My Disciples Are All Villains Chapter 421

Chapter 421 One Step At A Time

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Zhu Honggong left the room with his masters mathematical problem in his hand.

When Zhu Honggong said that he managed to obtain information from Si Wuya, Lu Zhou was skeptical. Si Wuya would never let slip any information to Zhu Honggong if he did not wish to. Rongxi and Rongbei were huge. How was he supposed to look for the memory crystal?

Lu Zhou returned to the hall and sat cross-legged on a rush cushion. He went through Ji Tiandaos memories again in a bid to find something related to the memory crystal. Unfortunately, his effort was fruitless.

"What was sealed in it? Is it Ji Tiandaos secret of attempting the Nine-leaf stage? Or is it something else?"

When Lu Zhou had free time, he recalled what he knew about the lost memories. Firstly, it was about Ji Tiandaos system, which could be inferred from the seamless connection he experienced with the merit points system when he first transmigrated here. Secondly, it was about the memories of the Heavenly Writing Scrolls. This was hinted by the Empress Dowagers use of the Heavenly Writing scrolls to treat her illness. Thirdly, it was about Ji Tiandaos intention to kill Yu Shangrong. This was told by Yu Shangrong himself at Cloud Shine Nunnery. Fourthly, it was about Ji Tiandaos memories before his death.

The final point might be up for debate. After all, it was possible for a person to lose the ability to think on the brink of death, resulting in loss of memories. Perhaps, Ji Tiandao had also become senile, which was just as likely.

If Lu Zhou wanted to locate the memory crystal, he would have to discipline Si Wuya well. When he thought about this, he shook his head.

After a while, Lu Zhou cleared his mind of distracting thoughts and lifted the final Open Heavenly Writing scroll


"Ding! Combined into a new Open Heavenly Writing Scroll. Will you meditate on it?"

"Meditate." With just a thought from Lu Zhou, the fourth completed Open Heavenly Writing Scroll dissolved into specks of starlight and entered his body. A faint blue light entered his mind. He instantly felt refreshed in his mind, Extraordinary Eight Meridians, sensory organs.

Lu Zhou was puzzled. The sensation of meditating on this Open Heavenly Writing Scroll was different from what he experienced when he meditated on the previous three scrolls. He clearly felt that his bodys Extraordinary Eight Meridians and functions were better.

He called up the system dashboard and took a look at it.

Remaining life: 12,754 days.

It increased by 3,000 days? It was equivalent to the number days of provided by ten Reversal Cards.

This is a good reward.

This was Lu Zhous first time obtaining life via an avenue aside from an item card. It also provided him with a valuable clue. Even individuals whose great limit was approaching could prolong their lives. In other words, it was possible to overcome the 1,000-year limit.

Lu Zhou closed the system dashboard and began meditating on the new Open Heavenly Writing Scroll.

Based on his previous experiences, he would obtain a new Heavenly Writing power with every Open Heavenly Writing scroll. He looked forward to the power he would obtain this time.

Zhu Honggong ran to the back of the mountain smugly with the writing paper in his hand. It did not take him long to arrive at the Cave of Reflection. "Seventh Senior Brother!"

Si Wuya was resting his spirits with his eyes closed as he sat with his back straight in the cave. He did not even bother to ponder on the questions his master left him with. He asked, "What is it?"

"This is from master." Zhu Honggong entered the cave and passed the fine writing paper to Si Wuya.

Si Wuya received it and scanned the words written on it.

"There is a pen of ringed pheasants and rabbits. There are 350 heads and 940 feet. How many ringed pheasants and rabbits are there?"


Zhu Honggong scratched his head and asked, "Seventh Senior Brother, what does it say?"

Si Wuya ignored him. His attention had already been captured by this question. He quickly became absorbed in the question, and his mind quickly went to work.

Zhu Honggong saw that Si Wuya was lost in thought and did not dare to disturb him. Hence, he waited quietly at the side. What seemed like hours passed, and he dozed off. When he finally opened his eyes, it was already dark.

Si Wuya regained his senses as well at this moment. "Eighth Junior Brother Eighth Junior Brother?"

"Here, Im here" Zhu Honggong stretched as he yawned.

"You should go back and rest. Ill give you the answer in the morning."

"Oh." Zhu Honggong nodded before he left the Cave of Reflection. When he was outside, he turned back to have a look. Seventh Senior Brother mustve lost his mind. Its just a stupid question. Why is he so worked up about it?

Early the next morning.

Lu Zhou opened his eyes slowly. He felt rejuvenated and a sense of comfort that he could not find the words for.

Perhaps, it was due to the new Open Heavenly Writing scroll, Lu Zhou had a slight physical transformation as well. He looked at his own silver mane. There were more dark strands now. If he compared his current appearance to when he had just transmigrated, the change was extremely huge. However, compared to yesterday, not much had changed.

"Ding! Instructed Si Wuya. Reward: 200 merit points."

Hm? It worked? Lu Zhou rose to his feet and walked to the table. He picked up his brush again and wrote.

The sound of paper rustling rang in the air.

When he finished writing, he called for someone to summon Zhu Honggong over.

"Greetings, master," Zhu Honggong said enthusiastically.

"Come in."

Zhu Honggong walked into the room. He saw his master placing the brush on the table. Then, he chuckled and said, "Master, Seventh Senior Brother couldnt solve your riddle even when he worked throughout the day. I saw dark circles around his eyes when I left him!"

Lu Zhou was slightly taken aback. From what he gathered from Ji Tiandaos memories, the mathematical level in this world was not advanced at all. The people here would not know how to solve this question like people in the modern world. However, such a riddle should not pose a great difficulty to Si Wuya. Why did he have trouble solving it?

"Take the paper on the table to him."

"Yes, master."

"The answer to the previous question and a new question are on the paper."

"Understood." Zhu Honggong left the eastern pavilion with the answer and new question in hand. He arrived at the Cave of Reflection after a while. When he entered the Cave of Reflection, he saw Si Wuya who did not seem to be in good spirits nodding to himself.

"This is an intriguing question indeed!" Si Wuya said.

"Greetings, Seventh Senior Brother." Zhu Honggong greeted Si Wuya.

Si Wuya turned around and grabbed Zhu Honggong as he asked, "Did Master truly come up with this question?"

"Of course. I saw him writing it down withmy own eyes!" Zhu Honggong said confidently.

Si Wuya was slightly shocked. He was puzzled as well. "Master doesnt strike me as the intellectual type"

Zhu Honggong coughed drily.

Si Wuya realized what he had just said. He quickly added, "Fortunately, I managed to solve the riddle overnight."

"Thats amazing, Seventh Senior Brother!" Zhu Honggong gave him a thumbs up.

"Its nothing." If Si Wuya was honest, he was not completely satisfied with his own solution to the problem. After all, the problem seemed simple enough, and yet, it took him an entire night to solve the problem. He had thought even the dumbest the method, to literally round up the animals and count them, would have been faster.

"This is from master." Zhu Honggong handed Si Wuya a fine piece of paper.

Si Wuya had been feeling slightly dispirited before this. However, when he saw there was a new problem to be solved, he instantly became invigorated. He read the first words aloud, "120 rabbits and 230 ringed pheasants."

Si Wuya was shocked. "Master knows the answer as well?" He had gotten the same answer as well. Although he managed to solve it, he was not happy at all.

Zhu Honggong said like it was a matter of course, "Master came up with the question. Its only natural that he knows the answer to it."

Si Wuya read further down the paper. "There is currently an unknown number of objects. If counted in threes, two will be left. If counted in fives, three will be left. If counted in sevens, two will be left. How many objects are there?"


Si Wuya frowned deeply after he read the question. This riddle was on par with the previous one.

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