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  • Genres : Cultivation -  handsome male lead -  Shameless Protagonist -  Lucky Protagonist -  System Administrator -  Fast Cultivation -  System -  Arrogant Characters -  Comedic Undertone -  Famous Protagonist -  Charming Protagonist -  Urban Life
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Prince Charming Upgrade System summary:

Miss sister in love? It’s the kind of kidney but not heart!Beauty appointment? Can’t give you happiness, at least give you comfort!I have hundreds of millions of dollars in business and want to talk to two pretty girls, I dont know…I want to have sex with all the beauties here, who agrees? Who opposes?Ding! The host shows the true nature of male (scum) god (male), life force +1! Spirit power +1! Chinese currency +100,000! Charm +10…A story about a protagonist who harmed the world in the era of aura recovery but accidentally became the savior of mankind.Ling Xiao: I just want to be a scumbag. How come I suddenly become a god of war?- Description from MTL

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Prince Charming Upgrade System Chapters

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