Ninja God In Comics Chapter 513

Chapter 513: Find Igo

"A person like you, still care about this?"

Although the time Hela and Rogge were in contact was not very long, it was only twice after this time.

But when Roger introduced her to what a ninja is, she knew that Roger was not the kind of person who would be bound by so-called morality and conscience.

The reason is very simple. A person with a Virgin's Heart cannot be an excellent bounty hunter or mercenary.

So she didn't take Rogge's rejection just now as the same thing.

"Got more money!"

Sure enough, Roger immediately gave an answer she expected.

I don't know why, when he saw Rogge say the words "add money", Hela always felt that he was imitating someone.

That kind of expression, that kind of tone, is not his previous style at all.

"Hahahahaha, have to add money, interesting! Let's talk about it, what kind of remuneration do you want?"

Hela didn't worry about Roger Lion's open mouth. In her opinion, no matter what Roger asked, she could pay the corresponding reward.

Although Hella is not the king of Asgard, she has to admit that she now looks more like the king of Asgard than Thor.

"The life of Thanos! As long as you can kill Thanos, I will accept the commission to assassinate Thor."

Roger didn't hesitate at all, and said the reward he wanted.

"Thanksgiving? Who is he?"

After hearing Rogge's answer, Hela frowned slightly and asked puzzledly.

Only then did Roger realize a problem.

Hela was imprisoned by Odin in more than 600 BC, and only recently ended her imprisoned life.

And Thanos was born a thousand years ago, so Hela didn't even know who Thanos was. (Note 1)

"He is a member of the eternal family of Titans, with a purple potato-like jaw and purple skin."

"He has a lot of fame in the universe. He has the title of Crazy Titan and Universe King. He is currently one of the most popular, famous and powerful beings in the universe."

Roger briefly explained the identity of Thanos.

A long time ago, he had been curious about a problem.

That is, the goddess of death Hela and the crazy Titan Thanos, who are both sub-heavenly fathers, who are the strongest villains in the normal state.

"I will kill Thanos, and you will assassinate Sol. This deal sounds fair."

"However, I refuse!"

Although Hella hadn't seen Thanos, he didn't even know what kind of strength Thanos had.

But one thing she knew very well was that if Thanos was really so easy to solve, Roger would have done it himself early in the morning.

Moreover, she heard hidden loopholes in Roger's words.

It sounds fair to exchange Thanos' life for Thor's life.

But the problem is that the reward Rogge wants is Thanos' life, and the price he pays is to assassinate Sol.

As we all know, assassination does not mean killing.

A failed assassination is also an assassination.

Judging from these two contacts, Hella felt that Rogge might deliberately fail the assassination, and then released Thor in disguise on the grounds that the commission failed.

"In this case, there is no way."

Roger shrugged and said in a regretful tone on purpose.

"Okay, don't pretend, your acting skills are not very good."

Hela directly broke Roger's slightly crude acting skills.

"Well, let's not talk about other things. If you agree with the fire spirit kingdom, I can help you do a thing of equal value for free."

"If you don't agree, it doesn't matter, I will take them away from Musbelheim."

Rogge pulled back the topic again, waiting for Hela's final answer.

If Hella agrees, of course it is best.

For him or for those fire elves, this is the most labor-saving approach.

If Hela disagrees, he can only take these fire elves to the planet Tatooine, and then randomly divide a piece of land for them, and let them build their own kingdom of fire elves.

"It's just a few fire elves, I'm not going to have trouble with them."

"You can go back and tell them that with their village as the center, the radius of a hundred miles will belong to them."

"As long as they don't leave that area, no flame giant will trouble them."

With a big wave of her hand, Hela directly gave the fire spirit the land around a hundred miles around the village, without any further payment.

For an existence like Hela, she still wouldn't care about the reward for that small piece of land.

The reason why I mentioned the reward for the assassination of Sol just now was to see exactly what Roger, the so-called ninja, can achieve.

"Then I will first thank you for your kindness for those fire elves."

After speaking, Roger bowed slightly to Hela and said sincerely.

"Okay, you two can leave. When we meet next time, I won't talk so easily."

Hela regained the posture of being a queen again, and said condescendingly to Rogge.

Since the owner's family has issued the eviction order, of course the Rogge and the two will not continue to stay here stubbornly.

After disarming the Twilight Sword, Roger used his right hand to hold the shoulder of Dr. Doom, and directly used quantum teleportation to return to the village named "Dawn".

After relaying Hela's words to Abigite, Rogge had no intention of staying in the village. He took Dum out of the village and called Heimdall who was in charge of the Rainbow Bridge.

Within a few seconds, that brilliant beam of light like a rainbow fell from the sky, completely covering the two of them.

Asgard, Rainbow Bridge Hall.

"Heimdall, send Dum back to Earth. I have something to talk to Sol. I'll go back later."

"no problem!"

Regarding Roger's small request, Heimdall did not hesitate, and directly agreed.

When Dumu's figure disappeared at the entrance of the Rainbow Bridge again, Roger used the quantum teleportation to arrive at the meeting hall of Sol's office.

Before the brilliant light of quantum teleportation dissipated, Thor's voice came over: "Rogge, why did you come back so soon?"

Sol was not surprised by Roger's sudden appearance, because Heimdall had already reported this matter before.

However, he did not expect that Roger would return from Moosebelheim so soon.

"The thing was done, so I came back, but the point is not that. The point is that I met Hella in Moosbelheim."

"Moreover, she is now the ruler of Musbelheim."

With Hela's strength, as long as she didn't want to be discovered by Heimdall, Heimdall would definitely not notice her traces.

Regarding this point, Hella has already proved it once in Jotunheim.

"Really, she went to Mousbelheim."

Sol was not too surprised by the fact that Hela became the ruler of Musbelheim.

After officially becoming the King of Asgard, Thor found a lot of information about Hela in the top-secret database that only the King of Asgard could browse, so he expected this early on.

In other words, this is what Hella will do.

"How to deal with the matter between Hela and Musbelheim, you can seriously consider it."

"In addition, this time I came here, there is one more thing."

"I hope you can help search for a planet that will become'Ego'. I have something to discuss with this planet in detail."

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