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  • Color Resistance

  • Genres : Cultivation -  Male Protagonist -  Magic -  Clever Protagonist -  Poor Protagonist -  Virtual Reality -  Futuristic Setting -  Game
  • Status : Completed
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Color Resistance summary:

A mage player, after deleting his account and returning, possesses Netheril, the highest treasure of the ancient arcane empire-the scroll of resistance!You can upgrade your skills infinitely. Watch me kill the dragon with a fireball technique!Pseudo DND flow, some magic changes, please do not apply the settings and rules completely!- Description from MTL

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Color Resistance Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 295: Lure2 months ago
Chapter 132: Kill2 months ago
Chapter 116: End2 months ago
Chapter 96: Bet2 months ago
Chapter 93: Key2 months ago
Chapter 91: Eve2 months ago
Chapter 67: Chaos2 months ago
Chapter 62: Hire2 months ago
Chapter 37: Demon2 months ago
Chapter 31: Seed2 months ago
Chapter 22: Lure2 months ago
Chapter 16: Ghoul2 months ago
Chapter 13: Charm2 months ago
Chapter 8: Search2 months ago
Chapter 2: Scroll2 months ago
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