My Disciples Are All Villains Chapter 423

Chapter 423 The Old Age Pavilion Isnt Only Adept In Boot Licking

No matter how cold or heartless Si Wuya was, he could stay idle if Yong Ning was dying. After all, she had been a great help to him. Even if he was without affection for her, he was undoubtedly indebted to her.

Si Wuya furrowed his brows as he listened to the female cultivator describing Yong Nings condition. After a moment of silence, he said, "Let me out."

Pan Zhong and Zhou Jifeng were taken aback. They were not bold enough to release Si Wuya from the Cave of Reflection. They could only look at him helplessly.

"Mister Seventh, its not that I dont want to let you out its"

"Let me out," Si Wuya repeated himself.


Based on Si Wuyas expression, Pan Zhong and Zhou Jifeng knew he was determined to leave the cave. The problem was, even if they had the courage of ten lions, they would never release him.

SI Wuya did not have his cultivation base and weapon. It was only natural that he was unable to disregard the barrier like Yu Shangrong did.

The atmosphere had grown unbearably tense when a stiff and loud voice rang in the air. "Release him."

Si Wuya and Zhou Jifeng looked over and saw Duanmu Sheng hovering above the Cave of Reflection with his Overlord Spear in hand.

"Yes, Mister Third." Pan Zhong bowed.

Shortly after, Si Wuya emerged from the Cave of Reflection. He looked up Duanmu Sheng. What shocked Si Wuya was that Duanmu Sheng seemed to have a much stronger presence than before. His cultivation base was improving quickly.

"Thank you, Third Senior Brother," Si Wuya said.

Duanmu Sheng shook his head and said, "Forgive me for saying this, but what good would come out of poring over that mess of a question? If you have the time, you should be studying the cultivation theory of severing ones Golden Lotus. If you can contribute to the Evil Sky Pavilion, the others will, naturally, respect you. You wouldnt be where you are right now, powerless to save the woman you love."

Si Wuya. "" He was rendered speechless for a moment. He wanted to retort, but he dismissed that idea when he recalled his Third Senior Brothers fiery temper. In the end, he only said, "Ill remember your advice, Third Senior Brother."

"Go and pay your last respect then." Duanmu Sheng left through the air after he finished speaking.

Last respect?

Si Wuyas heart sank. He knew what those words meant, but he did not dare to dwell on it. He hastened toward the southern pavilion.

Pan Zhong, Zhou Jifeng, and the others followed closely behind him.

Soon after, Si Wuya soon reached the southern pavilion.

When Little Yuaner saw Si Wuya approaching, she went up to meet him. "Seventh Senior Brother, Big Sister Yong Ning is dying!"

"" Zhao Yue pulled Little Yuaner to the side and said, "Dont be too anxious, the three elders are here."

Zhu Honggong looked at Little Yuaner and said, "Little Junior Sister, watch your words."

The others did not dare to recklessly speak up.

Si Wuya looked at the closed doors. He was about to enter when the door opened with a creak.

Hua Wudao walked out.

Hua Yuexing walked up to him and asked, "Whats the situation?"

Hua Wudao sighed and shook his head. "She has been stabbed by an energy blade, and it destroyed her internal organs. We should make preparations for her funeral."

Upon hearing these words, everyone present there shook their heads and sighed.

Si Wuya did not grow agitated, contrary to everyones expectations. He remained calm as he recalled the scene where Yong Ning had tried to commit suicide with an energy blade during the battle in Liang Provinces city.

Yong Ning was smart. She knew that Liu Bing or Xiang Lie would have used her as a hostage. She had willingly stepped forward to stall Xiang Lie so Si Wuya would have time to think of a countermeasure. It was due to this that Si Wuya successfully snuck up on Xiang Lie. She had chosen to end her life so she would not be a burden to Si Wuya.

Sometimes, Si Wuya felt that she was foolish to a fault. She could have enjoyed a peaceful life in the palace if she chose to. Why did she insist on getting involved in the affairs of the world?


The door opened again.

This time, Pan Litian walked out. He did not look optimistic as well. He raised the wine gourd in his hand and took a great swig from it.

Zhao Yue walked up to him and asked, "Elder Pan, whats her condition like?" Zhao Yue was Yong Nings elder sister, after all. She could not help but worry.

Pan Litian shook his head and sighed. "Ive used half of my Primal Qi, and yet, I couldnt heal her internal injuries. Judging from the angle of the injury, I think she planned it beforehand."

She did not want to die immediately, but she did not want to be rescued either. Was she so willing to endure the pain for an extended time just to have a last look at this world?

"Old Pan, please dont scare us. Is there nothing else you can do?" Pan Zhong asked.

"Do I look like a liar?" Pan Litian asked.

Little Yuaner pulled on the edge of Si Wuyas clothes and said in a hushed voice, "Seventh Senior Brother, lets beg master for help. Im sure hes able to save he can Sister Yong Ning."

Pan Litian had a keen hearing. He looked at Little Yuaner and said, "Even an Eight-leaf Buddhist elite cant save her now, let alone the pavilion master."

"What makes you say that?" Leng Luo, who had just exited the room, asked. Without waiting for a reply from Pan Litian, he continued to say, "Well, in any case, Elder Pan and Elder Hua have a point.

Everyone looked at Leng Luo. This was the person who was at the top of the blacklist three centuries ago. Naturally, his words bore weight.

Leng Luo continued to say, "This little girls energy blade is slightly unique. I think it was poisoned, and the toxin corroded her internal organs. Its difficult to detect, and itd be difficult to treat once the poison sets in. There are three Buddhist healing techniques, the Merciful Ark of Salvation, the Bright Mirror, and the Buddhas Shine. None of them can heal this little girl."

Si Wuya walked up to Leng Luo and asked, "Is there no other way?"

Leng Luo shook his head. "Youre the Evil Sky Pavilions seventh disciple and are smarter than most. A smart person should be able to understand our words. If you dont believe us, you can go in and take a look."

Leng Luo stepped aside.

Who would have doubts when the three elders of the Old Age Pavilion were so certain?

The others shook their heads helplessly.

The Evil Sky Pavilion disciples had a good impression of Yong Ning. They could not remain unfeeling as they watched Yong Ning die.

Si Wuyas eyelid twitched.

Little Yuaner said again, "Well, Im sure master has a way. Come! Lets beg master for help."

When Hua Wudao saw how insistent Little Yuaner was, he nodded. "Lets request the pavilion master to come over. Although the chances are slim, we still have to try."

"You have a point."

"The pavilion master is skilled in the Merciful Ark of Salvation. Even if he cant save her, he should be able to stabilize her condition for a while."

Pan Litian said, "Do you think the pavilion master has so much free time? Wed better not disturb him."

After all, why would the pavilion master, in his old age, waste his Primal Qi to save a young lady whom he barely knew? There was a chance he would have to drain his life by healing Yong Ning. Every bit of Primal Qi was very precious to someone whose great limit was approaching.

The others were engrossed in their discussions when a stern and thunderously loud voice rang from behind.

"Whats all this commotion about? How unbecoming!"

The others turned to look and saw Lu Zhou walking over with his hands on his back. His expression was calm.

"Greetings, Pavilion Master!"

"Greetings, master!"

Everyone fell silent after they greeted Lu Zhou.

Lu Zhou stood in front of everyone and scanned their expression. He frowned slightly when he saw Si Wuya was present as well. "The southern pavilion is an important place. Traitors should not set foot here."

Si Wuya kneeled in fear and trepidation as he pleaded, "I beg you to save her, master. Im willing to accept any punishment you mete out."

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