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  • Being His Little Fox

  • Genres : Romance -  Drama -  handsome male lead -  Female Protagonist
  • Status : Ongoing
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Being His Little Fox summary:

At the first meeting, she was arrested by him and became a suspect on his list, but that face was too good.As the CEO of an entertainment company, she has a guilty heart. Must dig back! Be a cash cow!But the boss is not short of money, not lacking of fame, and reluctant to submit to life and death.She crossed her heart and decided to chase him.“You said, I’m 165, where can I kiss you?” She smiled brightly and enthusiastically, staring at him.The man’s eyebrows did not fluctuate, and his black eyes glanced at her.“What do you want to do in Spring and Autumn?”She licked her lips and smiled: “The Spring and Autumn Dream, the first and last words are the dream.”“…” This little fairy!A few months later,Song Yi finally lost his patience: “Do you fucking like me or not? How long have you been chasing you?”Tang Si smiled and approached her, “Miss Song, this can only prove that your sultry skills are a bit poor.”Song Yi was trembling and ready to surprise.He heard his voice: “Brother teaches you”With a breathy sound, sexy and cusp. The flowers exploded in her mind!At first, she thought Tang Si was a mature and stable man with a lazy temperament.In the end she found that he was just working.He who is not working, lazy and bad-spirited, out and about, old, rascal, and rascal!…“If you didn’t choose this business, what would you do?”“Being a star.” The man smiled with deep brows and eyes, “Then think of a way to be led by Song…unspoken rules.”Everyone was shocked: “Someone pried the corner to the police station!”- Description from MTL

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Being His Little Fox Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 551:3 weeks ago
Chapter 544:a month ago
Chapter 382:a month ago
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