Married To The Devil's Son Chapter 214

Chapter 214: 91

"You can't be wise and in love at the same time."


After Zarin went back to his new life with the devil, Heaven was left confused and disappointed. She felt lost, angry and sad. The heavy feeling in her chest and the sickness in her stomach returned. She could barely eat at dinner because her body refused to let the food in. She felt ill just looking at everything served on the table. Forcing herself to eat a little, she just longed for her bed.

Her eyelids felt heavy, her mind was chaos and her body felt sore. When she went back to her room, she looked at herself in the mirror. She noticed that the bruises on her body were still visible. Her healing ability got even slower, and it didn't surprise her.

She had been stressed the whole day, and she didn't get enough food or rest. The mirror showed her a thin, tired and a sluggish woman. There was nothing attractive about the woman staring back at her. Her self-confidence went out the window.

While wondering how she could make herself look better, her mother came to see her to make sure she was alright before going to bed. Heaven knew everyone was worried for her while she was worried for them, but right now after feeling sick the whole day she just wanted to forget about her worries and have a good rest.

Changing into her nightgown, she put her hair up and then slid under her warm blankets. At least while she was asleep, she wouldn't have to think about anything. This was her escape. But just as she closed her eyes, she remembered Zamiel.

Heaven knew she had promised to sleep with him tonight, but both her body and her brain objected to the thought. Her body refused because she was exhausted and her mind because it warned her of something. The thought of being with him frightened her and brought back the feeling of sickness.

What was she supposed to do now? She couldn't break her promise and even if she did, he would come looking for her anyway. She swallowed the fear that crept up her throat and decided to go see him.

When she arrived at his home, it was dark as usual. With heart pounding, she made her way to his room where the only light seemed to come from. Before she could enter she heard the crackling of burning wood and when she walked in a few candles were lit.

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Zamiel was nowhere to be seen, and she couldn't feel his scent. Before she could wonder where he was, he appeared from thin air. He was dressed nicely, like a wealthy man with a high status. Heaven guessed he must have been outside doing business.

"Heaven." He didn't hide that he was pleased to see her.

Heaven felt her stomach turn, fear threatened to take control over her, and she saw images from her nightmares that she didn't want to see. She was mostly scared for him. Her brain kept sending her a thousand warning signals to stay away, yet she was here.

She looked at him closer in the dim light. He looked perfect standing there, so beautiful, and his scent mixed with the scent of burning wood brought a strange sense of warmth and security.

Before she knew he was already kissing her, as if he had been waiting the whole day just to have a taste. He kissed her fervidly, his tongue exploring her mouth with a delicate gentleness while he held her against him in an unbreakable grip. Heaven m.o.a.ned against his lips. She wrapped her arms around him as a wave of heat surged through her body and she melted into him in a dizzying pleasure.

Zamiel removed the robe she was from her shoulders, only leaving her with the simple gown she wore beneath. Then he pushed her down on his bed, his arms still holding her to ease the fall while their lips still locked in a heated kiss. His body weight down on her, trapping her beneath him and covering her with his warmth.

The warning signals went off again in the back of her mind but before she could shut them out Zamiel pulled his lips away from her. He grabbed her face gently, caressing her cheek with his thumb.

"Heaven, I won't do anything to make you uncomfortable. I only intent to please you." He assured her.

Heaven already missed his lips on hers. She had shut down the warning signals long ago. Right now all she could focus on was Zamiel's fiery mouth moving over hers. His tongue traced along the seam of her lips and Heaven opened her mouth for him in response.

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He grabbed her gown, pulling it up to reveal her bare legs. His hand slid under the gown, caressing her thighs with his palm. That was enough to make Heaven lose her mind. Then she felt the tip of his fangs graze her lips, before his mouth moved down her jaw and to her neck. He bit her teasingly, causing her to whimper.

His hands stroke the insides of her thighs, increasing the heat of her body. She writhed beneath him, her body responding to his touch by sending waves of heat deep into her core. Her fingers entangled in his soft hair in a desperate manner, urging him on. Her back arched as his hand slowly and teasingly traveled up her thigh until he was touching where she was aching the most.

A gasp left her mouth and then she bit her lips to not cry out of frustration.

Zamiel began to stroke her gently and rhythmically, setting the blood in her veins on fire. Heaven's lips parted in a silent cry and her breath came out in shallow pants.

The tension in her belly got tighter with every stroke, slowly building up, causing every muscle in her body to tense. It felt like she was hanging from a cliff, waiting to fall into the ocean.

Heaven grasped the sheets in a desperate need when the tension became unbearable and then she cried out in an intense sensual relief that sent tingling heat all the way down to her toes.

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