A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 10

10 Perfect Mole On Perfect Place.

Mark pov:


What special with her...

I met so many girls..

But I feel something different with her

I care for her more..

I am more possessive of her..

I arouse when she hugged me?

Is this just because she had perfect shape and curves of her body?


What's happening to me..

Why I am in anger when some gang is teasing her..?

Why am worried when she gets injured?

Why I feel sad when she is crying..?

All the thoughts flash into my mind when I was driving to my home...

Anna, she's in my car.. Next to me..

On the passenger seat...

(A few minutes ago)

She hugged me tightly..

I am just tapping her back slowly that she will be ok..

(At the same time I got aroused..

The more she has hugged me tightly the more am getting aroused..

It becomes Hard...

Am trying to control myself, but I can't help..

If she hugs me for the next one more minute...

I just pull her on the Car Hood and I directly keep my hands on her boobs and squeeze them and I directly put my Hard in her tight pussy..

And I will release..)

When my thoughts are continuing, she loses her hug..

Does she read my thoughts?

She removes hands on me..

She is just a few inches away..

Her face is full of tears..

She just saw my face and closed her eyes and fall backwardly..

I catch her with one of my hands on her waist and the other hand on her wrist..

I called her..

"Anna, wake up"..

She fell unconscious..

Her shirt is full of blood strains and now my shirt too..

Her hug makes my shirt with her blood strains..

I carried her in bridal style..

(Why these girls look like thin but weighs more)..

I placed her in my passenger seat..

And I took the driver seat..

I keep her seat belt..

When am dragging the seat belt, her boobs touch my hand..

I stare at them..

No Mark, she is unconscious you should not take advantage..

I say to myself and drove home..

Meanwhile, I call my family doctor and said it's an emergency..

And I informed her to come early, as soon as possible..

I started driving to my home..

I increase the car speed..

I am worried about what happens if something bad happens to her?

No.. No.. No.. She will be fine..

She is breathing..

Something falls on my shoulder...

I come out of my thoughts and check...

it's her head..

She laid on my shoulder..

Her face is pretty..

Her nose and face are still in red.

Maybe because she cried a lot...

We reached home..

I moved her head from my shoulder, and I came out of the car..

I went to the passenger seat and carried her and took her into the bedroom...

After a few minutes doctor came..

She checked her pulse and said she needs to take to an emergency care..

I ask Nany to stay out of room for a few minutes..

And ask the doctor..

Mark: "Is there anything danger to her life?"

Doctor: "No Mark.. She is okay..

Let me check on her..

She lost her blood..

Luckily I carried blood bags, box..

I will check her blood group.."

Mark: "If possible, make her treatment here itself..

Its danger for her life if we carry her to the hospital..

She is very important to me.."

Doctor: "Yes, I have the blood..

Ok mark, let's help me to give her first aid.."

Mark: (I come close to Anna sat next to her head..

The doctor is removing her 3rd shirt button..)

"Wait.. What are you doing.."

Doctor: "Treatment.."

Mark: "Are you removing her clothes?"

Doctor: "Yes.. There are some wounds under the shirt I need to do first aid first and then blood..."

Mark: I cut off her words and said "ok, I will stay outside Nany will help you.."

I went outside as fast as I could...

And I send Nanny to help doctor..

It takes almost one and half hour to treat her..

I am waiting outside..

My heart rate increase when the doctor removing her shirt button..

I can see her bra..

its pink and with full blood stains on it..

No, no, I can't see her without her permission..

So I came outside of the room..

But I am men.. Am not a saint...

One of my minds is suggesting me to come out of the room..

While the other mind is saying, see her it's a free show...

Between the war between my mind, I saw her bra and the curves between her boobs and I saw a Beautiful Mole between them..

It's a Perfect Mole on Perfect Place

No men want to lose that beauty spot...

I just want to suck the mole and grab her..

I may lose control..

She is in danger condition..

So I left the room..

But am struck with her mole..

Why I so fantasize about her..

I got a feeling that she's mine..

and am thinking about her...

It's been one and half hour

Doctor came outside and told me that everything will be fine

and she is smiling at me..

Mark: what makes you laugh?

Doctor: who is she Mr Romeo?

Mark: Don't tease me..

Doctor: I am your friend before doctor...

So you can tell me..

Your secrets will be safe..

Mark: you are thinking far enough..

I was worried because she is the witness of Ria's death.. So..

Doctor: hey, it's ok...

She is fine now..

But it may take one week to recover from her wounds..

And I told about medicine details to Nany..

and take proper precautions..

Mark: proper precautions?

Doctor: yes, she needs to take food with high calories and Fiber..

She needs to stay pleasant and happy..

Let her wear loose clothes and no bra, particularly because her wound has to heal speedily.. Or else infection may start..

And on the throat it's just a slight scar, it heals faster than the other wound..

Mark: ok, I will take care.. In case of any emergency, I will call you..

Doctor: sure.. Take care of yourself too.

[By giving shake hand, she found a minor wound on my palm..]

I think you should get first aid too...

Mark: it's a small cut, it's ok..

Doctor: it leads to infection Mark shows me..,

She grabs my hand and started first-aid..


Mark: what Strange in this..

Doctor: nothing..I found a wound in the wrist of that girl, it's like similar cut..

Mark: I don't know..

Doctor: (smile on her face) I gave her bracelet to Nany.. Collect from her...

Mark: Ok, I said and act like nothing happened..

But actually, it embarrassed me when she smiles and tells me about the bracelet...

I know she knows that it's hurt my palm and Anna's wrist just because of that bracelet...

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