A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 13

13 I Want To Suck Your ?..

Mark POV:

After Dr. Mona went I called the cop and told him about Anna's Mother will be taken care of by Dr. Mona..

And later I called to my P.A about some business dealings..

I had dinner...

And it's around 9 p.m.I went to Anna's room to check her..

She's is still sleeping..

I kept my hand on her forehead and check the temperature..

It was normal..

I lean close to her few inches away from her..

I can feel the hot breeze from her..

I love to watch her when she is sleeping..

I just saw her lips..

They are pink in color..

I can imagine strawberries..

I want to bite the lips like strawberries..

I don't want to leave them..

When I am fantasizing about her..

Her eyebrows get moving..

Her eyeballs are moving like they are responding to my kiss..

Shit shit shit...

she is going to wake up...

I need to get out of the room and I went out..

I am observing her from the corner of the door..

she can't see me..

She wakes up..

she is looking around the room..

she is checking her wounds..

She gets up..

Nanny is still sleeping?

Does she need something?

Then she tried to catch the water bottle..

she doesn't have Strength I just wanted to help her...

But why..

I won't go...

she may think that am stalking her...

While taking the bottle it hit the glass and I ran to the room without thinking anything..

And I catch the glass and look her..

she just closed her eyes..

She's so cute I want to bite her chubby cheeks...

When she realizes that glass was not broken..

she opened her eyes..

I turned around my face as if am not watching her...

And stand casual and ask her she needs water?

She just nods her head..

I pour water into the glass and gave to her..

she catches with Celine's hand and drinking the water..

Her hand is shivering little bit..

While she's drinking the water a few drinks of water has fallen on her t-shirt...

Which clearly show the coverage of her boobs now without Bra..

she didn't identify her dress she's still drinking..

I can clearly see her boobs dots...

I want to pinch them with my lips..

I was aroused..

This time very hard...

I can't control..

I want to cum between her boobs..

she now saw her shirt was wet and her cleavage..

She immediately grabs the bedsheet to hide..

And she about to look at me..

I just turned around as if I didn't recognize anything...

I ask her does she need more water, she says no.

Meanwhile, nany wake up and I went to my room..

I sat before the laptop..

I opened my laptop to divert from her..

But am unable to concentrate on work..

My bulge was hard it can easily identify in my short that aroused..

I am a man...

Am not Saint...

It was hard

I just want to cum in order to control..

I close my eyes..

I can imagine her..

The first time in the same room, I catch her hair and wrist..

Few inches away..

[Am pressing my dick..]

I again image her when she hugged me her boobs squeeze me tightly..

I take out my dick from my shorts..

It was very hard..

It needs a tight pussy..

I again image when I saw her boobs curve and her beauty spot between her boobs..

I started giving strokes to my dick..

It was becoming harder...

I imagine she hugs my hand against her boobs..

I increase the speed of the strokes..

And imagine that am licking her boobs..

I then image her lips..

Those pink lips...

Like strawberries..



I want to keep my dick in her mouth and I want to come..

I want to eat those lips that she needs to get blood in pain..

I increased the speed of the strokes of my dick..

Moving up and down...

Suddenly Door was knocked..

I didn't care who knock the door..

I just want to cum right now..

Then I realized the door lock was repaired

(I break when I find Ria make suicide)..

So, I ask who's this..

Then I hear a tone..she is the one am fantasizing about..

she said am Anna..

That voice itself makes me hard again..

she said "I want to talk to you"..

I said wait for 2 minutes because if I didn't cum right now..

I will definitely be taking her virginity right now...

So I started again striking...

Imagine her..

And rephrasing her last word

" I want to talk to you"


" I want to suck your dick"

and I imagine she is licking my dick..

And I started pulling in and out...

Moving quickly...

AhhhhhhhAm about to cum...

Uh-huh Anna...


I cum with more load I feel relaxed...

I clean it with a tissue and threw it in the dustbin..

I adjusted myself towards the laptop and act casual..

And ask her to come in..

I can see her clear shadow through my laptop and my laptop was finished with mirror glass I can see her clearly..

I can observe that she wears a bra..

I smile to myself when she is looking at me my backside..

she asks about her father...

I shouted at her..

Her eyes filled with tears...

She tries to cover her father that he's didn't escape..

I again shouted at her...

I was observing her through my laptop..

she may think that am doing work..

She again asks about her mother...

I feel sad about her..

I told her under postmortem procedure..

then I realised what if she wants to see her mother dead body?

so I covered her by saying..

I will take care of her death rituals...

and I don't want to listen to her anymore about her family..

so again I shouted on her to get out of my Room and ask her to Stop funny questions...

so that for next 2 to 3 days she don't ask anything about there parents...

I like her face..

she kept pout on her face..

I think she will leave..

but she says Thank you...

for saving her life...

I fall for her..

but I act casually..

doing my work..

she turned around...

she's going...

I want to tease her ..

I like her face when I tease her..

so I stated..

"It's better If You Remove Your Undergarments"..

I can see her expression..

she turned around..

but I didn't look back as if I don't care..

I like her face in confusion...

she is in confusion whether she doesn't know that am teasing her or am warning her..

then I gave reason to her like your wound will cure soo...

am laughing inside...

she said okay and she went away...

no no noo..

she ran away to her room...

I laughed loudly for about half an hour...

about her innocence...

and then I close my laptop and go to sleep..

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