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Chapter 5459: Layout Dark Hands

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One day later.

When Ye Chen woke up again, he found that he was already lying on the surface of the magma ocean, following the waves flowing a little bit.

Shentu Wan'er lay quietly on the side, her hand still holding the Xuan Tie Umbrella tightly.

"Shentu Wan'er?"

Ye Chen sat up halfway and shook Shentu Wan'er vigorously.

Although he had thought about killing Shentu Wan'er, he knew that the cause and effect involved would be more terrifying.

At that time, I am afraid that the person behind Shentu Wan'er will come desperately!

Shentu Wan'er soon woke up, she even understood the reason for the fainting better than Ye Chen.

"What do you want to do?"

With a defensive tone, Shentu Wan'er's mysterious iron umbrella was between her and Ye Chen.

"It's okay."

Ye Chen didn't care about the other party's attitude either, just said lightly.

Shentu Wan'er also saw the surrounding scenes, and understood that the two of them had escaped from Wan Shisan.

"This time, we'll be equal. See you next time and return the Bingming Ancient Jade to me. Otherwise, we will still be enemies."

Shentu Wan'er's face was still serious and serious. This time Ye Chen took her into the void and encountered a deadly battle. It was also because Ye Chen had been rescued again, and she had gone back and forth.

Ye Chen was extremely keenly aware of Shentu Wan'er's changes. The coldness in his eyes was actually filled with gentleness unconsciously.

Ye Chen didn't say broken, just nodded: "Don't worry, I won't threaten you with saving your life this time, but the ancient Bingming jade has been integrated with Wei Ying, and I can't return it to you anyway."

"However, if one day I can find a better frost treasure, I will certainly offer it with both hands."

"Huh! I hope you count."

Shentu Wan'er snorted coldly, but actually didn't entangle Bingming Guyu and Wei Ying anymore. The Xuantie umbrella held up and tore open the void barrier with one hand.

"By the way, there is something I need to tell you. Before I went into a coma, what I saw was that you took the initiative to stun me."

At the moment when Shentu Wan'er stepped into the void, she suddenly said.

Ye Chen's eyes condensed slightly, he understood why Shen Tu Wan'er bit the word you so hard.

What did Huang Lao do?

Sure enough, there are still problems!

"Old Huang, what happened after you took over my body?"

Ye Chen was not eager to leave the ocean of magma, but returned to the cemetery of reincarnation, standing in front of the chain stone tablet, asked.

A huge phantom appeared in the void above the stele.

Ye Chen watched the phantom rising slowly, and glanced at him condescendingly, he could even feel a slight tremor in his heart.

The desolate old man in the phantom was far younger than Ye Chen imagined, but the devilish energy of the forest filled his whole body, standing in front of Ye Chen like a demon god, giving him a huge pressure.

"After all, Wan Shisan inherited the line of Hong Tianjing. Even if he has long since escaped from the influence of the Taishang world, the various magical abilities can not be greatly improved, but it is difficult to deal with."

Huang Lao pulled the corners of his mouth, as if he wanted to squeeze a smile on that extremely arrogant face.

"However, I also told you that as long as you lend me your body, I can definitely take you out of the predicament."

Huang Lao said, a glittering secret box has slowly risen from the stele.

"This should be the opportunity that the key brings you."

Ye Chen could hardly believe his ears, in fact, when he realized that his opponent was Wansan, he planned to give up.

What kind of key secret box is the other party's such prominent background and such coercive coercion? Inheritance of the Lord of Reincarnation?

Without life, everything is zero.

He didn't expect that Huang Lao had such a monstrous ability to regain the secret box in Wan Shisan's hand.

"Take it."

With this sound, the secret box had already moved towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen took the secret box in his hand with great surprise, treating it as a treasure.

"Senior is so powerful, Ye Chen admires it."

Ye Chen complimented.

"Hmm..." Old Huang in the phantom nodded.

"Old Huang, Shentu Wan'er, the cultivation base is higher than me, I did not expect the injury to be so severe this time."

Ye Chen sighed falsely and mentioned Shentu Wan'er.

"Well, although she comes from Taishang, her own strength can be regarded as a leader, but it is a pity that such strength is not withstandable in the face of the absolutely too supreme powerhouse. I and Wan Shisan only have two moves against each other. She has already Passed in a coma."

Huang Lao showed an expression of hating iron but not steel, Ye Chen's mood was a bit heavy at this time, Huang Lao and Shentu Wan'er's words were different.

Who lied?

"Boy, this time Wansan will also let you understand the horror and horror of the superior. Although your cultivation is already considered to be the best among your peers, it is inferior to those who are too strong."

Ye Chen nodded, this cross-level battle is really a bit difficult for him.

He is now a little struggling even to face those strong in the realm of heaven and human.

"Well, I know." Ye Chen said.

"In fact, Dao Xin is the source of all cultivation. In my opinion, your Dao Xin still has room for tempering."

Huang Lao sighed: "You have too many distracted thoughts, and there are a lot of things to guard and think about. How much you expected from your previous life, and how much pressure was also given to you."

Does Daoxin still have room for training?

Ye Chen asked himself that Wuzu Dao Xin had always been tenacious and single-minded, but he did not expect to be told by Huang Lao that his Dao Xin was not yet completely firm and there was still room for training.

"I have a heart sutra here, you can try it in the reincarnation cemetery."

Huang Lao paused, his eyes staring at the surrounding stone tablets.

"This reincarnation cemetery is your site. Apart from me, there are so many powerful ancestors. If you try it under the eyes of everyone, you can rest assured."

Ye Chen nodded. If it was just a lonely old man, he would hesitate for a while, but at this moment, the power of the reincarnation cemetery was awakened by the **** of stars and even special existences such as Xuanhanyu and Shuolao. They are all respected and recognized.

With their caregiver, Ye Chen believed that even if Huang Lao played tricks, he could break the game!

"Okay, thank you senior."

Huang Lao Xuying closed his eyes at this time, and between the opening and closing of his palms, an ancient scroll had been produced.

"You try."

Ye Chen hesitated for a few seconds, stretched out his hand to take it, and sat cross-legged directly on the cemetery of Samsara.

If there are any problems, he will withdraw from cultivation!

Why enter the Tao?

How to seek?

How to establish a road?

Ye Chen's Taoxin enlightenment rules ~wuxiaworld.online~ have been accumulated extremely strong, but at this time, under the infiltration of this ancient scroll, he carefully comprehends the Taoxin and explores the true meaning of the power of time.

It actually works!

Ye Chen even felt that his soul and Taoism were more condensed!

But just as Ye Chen concentrated on comprehending the Dao Heart Principles, Huang Lao's eyes became extremely cold!

At the same time, the hands are forming weird seals.

That seal is like a circle of light, winding around Ye Chen's body.

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