The Last Chance I Could Live Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Chapter 15 - The Girl in The Bushes

The little girl slowly walked out from the bushes and her little feet were following the step of Jeffrey.

She didn't know where he would take her, yet she couldn't help to follow him.

His black hair and his soft gaze that looked into her were like pulling her from her darkness.

The sun has already risen up and they could hear the flaps of bird's wings. They started sung their song and her eyes widened.

Her eyes were spoiled by the sight of a beautiful view in front of her.

There were a lot of flowers!

There are red, blue, yellow, and many other colors of the flowers.

It was so beautiful that Jeffrey could see her eyes fluttering.

Jeffrey couldn't help smiling as he sat in the middle of the flower's park.

Different from the Northern Park, the Southern Park was full of flowers.

He knew that this place was fit for women, especially for a little girl in front of him.

She still didn't speak any word to him yet strangely, she trusted him so much that she wanted to follow him.

That was a very good start to befriend this little girl.

Without being asked, the little girl slowly sat beside Jeffrey and her eyes were locked into the flowers.

Jeffrey said, "Do you like it?"

The little girl turned to him with a frown.

Jeffrey smiled and pointed to the flowers, "This... Do you like it?"

At first, the girl didn't seem like she wanted to respond to his question. But later, Jeffrey saw the movement of her head going up and down.

Jeffrey smiled handsomely and said, "My name is Jeffrey Lynch. I am patient at this hospital in room number 3."

Jeffrey shamelessly introduced himself. He thought that the girl would respond to him, but she ignored him.

Jeffrey suddenly flushed as his face turned red like a steam crab.

It was embarrassing yet he didn't regret introducing himself to her.

He just felt that somehow this girl attracted his awareness so much that he couldn't turn his head away.

He just kept talking to her, "Why are you here? You look like a healthy person to me."

Let's see if she could ignore this, Jeffrey thought as he smirked quietly. "I am already here since last year. Once, I heard the doctor said that my illness couldn't be treated, and maybe one or two years from now, I will leave this world."

The girl suddenly stiffened and she turned her head to look at him. Jeffrey lowered his head to hide his devilish smile, but the girl thought that Jeffrey was sad by the fact that he didn't have any time to live in this world.

So, she patted Jeffrey's shoulder and stroked it gently.

Without a warning, Page suddenly spoke and nearly made him jumped. She said, "Master, the time almost 8 a.m. You should hurry up go back before your mother wakes up."

Jeffrey stood up in a panic and said, "Oh, right! I forgot about that."

He started to run back to his room, but he stopped his run to look at the girl behind him.

"I am so sorry. I have to go back. See you later!"

With that, Jeffrey's back quickly gone and couldn't be seen anymore so he didn't hear what the girl said, "Abigail Vaughan."

Meanwhile, the boy, who ran like a dog has been chasing him, asked Page. He said, "Page, how many minutes more before my mother wakes up?"

"Your mother will be wake up in two minutes."

Jeffrey nodded as he runs towards the lift. "Good, I won't late if it's two more minutes."

The lift closed its door and slowly going up to his floor.

The VIP room was located on the fifth floor and he just needed to pass one more floor.


The lift door opened up and he saw a women's body in front of her.

Jeffrey raised his head as he wanted to take a look who was this woman.

Unexpectedly, it turned out to be his mother!

Jeffrey said in his head, "What the hell, Page? You said my mother would be wake up in 2 minutes?"

Page successfully refuted him that make him speechless, "Master, I am just a system in the lower level so if you want me to predict more accurately, then please raise your level quickly."

Jeffrey, "..."

Ignoring Page, he decided to look at his expressionless mother. Jeffrey stiffly smiled and said, "Hello, mom."

"Follow me."

Instead of scolding him, she coldly said to Jeffrey to follow her. Jeffrey found it rather awkward with what his mother was doing.

So, he silently followed her without saying anything.

He definitely already made his mother mad and he didn't want to add another salt to her wound. If he did that, he surely tasted her rage.

Just thinking about that already made goosebumps in all over his body.

They went back to Jeffrey's room and after he went in, his mother closed the door quite loud and made him jumped. But, he didn't even dare to make a small voice.

He saw Eden standing firmly in the corner of his bed, so he sat on the couch since the morning has just arrived.

"Who allowed you to sit?" Asked his mother with her coldly tone.

Jeffrey immediately stood up and said, "I'm sorry mom!"

"Hmm? What are you sorry for?" Helen smiled but her eyes didn't. Jeffrey was swearing that he saw a dark aura behind her!

"I... I went out again without permission!"

Helen still smiled and she came closer to him.

"Then tell me about it. Why did you do that yesterday and today?"


Jeffrey became confused about how to answer it. He tried to glance at Eden to help him.

Too bad that Eden forced his eyes to close so he couldn't help the little master.

He definitely knew how scary the madam when she was angry. So, he didn't want to disturb her to discipline the little master.

'Damn it, Eden! Shouldn't you take a pity for this little master?' Jeffrey grumbled at him in his heart.

"Still need more time to think a reason?" said her mother as she sat on the couch.

"No, mother. Actually, mother... I woke up a bit earlier and I wanted to go to the toilet."

"This is a VIP room that has a bathroom inside though?"

Jeffrey, "..."

Eden, "..."

And the interrogation still continued until the nurse send his breakfast.

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