A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 11

11 Its O.k. You Will Be Safe.

Mark's POV:

It's around 4.30 a.m. In the morning...

The doctor went after intimate about the bracelet...

Then I immediately hurry to check Anna's condition..

When I entered the room Nany is adjusting Anna.. Below the blanket..

Mark: what happened Nany? What are you doing?

Nanny: nothing beta.. Am just putting clothes on her..

Mark: did the doctor talk to you about her clothes?

(I gave the hint to nany about the loose garments and the bra indirectly.. It will not be nice if I directly ask Nany about Which clothes you put on her and undergarments, etc....

So I act punctually..)

Nanny: yes beta she instructed me everything about food, medicine and clothes to wear...

Mark: (thank god she understands what I mean..)

Ok, Nany can you please bring some sandwich and coffee.. I feel starving..

Nanny: Sure beta I will bring immediately..

Where I should bring?

Mark: I will stay here until you come with the food..

Nanny: ok beta, I will bring as early as possible..

(She went immediately in a hurry..

Nanny (age 53) she is the only person I trust..

She is the caretaker to me and Ria from childhood.. There are so many servants in our house, but she took personal care on me and Ria...

After my parents died.. She shifted to the outhouse to take care of us..

She always tries to make us happy..

After Ria left, she is more bothered about me that am not going to take food and not taking proper sleep...

That's the reason she went hurrying to bring some food for me.. It's been a long time I ask her about the food..

How I can sleep properly and eat properly

After seeing the postmortem report of Ria..

I will find those Rascals and punish them...

Between my thoughts.. I can see Anna is taking speed breaths..

I sat in a chair next to her..

Her eyebrows crushed to near as if she is worrying and struggling for something..

I get up from the chair and sit on the bed near to her waist facing face..

I can see the sweat on her forehead..

I think she is in a nightmare..

I take her hand under her bed sheet..

Then she says "please don't leave me".

I can see some tears are rolling from her eyes..

(Why these girls will cry for everything..)

She clasps my hand and pleasing me please don't leave..

I skip my heart.. I feel sad.. I just want to lay next to her and cuddle her and say I will be with you forever..

But I can't do that, maybe I am infatuating more about her..

With the other hands, I remove her tears and try to take my hand from her..

She doesn't leave my hand and hold it tightly and asking again.. "Please don't leave me"..

I don't know what happened to me..

I hold her hand and with the other hand; I kept on her forehead move close to her ear..

Few inches are away between us and

I said, "It's O.K You Will Be Safe"...

Then I come near to her forehead.. I just want to kiss her..

But something Stop inside me because she is unconscious..

I take a hand on the forehead and move backwards, but I didn't lose her hand, I hold it tightly..

Then her facial muscles relaxed, and her tears stop...

I feel magical,..

I want to loosen the grip of her hand, thinking that she's safe now and in Deep sleep..

But she didn't leave my hand, even though I lose my grip..

Instead, she took my hand and turn that side and place it near her chest like a teddy bear..

What the hell with this girl, she is making me crazy...

She is testing my patience..

If I cross my limit, I will definitely grab my hand under her t-shirt and squeeze her boobs and keep my head under her shirt and lick that beauty spot between her boobs...

When am getting the thought I was Hard..

I just get out of her room before something wrong happened to her...

But she is not leaving my hand, I can sense the softness of her boobs because the T-shirt is the only hurdle between us...

I take a small cushion on the other side and slowly replace it with my hand..

She moves once, and she hugged that cushion more tightly than my hand that no one can separate them..

I check her face.. Which is the normal and little smile on her face like she won the war by catching that cushion...

I smile to myself and stand away from her bed

I don't know why I got a sweat on my forehead for this girl and feel thirsty..

I drink some water to come to normal..

Luckily, when I am drinking water nany enter into the room with sandwich coffee and juice..

Nanny: beta you can have these..

Mark: Thanks Nany..

I will go to Ria's room..

Can you please take care of this girl for today?.

I will appoint some nurse tomorrow..

I think she will sleep for the entire day..

If she wakes up, let me know nanny..

Nanny: Sure beta, I will take good care.. Don't bother.. She is like my daughter..

But if you don't mind, can you tell me what happened last night?

Mark: nothing nany some gang teased her. She calls me for help..? I don't know why she comes out at such a late hour.. When I went there, she fell unconscious and I handle the gang to cops and I carry her to home.. That's it..

(I don't want to know about Ria's matter to nany.. She is most worried.. And I don't like if someone judges on Ria's character just because of ****.. So I hide everything from nanny..)

I take the tray of food and move to my bedroom.. It's around 5:15 a.m.

I had bathed and changed the clothes to shorts and t-shirts and have the sandwich along with juice and later coffee...

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