Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser Chapter 15742

Chapter 993: One Thousand And Five


In the next second, Shen Rongyin suddenly appeared a weird and ugly face with erythema and moulting skin. He was caught off guard and suddenly approached and bit the nearest male hosts neck and started swallowing and sucking blood. In less than a minute, a good person had not had time to scream. Frozen is turned into a shriveled corpse.

Then the grimacing action quickly bit Fang Qingyang's neck and continued to **** blood.

Fang Qingyang screamed. Although he was bitten, his consciousness was still there, waiting for him to see the beautiful young face before him.

Fading away from youth, she became a 70-80-year-old wrinkled old lady who was shriveled and wrinkled. Not only did she have white skin all over her face, it was even more shocking that her ugly and disgusting face was covered with large red spots spreading, and she was more than a ghost. Also scary.

Fang Qingyang was originally a superficial person who paid great attention to women's looks. The reason why she liked Shen Rongyin at the beginning was mostly because she was young and beautiful. So at this time, she saw Shen Rongyin turning into this scary ghost appearance, with horror, horror and shock in his eyes. The canthus was about to split, and he almost didn't split his eyes.

Not only Fang Qingyang, at this time everyone in the originally quiet hall was frightened by the sudden and strange situation and the sucked dry corpse on the ground, and then burst into screams.

Especially the women and a few children who saw this horrible and weird picture were so scared that they had black and white eyes and passed out. Even the courageous veterans who were usually very courageous were scared by this spooky picture. Race to the door, screaming while running.

The most shocking were the people of the Shen family and the group of Yan Youwei, the leader of the old Lu, and the group of people who were the chief.

Political commissar Shen and Shen Rongsheng saw that their daughter (sister) had not only become the appearance of people on stage and the scene of blood sucking just now, but they were shocked by the darkening before their eyes. Political commissar Shen just got up and replanted. Back to his seat, Shen Rongsheng hurriedly helped him, his face pale and he couldn't believe it.

Mother Shen glanced at Shen Rongyin, and immediately rolled her frightened eyes and passed out.

The lobby was chaotic for a while, screaming, screaming, and ups and downs.

"Qingyang!" Fang Qingtian yelled at his canthus, rushing to save people.

Although Chi Shuyan didn't want to see Fang Qingyang very much, she wished it was Fang Qingyang who had been sucked up just now, not the innocent male host.

Regardless of resentment, fearing that one more life would be taken, Chi Shuyan immediately took out a stack of talisman and slammed at that grimace.

The grimace instinctively realized that the talisman was something to suppress it, so he had to **** half the blood and was unwilling to let Fang Qingyang avoid the attack.

Fang Qingtian had time to drag his half-dead brother down immediately.

After the blood sucking, Shen Rongyin's old face became younger again and stayed at forty or fifty years old, but the erythema and molting had not disappeared, and his face was still very ugly. I saw that the grimace behind her head suddenly matched Shen Rongyin's face. Coincident, shady bird of prey

He stared at Chi Shuyan with hatred again, and Bian Lao screamed frantically: "Why nosy! Why nosy! Death! Death! Death! I want you to die!"

Chi Shuyan sneered, and calmly picked up his aura, but saw that'Shen Rongyin' suddenly moved towards the window. Chi Shuyan instinctively flashed and just flashed to the window.

Shen Rongyin suddenly rushed to the center with the most people cunningly. The middle table happened to be full of Chi Shuyan acquaintances, not only her father but also the Wei family father and son and Yan Youwei.

Chi Shuyan's face changed.

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