..

She cried unconditionally..

Mark: was she crying?

Nanny: yes beta.. After you both Went out she started deep sobbing and worrying.. And ask me to leave her..

Mark: (is she crying just because I tease her..

I feel very bad.. I don't want to hurt her...

My face become dull..) (Mona notice my facial expression)

Mona: it's ok Mark don't worry..

It's just because of Trypanophobia..

It is an extreme fear of medical procedures involving injections or hypodermic needles..

She will be alright...

Mark: (I look at Mona's face I didn't argue anything my mind struck with Anna..)

Mona what about nurse..

Mona: she will come by afternoon..

Nanny: nurse? Why beta?

Mark: to take care of Anna Nany...

don't need to be a baby sitter for her...

Nanny: it's ok beta.. I can manage with her, she feels secure with me..

I think she will be shy with the nurse..

Mark: why shy?

Nanny: I help her to take a bath this morning beta.. She felt very discomfort.. But she allowed me for help..

If you appoint a nurse..

Am sure she doesn't allow her to do anything.. And she does by herself.. Which is complicated..

It's just about 4-5days I can manage with her..

Mona: Yes Mark, point to be noted..

Even I am dressing her wound she didn't take off her T-shirt she just slides the sleeve..

Mark: (did I act wrong that teasing her..

I think she is very particular.. But I always poke her indirectly.. I should not tease her like that)

Ok, as you wish...

Mona: ok, I will inform to nurse not to come..

Nany left the room..

Mona: I think someone upset here?

Mark: Yes, I was upset if she had that phobia for real?

Mona: narrow her eyes and say Yes, mostly, why?

Mark: then Why you inject her instead you can give tablets its finest.

Mona: Hello, I am the doctor.. Listen to me..

Tablets will recover lately.. Almost 10 days she should be more careful..

If we give injections it heals fast..

It's about private and sensitive parts soon

Mark: ok, I will make her to be careful and change the medicine immediately..

Mona: ok my lord.. (She smiles)

Mark: how's her mom.. How long it takes to come out of the coma..

Mona: yes, she is Safe.. I can't guess the time it depends...

Did you find any whereabouts of her father or brother?

Mark: no.. cops are doing there job..

Mona: maybe if they know where Anna is they come out in there own way to reach Anna..

Mark: it may danger to her Life..

she is safe with me..

Mona: I am sure nothing will happen to her if she is with you..

you will take such good care..

but it helps to solve Ria's case..

Mark: what do you mean..

Mona: I mean let her visit outside with you, the Paparazzi will definitely take advantage.. and the news will spread outside..

then our Mission start..

Mark: ok I will plan..

Mona: show me your hand I will clean your wound..

Mark: make a scream when his wound touches hydrogen peroxide..

Mona laugh..

your Juliet is better she made less scream than you when I put hydrogen peroxide..

Mark: Don't call me Romeo and don't call her Juliet ok? we have our own names..

Mona: ok my lord..

as you wish.. and she finished the dressing

Mona: ok then am leaving bye..

after mona left I sit before the laptop and check some emails.. but my mind was distracted with her thoughts.. does she cry because I tease her or because of the needle?

she comes behind me like a puppy.. she trusts me that am going to save her..

but for me instead of taking a stand on her, I tease her..

how foolish I am..

why can't I understand her feelings..

even at the time I save her from gang.. she hugged me which shows that she is trusting me..

and when I gave my hand in her nightmare.. she feels relaxed..

it's my fault today.. she trusts me but I tease her..

I tease her just because she will take an injection. I don't know she had phobia.. if I know before I don't let Mona to give an injection to her..

but I feel happy when she listened to my trap..

I trap her to take an injection she did..

Does it mean she is a kind of Submissive?

a smile on my face when I think that she is my Submissive.. and then I went to the dining room for lunch..

I act normally and ask Nany does Anna had lunch..

nany: no beta.. she's not starving it seems..

she wants to sleep.. she told..

Mark: Is she ok?

Nany: No beta her eyes were swollen.. maybe she cried a lot..

Mark: ok .. I said and I had my lunch..

after my lunch, I went to her room to visit her..

but she is sleeping like a closed puppy..

I saw her 5min and I left her room..

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