Omega Summoner Book 3 Chapter 283

Volume 3: The Undead War Chapter 283 Seed Of Origin

After Adrian is successfully dropped off Levin Cloud in Aflheim, Levin Cloud is summoned by Elder Danaya. Levin Cloud was led to the location of the tree of life in Alfheim. At the top most part of the tree is a table made of wood where the Elder Dryads, Elder Leshies, and Royal Faeries are gathered for a discussion.

Levin Cloud is now before the influential people of the Faekin. A dryad gave him her Seed of Origin which basically meant that she surrendered her soul and will be unable to regrow. A dryad can once again be resurrected as long as their Seed of Origin is planted in the soil of Eden.

Makiling though knew that the poison in her body will make her unable to do that so she gave her Seed of Origin to someone worthy. Levin Cloud was not the only candidate as all elves in the Church of Life are worthy and Makiling might have chosen Anastacia. Nonetheless, Levin Cloud became much worthy due to being Elder Willow's student.

"I ask the elders to open up the path to the Undergrowth. We need to let our young one inside in order to bloom his seed of origin." Elder Danaya stated.

"I agree with Elder Danaya's suggestion. It has been long since someone joined us as a seedling." An Elder Leshy voiced his opinion.

"Of course you agree because he will become a forest guardian. A leshy will become the new envoy of the twin gods. So kid, do you want to become like me? We have better powers than they do." A fairy asked Levin Cloud as the former flew close to him.

"I would like to honor the wish of the owner of the seed of origin and carry on her legacy." Levin Cloud replied.

"Too bad. You would have become a candidate for the fairy king title. Fine. Open the Undergrowth so that he can go for the trial. It is not like he will pass it with confidence anyway." The fairy stated wanting to make Levin Cloud regret his decision.

"Does anyone disagree?" Elder Danaya asked but no one raised their hand.

"Since it has been decided" Elder Danaya stated and clapped the she and Levin Cloud disappeared.

The two of them reappeared at an area where there are numerous vines scattered across the surroundings. There is a hole in the ground that is filled with vines as thick as trees. The hole looks like it is quite bottomless as there is only darkness.

"This is the Undergrowth. You will tap into the power of the Seed of Origin here. It has been hundreds of years since someone last used it because it is quite rare for a fae to give up their being." Elder Danaya stated.

"So how am I going to activate the Seed of Origin?" Levin Cloud asked.

"That would be up to you because the seed is yours now. You will have to decide if your body can handle the pressure of becoming something different. If you die once then you fail. Good luck!" Elder Danaya stated and pushed Levin Cloud inside the hole.

"What did you DOoo!" Levin Cloud shouted as he fell into the Undergrowth.


Contrary to his expectations, Levin Cloud did not fall but rather just arrived at the bottom of the Undergrowth. He then looked around and noticed that the air is fresh and clean without that earthy smell despite being below ground.

Before he continued on rather leave his location, his palm started to throb and the pain made him fall back in pain. The pain felt like someone is drilling your palm using a hand drill. The seed than started to sprout but it did not grow outwards but inside of Levin Cloud.

Vines could be seen spreading from his hand towards his body using his blood as a nutrient source. The vines were extra healthy due to Levin Cloud possessing the Blessing of the Goddess of Life Gaea but that is not always a good thing. The vines in his body spread fast and before long his whole body is covered.

[The First Stage Sprout has been completed.]

[Undergoing the next stage of the transformation.]

Soon the vines not just covered Levin Cloud's body but also touch the soil of the Undergrowth. Vines were not the only thing that started to grow from Levin Cloud's body. Branches started growing out of his body by piercing his skin from the inside but no blood has been drawn.

[The Second Stage Bloom has been completed.]

[Commencing the last stage of the transformation.]

Vines and branches started to twist and turn until his body finally turned into a lush tree with two shades of colors. Levin Cloud's tree form has the harmony of two colors as the bark is symmetrical. His tree form are both lush green and deathly gray due to him having both life and death energy in his body.

Unlike what everyone believes, there are forest guardians that are dedicated to the death of living things. Even the dryads or leshies that take care of the life of the forest know this as there are those that specialize in the death of the forest but they are not often mentioned.

The fae that are responsible for taking care of the death in the forest are few and rather secretive because of their work. One could only describe them as having a deadly touch but that did not mean that they are evil. In fact, they are the ones who are more caring towards life because they can feel the end of it.

The only reason that they do not show themselves to the world is because they often show up in monster like forms. They take on this form because the road to the death realm is not smooth so to speak. Now, history will be rewritten because a fae who has both energies in his body has finally arrived.

Levin Cloud did not notice but he is now in a pure white space when he opened his eyes. The last that he remembered is transforming into a tree and his sight filled with darkness. Inside this pure white space is just him and a sapling that is about one inch in height.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/omega-summoner_16507643905192405/seed-of-origin_50758326509688118 for visiting.

[Make the sapling grow!]

The system message that pooped up in front of him made question the command. He looked around but there was no loamy soil nor was there water. Even just a pail of water would have been helpful to him right now but there is nothing in sight. In this vast white space, it was just him and the sapling.

He was in there for about an hour and still nothing happened. The elders of the faekin are all standing above the gaping hole waiting for Levin Cloud to emerge if he ever emerges.

"Want to bet on if he is going to live or die despite being favored by the twin gods?" the fairy elder stated.

"I will bet that he lives but there would be complications." An Elder Leshy stated as he observed the vines still not reacting.

The vines leading to the Undergrowth started shining which greatly impressed the elders as it signals that Levin Cloud has started the process. The only thing they need to do is wait for Levin Cloud to emerge from the Undergrowth.


Levin Cloud started to pour all his mana and any type of energy he has on his body towards the sapling and it started to grow. The sapling finally became a tree bit by bit but Levin Cloud is also losing the energy necessary to grow it.

Levin Cloud was about to give up because he no longer has mana but the tattoo on his body that generated death energy started peeling of his skin. The pain was enormous but he still did not stop channeling mana on the tree.

The tattoo then reattached itself to the tree making it have black marks. The death tattoo attached itself to the tree and started supplying it with enough energy to finally make the tree big enough.

[You have finally completed the last stage Flourish.]

Levin Cloud received the system notification and his vision returned to black. His vision became dark but he felt like he could move so he moved forward. Levin Cloud emerged from a tree which is the one he grew himself and that same tree is now covering the hole of the Undergrowth.

The Elders of the Faekin all welcomed him to their family as he is the first one of his kind. Levin Cloud looked back as the tree that he emerged in is sent back down to the Undergrowth. It will be there as the Undergrowth is considered as another save point for the fae if their body gets destroyed.

[The Universe is happy that a new kind of life has been borne. The Fae has been granted the Blessing of the Universe for one week. Rejoice.]

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