A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 1

1 Last Letter From My Friend

This is a preview, full chapter is coming soon!

@@I am running in the streets...

The lights are turning off...

Am running faster and faster...

Suddenly I fall from a mountain cliff...

I roll down from my bed with full of sweat on my forehead and neck.

This is the nightmare I am getting from the day my best friend Ria died.

Ria and I are childhood friends, we share everything, there is nothing hidden between us.

We make so many night overs.

All of a sudden she left me...

She attempted suicide, but why?

She is very rich and good at studies too.

We both made an application to the same course in the same UG college and we got admission too.

We will join in the college within a month...

Between my thoughts about her, my phone rang suddenly...

It's a landline number of Ria and I picked the call...

For one second I thought it was Ria, but she's no more I realized...

Tears filled my eyes...

Me: "Hello..."

Mark: "Is this Anna?"

Me: "Yes, who's this?"

Mark: "This is Mark, Ria's brother..."

(Sudden shrill pass through my Spine).

Mark: "Are you there?"

Me: "Yes, Mark"

Mark: "Don't dare to call me by my name"

Me: "I am sorry, sir..."

Mark: "I got letter notes from Ria to you"

Me: "What?"

Mark: "Yes, you need to pay for this, come to my house to collect the letter."

(tears fall from my eyes)

Me: "Ok sir, I will be there right now"

He cut off the phone...

Mark Ria's lovely brother He is 26...

After the death of their parents in a car accident 2 years past, he takes over all the family business and developed and become a top entrepreneur.

I didn't speak to him much...

He brings chocolates to Ria...

Me and Ria shared them...

@@ ....

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