Reading To Become Stronger Since I Was A Special Soldier Chapter 1151

Chapter 1151: Only Know The Bow To Shoot Sirius


Just listen to Shi Sanba's excited shout, as if taking the opportunity to cheer for himself.

Lu Yu stared into the distance, his eyes narrowed slightly.

Wherever his line of sight passed, countless black shadows rolled over, instantly submerging the Wolf King who was on the mountain col.

These black shadows are like a ghost of lightning, under the cover of the dark night, with fierce and **** aura, coming from all directions.

The howls of wolves and wolves turned into invisible heavy hammers, impacting everyone's heartstrings.

"No discussion, ready to fight!"

Shao Bing let out an angry roar and raised the strong spear in his hand.


The voice fell, and the wolf shadow swept fiercely from all directions.

The Wolf Warriors raised their guns and squeezed the trigger at the oncoming wolf shadow. The guns ejected a strong tongue of fire and relentlessly engulfed the wolves.

Puff puff

The bullet blasted out like a gust of wind and rain, and the series of explosions sounded like a firecracker, and the bright flames throbbed with excitement in the dark night.

Most of the hungry wolves hit by the empty bullets did not die, but screamed and wailed with their tails between them.

In the next moment, more wolf shadows rushed forward, opening their mouths and biting at everyone.

After the bullets in the gun are finished, there is no gap between the overwhelming wolves to change their magazines.


With an order, the Wolf Warriors shouted in unison, raising the bayonet in front of the muzzle one after another, adjusting to the best combat state.

The sharp bayonet flashing cold light across the night, announcing the arrival of a close hand-to-hand battle between man and wolf.


As the deputy captain, Shao Bing was the first to show a sharp knife and slashed towards a wolf shadow.

The sharp bayonet blade easily pierced the wolf's fur, and the wolf that rushed up to him broke open, sprinkling the stench of blood all over the floor.

The wolf screamed and fell to the ground, but more wolf shadows rushed over, drowning everyone.



Shi Sanba and Zhuang Xiaolong each roared, wielding a butcher knife to fight the wolves together.

The wolf king on the mountain coldly looked at the whole situation, and roared and commanded three or five evil wolves to besiege a person. The battle on the scene was extremely dangerous.

Yu Fei took advantage of a gap to fumble for his shoulder bag, as if he was trying to figure out some baby, but was stared at by a wolf, biting and rushing towards him.

Lu Yu sent out a spider's senses, and kept watching the situation of the whole battle, and found that his figure was flashing leisurely behind the scenes before arriving in front of Yu Fei.


A heavy lightning kick hit this wolf's waist.

The wolf's waist is the most vulnerable part of the body. When Lu Yu hit with a heavy blow, the wolf whined and whimpered, whirled a few times in mid-air, and flew out.

After landing, he fell heavily and couldn't get up at all. The waist was broken, and the wolf died after struggling twice.

The evil wolf next to him seemed to find that Lu Yu was more dangerous than other humans.

More dark shadows rushed towards him, spinning around Lu Yu, waiting for opportunities.

A evil wolf stared at Lu Yu from behind, staring at its faint green pupils.

The corners of his mouth were flowing, and he was about to choose a tricky angle to leap over and bite Lu Yu's neck with one bite.

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Just as the wolf roared and rushed forward, Lu Yu turned around abruptly, protruding his big hand like lightning, and firmly grasped the wolf's throat.


The wolf neck, which was thicker than a human thigh, was easily broken off by Lu Yu with one hand, and his throat was broken.


He threw the corpse of the wolf on the ground, Lu Yu clapped his hands and continued to deal with other evil wolves.

Taking advantage of this time, Yu Fei finally found the secret weapon from his backpack.

It turned out to be a military flare. He aimed the warhead at the wolf that was approaching and pulled the lead rope.

The signal flare flew out, dragging a long flame tail, centered on the wolf's body, making a crackling sound.

The wolf's fur was immediately scorched, the bombed flesh and blood became blurred, and he fell to the ground and died.

Sniffing the **** smell in the air seemed to arouse the killing factor in Lu Yu's heart.

He licked his lips, feeling that this was not enough. The tip of his toes touched the ground, and the whole person flew towards the wolves like a ghost.

Actually he wanted to defensively and actively attacked the wolves.

Every move and every style of Lu Yu is a killing skill honed from the battlefield, and it is as good as it can be used against wolves at this moment.

He specializes in grabbing the weak parts of the wolf's body, using various cruel killing techniques, like a bulldozer, all the way to kill.

In an instant, a scream of mourning came from the wolves!

Seeing that Lu Yu was so mighty, the other four were also aroused by blood, and severely slashed several wolves in front of them with bayonets.

All the wolves besieged in front of him were killed, and the five people were covered in blood and gathered together again.

They back to back, staring at the front with vigilant eyes to prevent the wolves from attacking next.

In this desperate fight, five people only killed 30 wolves, and only less than one-third, and the crisis was still not resolved.

The remaining wolves did not attack immediately, but hovered around. Obviously, they also underestimated the combat power of these humans.

However, this also aroused the ferocity of the wolves and beasts, and the dark green pupils began to congest and flush.

The next wave of offensive is coming.

Seeing this admiration, Lu Yu frowned slightly and said in a low voice: "This is no way to continue. The Wolf King will not die, these beasts will not retreat!"

After experiencing the fight just now, everyone's physical strength was not small, and their faces were very ugly when they heard this.

Yu Fei panted hard: "The wolf king is too cunning. Standing on the top of the mountain is far away from us, surrounded by wolves, it can't go through. The flare can't hit that far, even if it hits. There is no power either."

"Get the flare, I'll go!"

Shao Bing thought about it for a moment and shouted coldly.

Lu Yu interrupted him with a hand wave, and shook his head: "You don't need to go over, you can cover me to prevent the wolves from sneaking in. The wolf king is very cunning. We only have one chance and we must shoot him!"

As he said, Lu Yu took out the black technology bow and crossbow from his backpack, and like a trick, he made a crossbow arrow from nowhere.

Several people around were shocked~wuxiaworld.online~ Shi Sanba stared straight, and still did not forget to scream under such circumstances.

"Damn! Why did you carry such a thing in your backpack? How did you put this crossbow in?"

Of course, Lu Yu was not present, he just took it out of the dimension space under the cover of a backpack.

Shao Bing stared at Lu Yu suspiciously: "Do you want to shoot the Wolf King with a crossbow?"

"Can you shoot this far?" Yu Fei asked curiously.

"Dang, the lives of all of us depend on the arrow of the Lu Brigade!"

Zhuang Xiaolong gave a thumbs up admiringly, and at the same time, his eyes didn't forget to scan around vigilantly.

Looking at the eyes of a few people in doubt, shock and confusion.

Lu Yu grinned and said, "Don't worry, this is not an ordinary crossbow, it's much better than your guns, plus my shooting skills...Wolf King, sure to die!"

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