A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 12

12 Annas Mother

Mark POV:

I take a nap and I wake up around 10.30 a.m..

At first glance, I recall about Anna..

How she holds my hand and how I changed the pillow instead of my hand.. And how she felt comfortable when catching my hand...

But the picture of that beauty spot mole I can't take from my mind..

Why I am so passionate about her?

Anna.. Anna.. Anna...

It's been not more than 24 hours that I met her...

Why I am daydreaming about her..

But she is different from other girls as far I met..

Cute innocence in her eyes...

Stop, stop thinking about her..

I am Mr Mark I should be strong..

I should not fall for girls..

Especially Anna..

There are so many girls who pleased me for love, date, sex,.. Etc..

Why I should fall for her...

(My phone vibrated)

I check who's that its Doctor Mona..

I lift the phone..

Mark: what doctor? Why did you call this early morning?

Dr.Mona: hey Mark.. Early morning?..

It's around 11 in the morning..

Mark: Really.. I didn't check the time.. Sorry..

Dr.Mona: stop kidding.. I call you to know how's my patient?

Mark: patient? Who?

Dr.Mona: Are you mad.. It's Anna..

I gave treatment to her in the early morning..

You were worried about her..

I am talking about her..

Mark: I don't worried for anybody I just take care of her just because she is the only witness for Ria's case.. So..

I didn't even see her after you left.. I kept nanny to take care of if she needs anything..

And can you please if possible, send any nurse you know who take proper care of Anna..

Because I don't want Nany to do babysitter for her..

Dr.Mona: it's ok Romeo.. I will send a nurse tomorrow.. Even am thinking about that.. Because she needs to clean her wound regularly and proper dressing to the wound should be done.. Anna can't do it by herself..

So I will send the best nurse who will take care of your Anna.. Ok?

Mark: very funny..

You just said Your Anna..

I don't even like to see her face in my life..

Dr Mona: its ok Mark.. Am just kidding.. I guess after your sister, I feel like she is the only woman you care much..

Mark: Can you please Stop..

Dr.Mona: ok.. Jokes apart, I will visit now and check her..

Mark: as you wish.. And I need to talk to you an important matter..

Make sure to keep some time slot for me..

Dr Mona: ok then bye...

(It's very tough to pretend not to care Anna..

Then I called to my P.A. And told her to cancel all my appointments.)

Later I just fresh up and went to Anna's room to check whether she is fine..

When I reached the room, I slowly open the door..

Navy is taking a nap on the chair..

I went near to Anna's bed, she's in a deep sleep..

She still holds the pillow..

My face turned to smile when I saw her childish behaviour..

"What's funny in watching her face" a female voice with a smirk on her face..

I turned around to check her..

It's Dr. Mona..

Mark: what?

Dr. Mona: nothing, I just came to check her wounds..

Mark: I know that.. Can you Stop teasing me in such a way..

Dr.Mona: ok then what you are doing here?

Mark: I just came here to check your visit..

Dr. Mona: hoo o.k. Here I came...

So can I start my treatment?

(By saying that she took the injection and filling with some medicine to that)

Mark: what's that injection for?

Dr.Mona: its antibiotic Mark.. We should give this to her for the next five days its a course..

We should not skip them..

It will help to get disinfected the wound..

Because the wound she got with may be rested knife..


(By saying that Mona went near to Anna and pulls down her bed sheet and make her t-shirt slip side to expose the hand..)

It's a clear view of her collarbone..

Meanwhile, Naany wakes up and help Mona..

I just stare at Anna whether she will wake up to the needle pain..

Mark: I didn't get noticed that Mona is observing me when am staring at Anna..

she came in front of me and said

Dr. Mona: my job is done.. You said you need to talk something?

Mark: yeah, when she will get conscious?

Dr. Mona: maybe evening.. Because I gave some medicines which make her sleep..

Mark: ok..

Dr Mona: that's it?

Mark: (stares on Mona with raising one eyebrow and said) come to my room..

At the room..

Mark: yesterday night Anna called me and told that his brother with 3 of his friends raped Ria..

But at your postmortem report, it says that 5 different persons..

So who can be the 5th person?

Dr. Mona: yes we find 5 different types of nails digging on her body, all of them are perverts...

I mean they enjoy sex life if their partner is suffering from pain..

Mark: (pain felt in my heart about my sister.,)

I don't leave any one of them alive..

And who is responsible too, I will give appropriate punishment.

Dr. Mona: Is that true what Anna told you?

Or there may be a chance of 4 other friends instead of 3..

Mark: that's the reason I need to get clarity on this.. she needs to wake up...

Dr. Mona: Mark.. Don't ask her today itself, let her set free for 3-4 days..

she is in very depression state..

she is crying the whole time when am giving the treatment to her by saying the words

"Mom please come back..

why you did this to my friend.. Etc.."

that's the reason I gave her some sleeping medicine.

she will heal only when her mindset free with fears..

later we can handle her..

if you do not take proper care it may cause to suicide herself like Ria did..

( sudden shrill pass through him and he got goosebumps for the thaught she will make suicide)

(no no I don't let her die...)

Mark: ok then we will discuss this with her after your concern..

and she told me yesterday that her father helps her to escape and her brother try to kill her and her mother sacrifice her life to save her..

so she is thinking her mother died..

Dr. Mona: what do you mean..?

Mark: I call to the cop at 3.30 a.m when you are giving treatment to her.. The cop who is investigating this case and I gave the information she told..

cops went to check her house..

but they found only her mother body...

but she is not dead..

they joined her in the hospital off the record..

because I instructed them to keep it as secrecy her mother death..

it helps to find Ria's death mystery..

but unfortunately, she is in coma..

if possible can you please take care of Anna's Mother in your hospital..

Dr. Mona: definitely, I will take care..

will you say this to Anna?

Mark: No.. she already decided that she's dead. Both mother and Anna's condition is critical.

Its better anna believes that her mother was dead..

If her mother was out of danger we can inform her about her mother..

Dr. Mona: (with a smile on her face)

So you already started to take care of Anna..

It's useless to say instructions to you about Anna..

You are far better at taking care of...

Mark: it's serious Mona..

I told you so many times its about Ria..

We can interrogate mother and Anna individually so we can know the truth..

Before that, we need to catch his father too..

Dr. Mona: why her father?

Mark: I think he's stepfather to her..

I can remember when Ria told me about her friend Anna..

So we should find him..

And one more thing..

I didn't inform any of this discussion with anyone except you.. Please maintain this secret..

Particularly Anna should not know about her mother..

Dr. Mona: ok.. Sure.. Ok, then I will send an ambulance and bring her mother to my hospital..

Mark: ok thanks and take this cheque..

Dr. Mona: wow 20 lakhs?

Mark: not enough?

Dr. Mona: it will be the expenditure of her mother for one whole year..

Mark: no, it's for a month..

There is very risky in this situation so Take proper care of her..

I will give an overtime monthly check.. Ok?

Dr. Mona: it's ok, I will manage..

You take care of your Juliet (she laughs and stand)

Mark: how mean you are?

Dr.Mona: ok.. byeeee..

Mark: Byee..

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