A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 16

16 Did You Hurt?

Anna's POV:

After I opened the door.. I suddenly hit Mark..

I don't think further, he appears before me like a Pillar..

I just hide myself behind the Mark..

I can hear my heart beat..

Am very much nervous about needles..

I just closed my eyes tightly..

I don't know why, but I feel secure when I touch Mark..

It's a good aura that protects me from my fears..

So I don't want to leave him..

In a few seconds, I can sense his hand on my waist...

In a further step, he holds my waist in a tight grip..

It hurts a little bit..

Sudden shrill pass in my stomach..

Immediately in a fraction of seconds he taps me to the wall and kept one of his hand around my waist and the other hand he catches my wrist..

I was in shock..

He's just bending towards me..

He is staring at my lips..

I got nervous.. I bite my lower lip in pressure..

He slowly reaches my ear and touch with his lips...

(Does he kissed?)..

I got goosebumps...

My hands become wet..

He said in my ear slowly..

"I think you like to hug me without wearing a bra.."

I was shocked..

What he's talking..

What he's thinking about me?

Does he think about that am a characterless girl or a cheap character and found for him?

I got angry...

In between my thoughts, he said again..

"If not you will try to heal your wound quickly by taking an injection so that you can wear your bra."

And then he saw in my eyes and Wink with one eye..

What he's thinking of me..

I am just controlling my tears..

I don't want to cry before him..

With the other hand, I pushed him and went to the room..

Immediately Mona and Nany came to me, I catch nanny and I close my eyes..

I can still hear his echo..

I didn't bother about the needle..

I bother about his words its more than an injection, which directly stabs in my heart..

I feel secure when I touch him..

But he instead makes my character cheap..

Tears fall from my eyes..

I didn't open my eyes..

Am about to cry..

I don't leave Nany..

Then I hear from Mona about the bracelet..

Yes, the bracelet I love the most.. Because it's a gift from Ria.. She said it's a lucky charm for me..

What brings luck to me I lost everyone in my life..

Then I hear Mona went out of the room, but I still can't control my tears..I catch nany around her belly she is standing and am sitting on the bed..

And started crying..

She's just tapping on my back to console..

She is thinking it's just because of the needle..

But she can't understand my heart pain...

I lose my grip on her tummy and I said to Nany to leave me alone for some time..

She taps on my forehead and said "everything ok beta, take some rest " and she left the room..

I fall on the bed, I turned one side and fold my legs till tummy, I kept my hands on my face and started crying with deep sobbing..

I don't know when I fall asleep..

I sleep, I can hear some voice..

Its Nany..

I opened my eyes, they are swollen..

Nanny kept her hand on my cheek and ask me to come for Lunch..

Sorry Nany, I am not feeling hungry..

Nanny: you should not skip lunch dear, come let's have at least some food..

Or shall I bring anything to hear?

Anna: no Nany..

I don't feel hungry..

I feel drowsy..

I will have when I wake up..

Nanny said ok and she left..

I sleep again..

I feel like no one cares about me..

Am alone in this world..

Mark is taking care of.. But this is just because I am the only witness, he found about Ria's death..

I will definitely stay on Ria's side..

Nothing more, nothing less..

I should find where my dad is.. And if possible I wanted to see my Mom for the last time..

I want to touch her once..

What mistake I did.. Why this happened to me?..

I sleep again and wake up around 4.30 pm in the evening..

My head is aching.. Maybe because I cried a lot..

I went to the washroom..

I opened the window in my room, I saw a beautiful garden and there is a small pond..

I love the greenery..

I wish I want to go there..

And I want to drink some coffee.. It will help to get relief from headache..

And then I take slides and take some hair, which falls on my forehead, I pinned back with the help of slides..

And then I come out of the room..

I wish I didn't want to see Mark...

I reach the duplex stairs.. I can see the view from the dining table from the top...

Mark sits on the chair exactly the one I sit in the morning..

I can see his back..

A girl is sitting on the table facing me and kept one hand on the Mark and with the other hand, she is carrying some papers....

She wears a skirt covered up to her thighs and showing her full legs show off and her blouse with a deep cut which expose her cleavage clearly..

She is chubby and little fat..

She narrows her eyes when I am getting downstairs.. I saw her and act like I am ignoring her..

I feel insecure when she is staring at me..

She immediately bends towards Mark and clearly showing her cleavage and talking to him by showing the papers in her hand..

I just act that I ignored them..

While am passing I can hear, she is saying to Mark that "Why did you say to bring t-shirts of my size.. She is very thin and she doesn't have the size of the boobs of mine"..

Mark: What? He turns around

And he stares at me that am passing them..

I simply ignore them

And I went to the kitchen..

In the fridge, I found the milk..

I found coffee powder on the top counter there is a small chair.. With the help of that, I got coffee powder and I make hot strong coffee..

I can hear their voice, but I don't understand them clearly..

I act like no one is there..

I take my hot coffee cup and went to the garden..

I sit on the grass near to the pond.. I take 2 sips of coffee..

Again tears rolled into my eyes.. (I am saying to myself stay strong Anna stay strong)

I clear my tears and having a coffee sip by sip..

Why did that girl intentionally speak like that about my physic..

Maybe its Mark plan to insult me..

Its been 30 min I sit in the garden..

I feel better now..

I just want to sit here for some more time..

I close my legs near my chest..

I kept half face on the knees so that I can see the pond and I can relax..

"Did you HURT?" a familiar voice.. I listen very close next to me..

I was in sudden shock and move my head and see who it is..


I stare at him..

He sat just beside me and he's not looking at me.. He's looking straight into the garden..

I again turn my head and kept on my knees and watching the pond...

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