Reading To Become Stronger Since I Was A Special Soldier Chapter 1150

Chapter 1150: Wolf King

Several people looked at the wolves in front of them and were very distressed.

At present, they only have the empty shells used in the exercise. Faced with such a scene where the wolves are looking around, even the special soldiers of the war wolf feel unprecedented uneasy.

Can't make it right, this is really deadly!

Death on the battlefield is their most lofty honor, but the key point is that they are not human at all.

Not dying on the battlefield, but losing under the mouth of a wolf, this method of death is really too awkward.

Everyone firmly grasped the **** in their hands, and swallowed hard to restrain themselves.

Saying that you are not afraid is definitely a lie. No matter who encounters this situation, there must be fear.

Being eager for peace and war is the most taboo thing for soldiers to fight!

Seeing these people around him wince in fear, Lu Yu frowned.

It's not going to work like this, he hasn't played yet, his momentum is half-point weak.

"Aren't you war wolves? How come you meet real wolves, one by one is so afraid?" Lu Yu teased jokingly.

Hearing this, everyone was stunned and smiled bitterly.

The wolves are just code names. Although they are special forces, they are all living people. How can they be afraid of encountering wolves?

Shao Bing's violent temper can't stand the agitation. The most taboo is that others look down on the wolf.

He snorted coldly: "Are you afraid of wolves if you die? Get a bayonet and fight close to the wolves!"

Someone gave an order, and the wolf warrior immediately slowed down, and immediately removed the sharp bayonet from his body and mounted it on the spear swiftly.


With a fierce wave of the gun body in his hand, the sharp blade pierced the night, flashing a fierce and violent, violent killing air.

Shi Sanba whispered: "His grandma, how cool would it be to give Lao Tzu a real gun at this time?"

Shao Bing glared at him: "You can't fight without a gun? Although it is an empty bullet, it is still lethal within a range of 50 meters. You are all elite special forces who are carefully selected to enter the war wolf. Shame on Captain Dragon!"

As soon as these words came out, several people reacted from the panic, and their hearts were quite settled.

Although the empty bullets used in the exercise did not have warheads, they were not toy bullets. The sparrows were small and well-equipped.

In addition to the fact that the penetrating power is much smaller than that of real bombs, the air-explosive bombs used in this exercise not only have shells, but are also filled with a large amount of gunpowder. If they hit people at close range, they can also cause casualties.

Otherwise, there would not be so many deaths in the annual exercise!

Lu Yu didn't care about these at all, but took advantage of the opportunity when the wolves hadn't attacked, and scanned the surrounding situation with his golden eyes.

Only by knowing the enemy and confidant can you survive a hundred battles!

This sentence is used not only on people, but also on wolves.

It was just this comprehensive investigation that made him feel more and more frightened.

The number of wolves around him still far exceeded his estimate, and twenty or thirty wolves could be seen with the naked eye.

But Lu Yu knew it was more than that, and when he glanced at it, the number of wolves almost reached hundreds!

Although special forces have undergone professional combat training, if they do not have hot weapons and rely on cold weapons alone, it would be difficult for them to fight through so many wolves.

After all, the number of them is too small, and when the gap reaches a certain level, it will trigger a qualitative change.

There are too many ants to kill an elephant, let alone a pack of wolves, and they are extremely hungry wolves?

the other side.

After Long Xiaoyun's Blue Army satellite was restored, he quickly discovered the situation.

And transmit this dangerous situation back through satellite video.

"Dragon team, it's not good! Vice Captain Shao and the others have met the wolves!"

The signalman shouted.

"I saw it!"

Long Xiaoyun simply responded with three words.

The pretty face of the iceberg that has remained unchanged for thousands of years finally showed a touch of dignity and worry.

"Call the nearest helicopter right away."

"But... the transfer authority of the helicopter is in the hands of the Red Army, and we are currently at war with the Red Army!" The signal soldier hesitated.

Long Xiaoyun's face was solemn: "Can't manage that much, immediately contact the Red Army Commander Shi Qingsong Brigadier Commander through the public channel, and ask them to send rescue troops immediately!"


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When the order was given, Long Xiaoyun frowned and added, "Hurry up!"


Staring at the pair of dark green pupils on the big screen, countless in the darkness, slowly approaching the five people in the middle.

Not only Long Xiaoyun, but everyone in the command room secretly held their breath, squeezing sweat for them.

The signal soldier moved immediately to establish communication with the red side.

Briefly describe the situation of Lu Yu and the five wolves, and point out the list of personnel. I hope that the Blue Army will send helicopters to rescue immediately.

The information from the blue army has just been sent successfully, and the red army received it immediately and made a response strategy as soon as possible.

"Quick! The exercise is over, the helicopter is ready to take off and it will arrive at the destination within 20 minutes."

Brigadier Shi grabbed the phone and issued an order: "Li Zhijun, please reply when you hear it, and immediately reinforce the Wolf Squadron. They are in big trouble."

"Li Zhijun received! The plane departs immediately!"

After hung up the phone, Brigadier Shi looked at the list of personnel handed over by the Blue Army, his brows curled into a knot.

Next to him, the chief of staff took a look and sighed secretly, "We didn't guess wrong, it's really Lu Yu from Team A, he really got together with Long Xiaoyun."

Brigadier Shi nodded: "The expert who handed down our headquarters should be his handwriting."

"The land brigade is as powerful as the rumors! I hope they can be safe..."

The two looked at each other and sighed!

When the Red Army and the Blue Army were doing joint deployment, the situation of the five Lu Yu, who were surrounded by wolves, became more and more unoptimistic.

It can be said that the confrontation between man and wolf is very close.

Among the wolves in the Col. Suddenly, all the adult hungry wolves retreated to the side automatically, and a wolf king who was taller than the ordinary hungry wolf came out of the pack.

The wolf king stood on the top of the mountain with great power, and Haoyue was in the sky, and he roared up to the sky.

Oooh! ! !

This wolf howl is huge and earth-shaking ~wuxiaworld.online~ as if blowing towards the horn of battle.

The wolves surrounding the valley uttered a oozing roar, and rushed up like a raging tide.

The terrifying and stern roar and the flying wolf shadow made the atmosphere more tense and oppressive.

The darkness before dawn seems to swallow the whole world.

The wolf soldiers held steel guns in their hands, and seemed to exhaust all their strength, and even the joints were turned white, ready for the upcoming desperate battle.

Lu Yu frowned and didn't pay attention to the ferocious wolves that rushed around him. Instead, he raised his head and locked it firmly. The huge black shadow that stood on the mountain col and screamed at the sky.

Just as Lu Yu's eyes fixed on the mountaintop wolf king, the wolf king opened his mouth suddenly and screamed at Haoyue.

The ferocious roar of the wolf king reverberates in the open mountains and forests!

Wolves, here comes!

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