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  • A Slave To My Vengeful Lover

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A Slave To My Vengeful Lover summary:

A sweet Love story between Anna and Mark...\n\nRia is Marks younger sister and Annas best friend...\n\nAnna and Mark get closer while solving the suicide mystery of Rias death...\n\nLater, Mark finds out the truth behind Rias death\n\nAnd he gets his revenge through Anna by making her his Slave...\n\nBut Anna, with her \love blossom\ turned the devilish Mark into her Lover boy...\n\nWhy di...

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A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapters

Time uploaded
307 Dream Girl2 weeks ago
301 Wifeyyy..3 weeks ago
300 Unnamed3 weeks ago
271 Marks Co.a month ago
260 Dress Code..2 months ago
256 I Am Innocen2 months ago
254 Erotica Gifts2 months ago
253 Red Frock2 months ago
252 You Are Lier2 months ago
244 Yes Master..2 months ago
231 Our Bedroom..2 months ago
223 Surprise Gif2 months ago
222 Blame On Me..2 months ago
214 Uncle Rubeus2 months ago
213 Marks Uncle2 months ago
207 Black Marke2 months ago
206 Toms Furious2 months ago
205 Who Is She..2 months ago
198 Brave Girl2 months ago
196 Kiss Medicine2 months ago
193 Meeting Lucus2 months ago
186 Old Room Boy3 months ago
182 Is It Lucus.?3 months ago
177 Love Is Blind4 months ago
168 The Sculpture4 months ago
161 You Liar..4 months ago
159 Lizard..4 months ago
157 Mothers Love4 months ago
149 Hungry Lion..4 months ago
135 I Want More..4 months ago
132 Take A Bow4 months ago
124 Cctv Footage5 months ago
123 Star Tattoo5 months ago
118 Room No. 11045 months ago
112 Leg Figh5 months ago
108 Love Bite5 months ago
107 Kiss Craving5 months ago
105 Speed Learner5 months ago
94 Prank5 months ago
89 You Can Do I5 months ago
88 Mens Outing5 months ago
85 Girls Outing5 months ago
81 Lip Lock5 months ago
80 Swimming Pool5 months ago
75 Blanket Figh5 months ago
74 Lets Sleep5 months ago
73 Say Sorry5 months ago
64 The Broken Bed5 months ago
60 Charter Fligh5 months ago
57 iphone5 months ago
50 Grindelwald.5 months ago
46 Truth Revealed5 months ago
42 Movie Plan5 months ago
38 Gang Bang5 months ago
34 Que Card5 months ago
33 Glass Room5 months ago
28 First Ride5 months ago
26 First Kiss5 months ago
16 Did You Hurt?5 months ago
12 Annas Mother5 months ago
8 Where Am I.5 months ago
7 Mr. Mark5 months ago
6 Saving My Life5 months ago
5 Mom. Miss You.5 months ago
4 Rage On John5 months ago
3 My Dear Anna5 months ago
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