• Royal Bad Boy

  • Genres : Romance -  Female Protagonist -  Modern Day -  School Life -  Josei
  • Status : Completed
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Royal Bad Boy summary:

Was she crazy? Why would she invite a thief to live with her? She had probably never heard of feeding a tiger to ones own detriment. But when she heard this thief was a kleptomaniac, she couldnt just let him go. Fine, Ill feed you and let you live here, but do I have to make your bed, too? And youre being picky about breakfast? Do you have to lie on the sofa while Im busy in the kitchen? The nightmare had just started. All of her jobstemp worker at the fast food place, part-time job as an illustratorwere now all gone because of this thief. Did he have to make her life hell?- Description from Novelupdates

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Royal Bad Boy Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 93: Wow2 months ago
Chapter 29: Track2 months ago
Chapter 21: Fired2 months ago
Chapter 13: Gap2 months ago
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