I Became A God In A Horror Game Chapter 182

Chapter 182: Rose Factory 100w8 Ask For Your Blessings Tang..

Qi Yifang staggeredly raised the direction sign and muttered to himself, "Super strong winds, gusts above 14 levels, sunny to extremely heavy rain, rainfall of more than 100 milliliters, there will be a hurricane in the area, red weather warning."

The rotating black weather vane turned bright red, and the frame pointed towards Tang Er Da.

After a brief period of silence, the torrential rain and the violent wind raged together, and a violent hurricane that could lift everyone up to the sky fell from the sky.

The thinnest Liu Jiayi and his groggy footsteps were emptied into the sky first, followed by Bai Liu who stabilized his balance and Tang Er Da who chased Bai Liu in, and finally members of the two Kings Guilds.

The worker who was weighing next to him saw the storm coming and was so scared that he carried the roses into the factory, but to his surprise, this strange weather that seemed to extend to the entire rose factory, but Just staying at the entrance of the factory, about ten meters before and after, did not spread.

Just such a narrow space, and the outside space, are completely different in weather and landscape.

The sky was cloudless and clear, but the sky in front of the Beimen factory was covered with clouds and thunder and lightning.

The rotating hurricane glued everything that can be touched into it, forming an opaque gray cylindrical belt that reaches the sky. The things and people being drawn into this high-speed rotating cylinder are like a washing machine. Tossing quickly.

The moment Tang Erda entered this spinning circle, he understood why Bai Liuyong did not directly attack him, but instead attacked Qi Yifang to make him explode.

Because of the cost-effectiveness of attacking him, it is far lower than attacking Qi Yihang.

When Bai Liu couldn't kill him all at once, any attack on Tang Erda was ineffective but futile.

As long as he can find a chance to let Tang Er hit this high-damage fast breaker to touch the weapon, even if it only takes one minute, Tang Er hit this intrepid hunter with a gun and fight them directly, the probability of their entire army being wiped out is great. Because of the probability that they and Tang Er will lose both.

At this time, Bai Liu changed his mind. When there was no advantage in the face-to-face confrontation, he simply didn't fight Tang Er hard, but chose to use Qi Yihang skills to limit Tang Er's skills.

In a "washing machine drum" where everyone is spinning at high speed, even if Tang Erda is a sharpshooter, it is very difficult for him to aim at a person.

Because in a hurricane of this magnitude, his eyes could not be opened by the wind, let alone aiming at a person, this kind of bad man-made weather seriously disturbed his vision.

In this high-speed wind, you can shoot at will without seeing clearly, and you may even hit yourself.

But this situation is different for Bai Liu.

Bai Liu stretched his hands and feet to stabilize his body backwards in the wind, and the violently turning wind blew away the corner of his shirt that was originally pierced in his suit trousers. The white shirt that was turned upside down was stained with blood dripping from the goggles. , Was thrown away by him carelessly.

His eyes were wearing huge black goggles, and the bandages were still stained with blood. It was the one just removed from Liu Jiayi's face.

This is the visual prop named Blizzard Goggles under Liu Jiayi's pressure box.

The system prompts Blizzard goggles, which can maintain clear vision in extreme weather conditions such as Blizzard, and become invalid after damage.

The system prompts whether to use the extreme weather infrared mode of the item to search and locate teammates

Bai Liu pushed up the goggles to confirm.

In an instant, the chaotic wind gusts in front of Bai Liu became clearly visible, and the four people spinning in the wind were processed into easily observable infrared human figures, like four red bars in a gray area in a washing machine. The cloth is so conspicuous.

This situation where everyone else can be positioned at a high level made Bai Liu smile.

The people in the King's Guild are really good to Liu Jiayi.

This Blizzard goggles was originally assigned by Qi Yihang in a Level 3 game copy where Liu Jiayi saved him. Prop rewards suitable for his skills, but after Qi Yihang learned of Liu Jiayis vision problem, he did not hesitate The Blizzard goggles were given to Liu Jiayi as a thank you.

Liu Jiayi declined at first, Qi Yihang insisted on giving it to her, so Liu Jiayi said as her bottom props and put it in Qi Yifang, if it was not for saving Bai Liu, Liu Jiayi had better eyesight and moved faster. I won't go to Qi Yihang to get this item.

Unexpectedly, it happened to cooperate in the game.

Liu Jiayi's personal feelings about this situation are very complicated, but Bai Liu, as a person who doesn't care much, can only make the best use of everything.

There is also the heart, not to mention, the heart is really generous to Liu Jiayi. The whole game except for the heart, there may not be a second person who is willing to deliberately store his skills in order to protect another person. In a playing card, let Liu Jiayi carry it as a life-saving talisman.

Personal skills are relatively private in the game and related to life preservation. Heart not only shared it with Liu Jiayi generously, but also in order to protect her. It is said that it took a lot of methods and suffered a lot to raise this one. The skill playing cards were used by Liu Jiayi, and encryption measures were also used.

Even if someone else gets it, they wont know what this card can be used for. Even Bai Liu, who can directly open Liu Jiayis panel, doesnt know what this card is for. It can be said to be strictly protected from all aspects. Liu Jiayi.

There is no second player in the entire game who can be treated like this.

Liu Jiayi was also in a complicated mood about this, but in the end she told Bai Liu how to use it and what the skills of Hearts were.

Bai Liu clamped this vivid aces of hearts and locked it with the goggles. In the strong wind, due to the drop in mental value, he couldn't stabilize at all. He kept rotating 360 degrees and sailed together. Bai Liu's mind sounded before and Liu Jiayi's conversation.

Liu Jiayi sighed and handed the card to him. "This card stores the Queens skills. Her skills can make you the most eager and worried person in the opponents heart in a short period of time, with a certain bewitching effect. , And reflect all the detection items, which means that if you become someone, no one else can distinguish you from the original person except you."

"This kind of skill" Bai Liu raised his eyebrows and looked at Liu Jiayi, "It's very suitable for begging for mercy, anti-killing or scams at the frontline of life and death. This heart is good for you."

Liu Jiayi was silent for a while, "The queen is really nice to me."

Except for the time when she induced her, Hearts was blameless on Liu Jiayi.

Hearts trains her, trains her, teaches her how to behave, teaches Liu Jiayi how to learn quickly in reality and games, and protect herself.

At the stage when Liu Jiayi's abilities had not yet developed to show his advantage, and the people below the King's Guild had slight criticisms and controversies, Hearts almost tilted the resources of the entire Guild towards her.

Even this lofty woman would personally take Liu Jiayi down the game, and teach her how to do it in a gentle and affectionate manner. Later, she rejected all opinions and put Liu Jiayi in the position of the core tactician in the team to train, and even willing to condone Liu Jiayi. Small habits that may hinder the victory of the league, such as always refusing to directly restore vision.

Liu Jiayi's steady growth to this point is inseparable from the unreserved cultivation and care of hearts.

If the "good" is something that can be quantified, Liu Jiayi can say exactly that the heart is when she meets Bai

Before Liu, there was no one who treated her best, and Liu Huai could not even compare to Heart.

This is why Liu Jiayi wanted to live in the game before, and she has a sense of belonging here.

The unconditional goodness of hearts gave Liu Jiayi an unconscious sense of belonging to the cold and cruel place of the game.

The Queen of Hearts is more like her family than everyone Liu Jiayi has met.

But it was this person who made her lose her only family.

Liu Jiayi took a deep breath and surrendered to Bai Liu the trump card of Hearts given to her. "Qi Yifang saw my death in the extreme situation, plus your mental attack, it is possible to achieve the kind of situation you want. "

She raised her head and looked directly at Bai Liu. "At the moment of Qi Yifang, the most worried thing in her heart should be me. If you are close to Qi Yifang at that moment, then you can become unrecognizable by anyone under the action of the skill card of Hearts. another me."

Bai Liu in the wind drew a bone whip from behind, hunting in the wind, blowing his shirt and hair on his forehead up and shaking.

He leaned to one side as if he was swaying on a virtual plane above. He stabilized his body in the wind several times back and forth. After steadying his body, Bai Liu looked around for a week, and quickly found him in the wind under the guidance of Blizzard goggles. Rotating Qiyifang's position.

The bone whip in Bai Liu's right hand struck a z-shape to split the wind resistance and moved forward towards the ground where Qi Yifang was located. The pure white bone whip that moved quickly was like a brilliant lightning in the whirlpool rising storm.

"After a crackle hit the crisp sound on the flesh, the tail of the whip wrapped around Qi Yifang's ankle.

Bai Liu grabbed the handle of the bone whip with one hand, and pulled the bone whip forward with one hand, and the two quickly moved closer to the eye of the typhoon in the middle in the endless wind. The bone whip was like a white bone bridge. Connected between Bailiu and Qi Yifang.


Two bullets were fired on the white bone whip that connected Bai Liu and Qi Yifang, and traversed the center of the storm. After Tang Er hit steady his body in the wind, he quickly replaced the magazine and loaded it, his eyes were brutally aimed at that one. Bone whip shot one after another.

He is indeed invisible in the muddy wind hidden by a single person, but he can still try to kill the two swaying endpoints connected by a bone whip.

Tang Erda pulled the trigger one after another.

"Boom boom boom"

The bullet strikes on the bone whip that slides up and down to produce a crisp sound, like particles sticking to it, striking regularly and intermittently.

In this torrential rain, Tang Erda was able to follow this white whip that appeared only briefly, and at a distance with great precision, experimentally shooting along the flow of the bone whip, and the silver bullet was about to be submerged. Bai Liu's body at the end of the whip

Bai Liu heard the gunshots gradually approaching him, and calmly grabbed the heart card in his hand, took out a bottle of antidote, replaced the card in his mouth, sandwiched between the ring finger and the tail finger, and drank his head up. Under the antidote.

With the whirlwind, Tang Er, who was changing the bullet gate, hit a place where he could squint to see Bai Liu. He saw the kind of smile on this guy's face that he had seen thousands of times, and the calm and relaxed smile on his face, and the lip gesture Something to him

"Bless yourselves, Captain Tang."

Bai Liu's face swayed by, and there was no time to catch it in the wind.

Liu Jiayi, who was at the lightest and highest position in the wind, opened her limbs and palms. The moment she heard the gunfire, she took a deep breath and folded her hands together.

The system prompts the player whether Liu Jiayi uses the explosive skill Poison Fountain


The black poisonous fog rising up into the sky spread along the wind, turning the whirlwind wind into a pile of black viscous clouds. The diffuse clouds covered everything in front of Tang Erda and also blocked his shooting. Last seen direction

That was the direction he aimed at Bai Liu.

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