Ninja God In Comics Chapter 512

Chapter 512: Real Twilight Sword

The super-large jade spiral pill with a diameter of ten meters left a large circular hole with a diameter of tens of meters on the charred ground.

Along with the shock wave of the explosion, the rock wall above the cave began to drop rocks larger than people.

The magma gushing from the ground began to fill the cracks on the ground and the large circular hole that had just been created.

When the red magma was about to touch the crown like a demon mask in the big pit, Roger condensed a hand of Chakra, grabbed the sharp corner on the left side of the crown, and took the crown into his hand.

Just looking at the appearance, the crown held by Roger at this time is a cheap craft with rough workmanship, just like a demon mask made by hand in the feudal era.

However, the true value of the crown is far more than what it reveals.

To some extent, the flame giant Suterte has "dead" under Roger's super-large jade spiral pill.

However, this does not mean that Sirtel is completely dead.

As long as this crown is put into the eternal fire, Sirtel can not only be resurrected, but also completely regain his strength, possessing a mountain-like terrifying body.

However, Rogge will not give Sirtel such an opportunity.

The only destiny of Surtel, who was sealed in the crown, was to become a collection in the Treasure Hall of Supreme Harmony.

After looking carefully at the crown with Chakra's hand, Roger threw the crown into the psychic scroll.

Then, he came to the Twilight Sword that had not completely dissipated.

When Surtel was sealed, the Twilight Sword lost its only energy supply and began to weather and shatter.

As one of the main trophies of this trip, Rogge certainly will not let the Twilight Sword disappear.

Under the gaze of Hela, Dumu and others, he once again summoned the eternal fire and shrouded it on his right hand.

Relying on the method of "learning" from Sulter, he held the huge hilt of Twilight's Sword and let the eternal fire slowly flow into Twilight's Sword.

Under Roger's control, the blade of the Twilight Sword began to repair quickly, and its size began to shrink rapidly.

Within a few seconds, the Twilight Sword became a one-handed sword more than one meter long.

After dancing a few sword flowers with the sword of twilight, Roger nodded in satisfaction.

With this Twilight Sword alone, his trip to Musbelheim this time was quite rewarding.

If you add Sirtel's crown and the energy manipulation skills "learned" from Sirtel, he can be regarded as a bumper harvest this time.

After waving the Twilight Sword satisfactorily, Rogge inserted the Twilight Sword into the ground, and then threw the Kusanagi Sword, Thunderball Fan, and Endless Greed back into the psychic scroll.

After doing all this, he held the Twilight Sword again.

Afterwards, the Twilight Sword was completely shattered.


Under the double destruction of Chakra and Eternal Fire, the Twilight Sword instantly exploded like a bursting balloon, and the remains of the sword body were completely dissipated in the air before it hit the ground.

When the Twilight Sword completely turned into nothingness, Roger raised the right hand wrapped around the eternal fire, as if holding a transparent sword, from the position of the left shoulder, diagonally down.

With the swing of his right hand, the sword of Twilight, which has completely turned into nothingness, once again appeared in his right hand, starting from the hilt, and generating extremely quickly.

When his right hand fell completely, the Twilight Sword, which was more than one meter long, also appeared.

The Twilight Sword is not a physical weapon in the conventional sense.

To be precise, the Twilight Sword is a magical entity weapon formed after the manifestation of flame energy.

As long as you master the correct energy operation method, you can summon or spawn the Twilight Sword at any time.

This is also the main reason why the Twilight Sword can change its size.

From this perspective, the sword of twilight and Hela's sword of the night sky have many similarities.

It's just that one uses flame energy, and the other uses death power.

After confirming that he had thoroughly mastered the method of summoning and spawning the Twilight Sword, Roger held the Twilight Sword and came to Hela.

Hela, who sat on the huge stone throne, was still in the posture of a lazy and lofty queen.

"Thank you for your generosity! Since you don't mind if I take the Twilight Sword and Sulter's crown, I believe you must not mind fulfilling one of my little wishes."

The Twilight Sword and Surtel's crown are in hand, but Roger will not forget that there is still a commission on his body that has not been completed.

Although the commission only rewards 20 nincoins, the mosquito legs are also meat.

"Don't all men on earth know how to be satisfied like you?"

Hela did not directly reject Roger, propped his head with his left hand, and asked deeply.

"I don't know if other men know how to satisfy, but personally, I'm still a little bit greedy."

Roger didn't care about Hela's tone at this time, and replied cheerfully.

Hela sitting on the throne looked at Rogge with condescending eyes for a few seconds, and then slowly said, "Say, what else do you want?"

"From here as a starting point, there is a small village called'Dawn' in the southeast, about 600 kilometers away."

"The village was founded by an Asgardian named Abigite. When you were still in Asgard, you might have heard of his name. He was a small well-known folk blacksmith."

"In the village, there are a group of fire elves who claim to be hybrid descendants of fire giants and elves, as well as some others who have lived in Musbelheim."

"If you don't mind, I hope you can give them a small piece of land near the village, and let them build a small country belonging to the fire elves."

"As long as a piece of land is enough, they will take care of other things. Of course, if you can restrain the flame giants from entering that area, it would be better."

Rogge briefly introduced the village affairs.

After the "death" of Surter, Hella was the supreme ruler of Musbelheimheim.

If the fire spirit wants to establish a kingdom in Musbelheim, Hela is an existence that can't get around.

So instead of concealing the existence of Abigite and the fire elves, it is better to tell Hela the facts honestly.

This can at least avoid many unnecessary problems in the future.

For example, the safety of the village and Abigite are Asgardians.

"Why every time I see you, you are helping other people. Last time, you were helping Saul, this time, you were helping these so-called fire elves."

Hella couldn't understand these actions of Roger.

In her opinion, a person like Rogge should not be the kind of person who will sacrifice his life for others.

"Because I am a ninja, ninja is a profession similar to bounty hunters and mercenaries. If someone makes a commission, I will help them complete the commission."

"Of course, the commission needs to be paid correspondingly. If you need it, I can also accept your commission."

Because Asgard does not exist as a ninja, Roger briefly explained what a ninja is.

Of course, things like ninjutsu and chakra are no longer covered.

"It turns out that the eternal fire and the original energy of the plane are the rewards you receive."

"In this case, we will use the form of commission to solve the problem of the fire spirit."

"I allow them to establish a kingdom in Musbelheim. This is my reward. As a price, I want you to kill Sol."

Hela said to Rogge with a serious face, it didn't seem like he was joking again.

Is she serious?

Rogge never thought that things would go in such a strange direction.

But he quickly made a decision.

"Sorry, I can't accept this commission. The reward is not equal to the difficulty of the commission, and Sol is my friend. I will not accept the commission of assassinating a friend."

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