A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 15

15 You Like To Hug Me With Out Bra?

Mark POV:

After I tease Anna about her undergarments..

I laughed a lot by visualizing her facial expression...

I was relieved...

After my parents' death, I can count hardly few times I laugh that too just because to make Ria happy..

I don't know why.. I like to tease her.. Her expression.. Her innocence..

And I remind her about clothes..

She doesn't have the proper clothes..

She can use Ria's but by seeing Ria clothes on her, But both Anna and I will get into depression..

So I called to my P.A she is 24 years she can understand and she will send proper outfit..

I make a phone call to her..

She lifted..

P.A: hi Mark..

What makes you call this late hour?

Mark: I need 10 pairs of outfit can you arrange now?

P.A: now?

Mark: yes..

P.A: what's the size and age and gender?

Mark: she is in the twenty's I think and It's perfect of your size..

And I need long t-shirts and shorts till knee length... And undergarments which girls usually prefer..

And no need for bra..

P.A: Mark without a bra, T-shirt look awkward on girl..

Mark: (I prefer those garments, particularly because just now I saw her in those loose t-shirt and short outfit.. She looks super cute..

But it's not ok if everyone sees her coverage of her chest..)

Ok, then doctor advised her not to wear a bra for a few days..

Pa: Hoo.. Then there are some kind of T-shirts which inbuilt have the bra cups attached to that I will choose them,Is that ok.. Or it should insist that she needs to show her coverage to you..

Mark: Shut up..

T-shirt with attached Bra is ok..

Make sure I should get them by early morning..

P.A: okk..

May I know who's she?

Mark: she's Ria's friend..

P.A: does she looks hot?

Mark: can you control yourself.. And do the work..

(And I cut the call)

My P.A, she is the daughter of our family friend's uncle Joseph..

He is P.A to my dad in this business..

After my parents died.. Joseph uncle takes retirement and advice me to keep my P.A as her daughter's name Genie.. We call her as Gen..

He said that she knows every work as a p.a.. And it will help me because this business is new to me..

So I have appointed her..

She is very polite at work..

But out of work, she is very dirty.. Then I went to bed and go to sleep..

I sleep well after many days..

I wake up at 5 a.m. In the morning I got a call from Genie that she bought clothes and she is outside of my house..

I went and collect them.. And I found Nany in the kitchen... I gave these clothes to Nany and I went to work out...

I did 2 hours of work out and I went to my room.. And take a shower and dried my hair.. And put on a casual shirt of white colour and denim blue jeans.

And I started to the dining table for breakfast..

When I came out of the room I am walking on the corridor, I saw Anna near the dining table..

I just walk slowly and stop for a minute to see her for long..

She's is staring at the dining table and deep thinking in her thoughts..

I catch near the fencing of the duplex stairs where I can see her side way..

Is she going to cry?

She immediately removes her drops from her eyes.. She is controlling her tears..

Maybe she is worried about Ria or her mother or father..

I started to get down the stairs...

Then I walk slowly from her backside by glaring her and I reach the front chair exactly opposite to her..

She just closed her eyes.. While eating the first byte of sandwich..

Her face was fresh and pink in color...

She is pretty hot in that t shirt..

And her semi curly hair falls on her shoulder and Cover her chest and moving like a bell..

Everything was going like a slow Motion to me..

And then

She moans "mmmmmmm"

I stare at her..

I just get hard when I hear her moan..

I got a vision that I am putting my hard in her pussy on that table and she is enjoying my play and she moaned in the same way.."mmmmmmm"..

While imagining the scene.. My dick gets harder... She opened her eyes, she didn't recognize me instead she takes another bite..

I need to change my expression from horny in to too awkward..

She saw me..

She gets shocked when she saw me..

She just started hiccuping..

She again takes another byte.. And another big hiccup came from her..

I know she will scare to see me suddenly..

I smile to myself and I acted that I warned her

"Have some water, your sandwich will don't run anywhere.."..

Immediately her hiccups stopped and she's smiling in her own world..

I ask her what's funny..

She again stares at me thinking that am Dracula I just came to suck her whole blood..

I act like normal and have 2 sandwiches and juice quickly because Anna feels discomfort if I stay around.. She doesn't have her breakfast properly so I ate quickly and went to the washbasin to wash my hands.. Where many stand beside me with a hand towel..

I told her.." Make sure.. That Anna needs to have all the 4 sandwiches" she is taking medication..

So she must be strong..

And then I went to my room..

Then I changed my mind that I don't want to go to the office.. I just want to stay around Anna and want to tease her..

I smile at myself..

I lose my shirt buttons..

And then I called my pa, and asked my schedule and told her to let her handle everything by herself..

Then she informed me that there are some contracts I need to check and sign..

I think for a minute and told her to come to my house after doing her work at the office..

I send some mails..

While am checking the reports send by Genie..

I hear a scream of Anna's..

I was in a hurry what happened to her I kept my laptop aside and walk towards Anna's room..

When I reach the room, I can hear the conversation between them that Anna is pleading and requesting..

I thought someone enters the room and threatening her..

I just want to open the doorknob slowly..

Before I opened the door.. The door was opened from the other side..

Anna's face in a hurry and her eyes filled with tears.. And her face looks like tomato red..

She didn't see me and try to come out of the room in the sudden action she hit me..

She stares at me..

And she didn't even consider me and go back to my back and catch my shirt and hide her face, in between that no one can see her in front of me...

I then recognize there are Nany and Mona in the room.. And they are in worried faces..

They both at a time, raise their voice as Anna"..

By seeing me they stopped and I ask them with my eyebrows what happened?

Then Nany saw at Mona and Mona immediately show injection...

Then I understand Anna is scared of injection..

I smile at myself..

And get the relief that nothing danger happened to her..

And told them with my hand silently to stay in that room and don't come outside..

(All this happens in just a fraction of second)

I turned my head a little back to see Anna..

She is tightly holding my shirt and I can sense her boobs are touching my back.. Hide her face like a cat.. (One day definitely this girl make me crazy)

I take one of my hand to touch her waist and take one step backwards..

I got a grip on her waist with the same hand and I take a second step backwards.. Then I take 3-4 steps backwards quickly.. She also takes the steps along with me assuming that am going to escape her from the injection..

Then we are a few steps away from the room that no one can hear us and see us..

I just grab her with my other hand and push her to walk beside me..

One hand on the backside of her waist and the other hand I hold her wrist.. The few inches gap between us, but now am touching her boobs tip to me lightly..

She didn't understand want happened just...

She opened her eyes.. Her breath touches my chest directly (because I loosen my shirt in my room)..

She stares at me for a second..

Then, she bites her lower lip to control her emotions..

Then I came close to her ear..

Intentionally I touch her ear with my lips like a short kiss and told her..

"I think you like to hug me without wearing a bra.."

I can sense her goosebumps.. And I smile to myself and told her again...

"If not, you will try to heal your wound quickly by taking an injection so that you can wear your bra.."

And then I look into her eyes slowly and smink with one eye..

Her eyes stare at me with anger..

I can sense her breathing increase with anger..

Again her pink nose turn to red.. With little pout on her face..

With the other hand, she tried to pull me and I let her leave, she immediately ran into the room..

I smile to myself and walk slowly to the entrance of the room meanwhile..

Mona will be given injections to Anna while Anna catches Nany and close her eyes..

I smile to myself again..

How easily I can compete with her..

I didn't observe that Mona is watching my smile in the meantime.. And she came near to me..

I saw Mona..

I think to myself that I caught red-handed before Mona.. And I turned my face to normal..

Then Mona turns around Anna side while nanny is rubbing her with cotton and she still close her eyes..

Mona: Anna.. Did you take your pearl bracelet from Nany?

I handed over to her..

Mark: (a sudden shrill pass into my stomach after listening about the bracelet.. She's just teasing me.. I got that)

Mona, it's better to leave now, if you are done your treatment with Anna..

Dr. Mona: yeah.. Am done, now I need to take care of your wound.. (She holds my palm and turn my side with a smile on her face and told with air) Mr Romeo...

MARK: Really.. Then come, I said and I grab her with her hand to outside that room...

Mona, she makes me feel embarrassed..

But I feel happy inside thinking about Anna..

How suddenly she went to the room and take an injection... Her cuteness was overloaded..

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