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  • Genres : Romance -  Military -  Mecha -  Loyal Subordinates -  Yaoi -  Mpreg -  Schemes And Conspiracies -  Omegaverse -  Love Interest Falls in Love First -  Boss-Subordinate Relationship
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O Pretends To Be B For The Violent Admiral summary:

The imperial Admiral Lucas dispatched his army, it is said to find someone in the hotel last night!The reporter asked passionately: what if they were found?Lucas eyes were cold: kill.Public: ? ?how come its different from what they thought?Attack perspective The grumpy Admiral Lucas despised the weeping Omega most in his life.Looking for a partner?Its impossible in this life.If he insists he preferred the gentle and honest Beta male secretary who can make coffee and matching clothes for him.Submissive viewLuo Ran is Lucass male secretary, and he does the least human job in the entire empire.He had to wait on his boss, and he had to face his subordinates, partners, admirers, and so on.Not only that but he also has to carefully concealed that he was Omega and the object of that night, facing the danger of being killed at any time.Until one day, he unexpectedly went into estrus in front of Lucas, and the sweet pheromone was exactly the same as that of the person that night.Its over, he was going to be killed now.How bold. Lucas took Luo Ran by the back of his neck, put an arm around his waist, and laughed: Ill kill you nowAdmiral Lucas, is in fact, an Iron-Blooded is a strict wolfdog who doesnt know how to choose a tie when he gets up in the morning without the help of his secretary.Hes a gentle and refined man Secretary. Hes strong enough to tear the machine armor.- Description from Novelupdates

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O Pretends To Be B For The Violent Admiral Chapters

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